27 Types of Watches 2024 – Top Wearable Watches

by Emma Watson

27 Types of Watches 2024 – Top Wearable Watches

Most of the peoples would see watches all the same and choose for themselves. Types of watches are the biggest deal for peoples. In the whole world, countless peoples choose wearable watches and they know that there are countless kinds of watches.

Even peoples believe all watches kinds that are to tell the right time. Perhaps you think that all you need to watch are the numbers and either you wear on a hand and displayed on LCD.

If that is the case, you think that and you have underestimated how much watches can help in your everyday life without any worries. Even you were not able to underestimate and maximize the latest amazing features of your watches or not appreciate how watches work.

The confusion but watches are not as simple things because when you go to the markets then it was a really difficult work to find the best types of watches. Here you realized that finding a unique watch is very difficult to work for peoples.

Just as it is difficult to find a true friend, it is hardly difficult to find a good watch. Now if you can choosing the best types of watches then you reach the right place. Here, you can easily decide or pick the watch for your young child, girls, boys, and parents.

Why do you need to know about the Types of Watches?

types of watch

Have you realized You can’t give the same watch to your wife and children? More so, police watch is different from the lawyer and even it is different from the medical field. As causes, you would want to know every type.

Once you know that about the types of watches, you will be able to select the best watch for giving other people. Whenever you are buying a watch for friends, parents and other peoples then you can not feel difficult work to find the best type of watch.

You have got to admit, the fact that if you go on the markets for choosing watches then there are a lot of choices makes a harder especially when you thoughts many watches types are all the same.

As such, when you are knowledgeable about types of watches, you will be able to pick up the best watch and able you spare himself from wasting time (That’s the point why you look at the clock and say it’s okay).

perhaps, you will be able to know what a look and amazing features in a watch then you appreciate its amazing latest features and give the best appropriate watch. Of course, you will feel honour by giving a watch gift to friends.

Moreover, you will be able to buy the kinds of watches and You will be able to know their types and which type is the best for you in terms of price. Even you knowing every type of will help to your everyday life. Also, You know that about why Akribos brand cheap and why omega(Brands) are pretty costly.

You may have noticed that new things are coming up every day. Due to which new technologies are also coming in the watches. You may not even know about some of them so a lot of kinds available that we do not know properly. As such this is an article about types of watch.

Types Of Watches

Types of Watches

We have a few types of watches that need for everyone. There are many brands that we discussed below in detail.

Watch Display

One of the easiest ways to find the best watch type because it is based on the display. As such you can see time on the watch face and tell me the right time to peoples. There are five watch display types. We discuss below in detail.

  • Digital
  • Hybrid
  • Analog
  • Tactile
  • Touchscreen

Digital Watches

digital watch is one of the most useable types that uses an LCD screen to display the time and displayed other information that may available in the watches. However, it needs electric power which causes its use of electric cell those insert in the watches and available among the quartz.

Hybrid Watches

hybrid is a combination of Analog and digital watches, even it combines the first two types. If you can see at first glance then it looks like an Analog watches type because it displayed three hands(hour, minute and seconds).

Furthermore, the Hybrid offers the biggest LCD and they look very nice. Most of the weavers prefer to use this classic looks watches and combines with the modern connivance apps, notification and offer smart features. Also, you

Many watches displayed the digital time on the LCD while there are hybrid includes connected to smartphones, fitness tracker and more features available in the smartwatches. These are also called hybrid smartwatches.

Analog Watches

It is an amazing and traditional display type of watch because it is a unique design from other watches. In watch, there are three hands(Needle) hour, minute and seconds.

As such it is the most common type of watches and its type you grow up your schools, house and public infrastructures. Perhaps your parents easily read time and used to teach their children. Even it is a very common watch probably you don’t need to explain further.

Tactile Watches

These are very beautiful, it’s built to tell time without you looking because peoples said these are specially built for the blind peoples.

Although these Tactile are created in the early 1800s, an owner can discreetly know the time even without pulling the watches off his pockets but nowadays these come in the latest features.

However, nowadays these are a very rare option but tactile watches best for a blind person. It tells time without any pulling the watch off his pockets.

There a lot of various designs for tactile watches in the world. Instead of hands, they have two ball bearings that rotate around the watch and it shows a common mark the hour and minute.

Some design covers you may open because you can feel watch wear on a hand. Moreover, accurate time reading there are various design and also called Braille watches.

Touchscreen Watches

The touchscreen is better than other watches, a lot of extra features offers even they could fit in the screen. Instead, you can use the Manu and other functions in a very easy way. Similarly, you scroll with through fingers and select functions.

As the name indicates we imagine this function controlled through touch the screen and see the time. These are also called touchscreen watches.

Apple watch is a best touchscreen watch example, while they attached with a button where the traditional watches crown would be best controlled by touching function on the screen. As causes, you can operate a watch without any worries.

B. Watch Style

Watch Style

This category of watches is very common because every businessman wears this watch. Most of the people wear according to dress, a lot of kinds of available and peoples match color from the dress and wear on hand. See the latest best style watches. We discuss below in detail.

  • Fashion
  • Luxury
  • Casual
  • Dress

Fashion Watches

Moreover, peoples do not agree with the exact definition of fashion brands, but some peoples want to wear fashionable watches and look nice.

But some peoples refers to fashion brands that do not best and specialized in watchmaking and not an established homological history because it is the latest watches created.

Similarly, fashion is sold by brands that are known for the best fashion watches. In the world, these are very famous and peoples wear and go on fashion shows, parties and events.

Many brands manufacture these from other companies and sell to other shops. Even most of the watches built for special peoples like the biggest personalities because it is fashionable watches.

Nowadays young boys and girls wear this brand and enjoy life. As causes, its demand increase day by day and sell at very premium prices.

Hugo Boss, Gucci, Michael Kors, Emporio Armani, and more brands are examples of fashion watches.

Luxury Watches

It seems to us that this article would not be complete without luxury watches because these are very famous in the world. Most of the luxury brands are related to history.

However, there is a definite separation of luxury watches and fashion because these are different from each other. The luxury makes these companies those who have a long history in watchmaking.

While some luxury watches due use diamonds, golds and other precious and elegant materials. These are built very carefully and use high-end movements.

In the world, a swiss brand is a common example of luxury watches. These are formed in very limited numbers but sold at exclusive premium prices. Even they hold their price better than other watches brands and also coveted by watches wealthy, and celebrities.

Lange & Söhne, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Patek Philippe, Hublot, and more are the best-known laxury watch brands in the world.

Casual Watches

Such as some clothing items and casual are the most common watches in terms of styles because it’s easy to wear. Even they are elegant which causes you to wear the best casual watches according to dress.

Rather, it is designed for everyday use and peoples do not require more expensive watches. These casual brands are easily afford and peoples love so much. Perhaps if you give a gift at an affordable price then it is the best choice for giving gifts to other people.

If you are not familiar with the peoples whom you give a watch in a very affordable gift and the best thing.

Dress Watches

The contrary of these styles, the dress watches is the best for business and formal wear, even they are very slim to be hidden the sleeves of your shirt and Tuxedo. However, they are very simple and elegant to complement to wear a dress.

When you wear this watch on hand then it looks very nice and that wearer watches the match with his shoes and belt. So a businessman must wear and looks very elegant.

These are very simple but it looks nice. Usually, in these watches an hour and minute hand. Although the second hand(Needle) and date window are the came in a fine addition.

Such as the dial and bezel must be attached on the watches for looks elegant. Also, it maintains the beauty of the dress and even you see the top picks for the best affordable dress watches under $500 which is more affordable.

Perhaps, the Dress watches are the best choice for CEO, lawyer, and an investment banker. Yet, in cutting short, they are also best for those peoples who prefer a minimalist lifestyle and become a good personality.

C. Based on Movement

Based on Movement

We get the history of clocks from old history books and it watches related to its movement. When it pertains to the mechanism run than watch needles run and show the time in the screen. We discuss below in detail.

  • Quartz
  • Chronometer
  • Mechanical Automatic
  • Kinetic
  • Spring Drive

Quartz Watches

Quartz is the most common type of watch in these categories. Even it is best known for as a silicon dioxide or sand(Abundant mineral on earth).

These are using the crystal oscillation and integrated circuit to Maintains time, even it offers accuracy at an affordable budget. Further, it is best and durable if compared to other automatic watches.

It was the combination of accuracy, affordability, and durability makes an elegant and makes the watch a popular choice.

Chronometer Watches

The automatic watches are very nice and doing work accurately but yet not as accurate as quartz. So chronometer brand fills in the gap because it looks good and working also best.

These Chronometer watches are made of high materials but that not spends expand with the change of temperature. Further, its movements are very advanced than they want to make it more accurate.

Moreover, the chronometer watches can be obtained by those who give a test and passed the 16-day test of COSC(Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometers) which is the biggest testing institute in Switzerland.

Since this test is very costly but a lot of various chronometers available in the markets. When these chronometer watches made then watchmakers have certified accuracy.

Mechanical Automatic Watches

Watches were designed to run by mechanical parts without any electric power because watches use electric power. As causes, a micropower cell inserts in the watches. Instead, you use the potential energy stored in the power cell.

An automatic brand in best known for self-winding those are mechanical watch, even it attached to the rotor then it doing the movement. Later the rotor springs-winding the watch and tight up the mainsprings.

When you were not wearing on the hand then it winder watches moves back and forth. Further, its mechanism makes mechanical auto watches that are easily identifiable. The mechanical parts of automatic watches, their second’s needle(hand) tend to sweep and give a relaxed action that is a very elegant look.

Kinetic Watches

This brand is a combination of automatic and mechanical, even it is similar to automatic watches. In Kinetic a rotor moves and convert to electricity by an internal dynamo.

The electricity stored in the power cell then inserts into the watches. As such it requires to recharge and needs to be worn. Similarly, kinetic is the opposite of solar. You must see a solar vs kinetic watch comparison and know which one is better for you.

Spring Drive Watches

These Spring Drive Watches were made in 1977 by Yoshikazu Akahane but later it was renamed as Seiko.

The movements released by Seiko and yet, it used in the Grand Seiko and more watches lines. These are similar to the Kinetic, even it is a combination of automatic self-winding mechanism and quartz accuracy.

While spring drive watches offer advanced function more than kinetic. Spring drive also stores potential energy because it has a mainspring. These use the Tri-synchro regulator to maintain time accurately.

It also uses an integrated circuit coupled with the quartz crystal to accurately keep time. The main thing, in spring drive, second-hand move in the sweeping motion and compared to other watches motion which is best another watch hand motion.

D. Based on Power Source 

Power Based

As such, this watch categorized based on the source of the energy and gives the power of the watches. We discuss below in detail.

  • Solar
  • Quartz
  • Lithium-ion

Solar Powered Watches

The solar watches based on solar power because it works through photovoltaic cells, even its cells convert energy them to electricity. The power cells stored solar power and give the electricity to watches. After which, these watch work similarly to quartz.

Seiko and Citizen are complete directly with other Eco-drive and solar lines watch but they are both known for making the best solar watches. Even many watches available in the markets with other solar timepieces.

Nonetheless, solar watches use sunlight and other lights but that is enough for watches. So ideally it can run lifelong because of these run on solar energy-based. To recharge it you need to leave the watches under any light(Sunlight, lights).

Click here to learn more about pros and cons of solar watches.

Quartz Watches

The best quartz watches are run based on the battery that causes stored the quartz crystal inside the cell. However, the one downside is you have maintained time accuracy then need a replacing the battery. Otherwise, these are very useless without a battery.

Lithium-ion Watches

On the other hand, smart-watches need a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, even a lot of function includes in it due to high functionality they consumed extra power.

It is the primary thing that they need more power because of various features that make them “smart” such as Camera, GPS, fitness tracker, and more. That’s why they need more energy because they have extra features. Therefore we need a rechargeable battery.

However, these watches being run by mechanical parts and automatic but not work accurately as quartz. these best Mechanical Automatic Watches more expensive than quartz.

E. Functionality 

FunctionalityNowadays a lot of watches available and it do more works than just tell the time. As such watches is a very important need of peoples those do works more not just tell the time. Here below the article I briefly described the Functionality, these are listed below:

  • ChronographGMT
  • Calendar & Moon phase
  • Day & Night
  • Dive
  • Pilot
  • Field
  • Smartwatch

Chronograph Watches

A chronograph watch is offered to additional features, even a lot of various features included.

Chronograph watchesf works according to stopwatch. It has 2 or 3 needles that show time in the smaller circles. There are two buttons on the side of the watch that helps to fix time. The one for start/stop and the second for reset.

GMT Watches

GMT is known as Greenwich Mean Time. The main feature differentiated from other watches is an extra hand. The three hands (hours, minutes, and seconds) rotate but fourth hand rotates separately from the other three hands. Even the fourth hand rotates 24 hours around the face.

Furthermore, GMT watches have a rotating bezel that may uses to sets the time on different zones.

Calendar and Moon Phase Watches

These are similar to chronograph watches. In some watches, the latest feature includes a moon phase.

Even some peoples also called moon phase watches.

Moon phase features indicate the phase of the moon based on the calendar of the watches, even it indicates the day and night by showing on the watches. It shows have the picture moon or sun on the watch.

Day & Night Watches

These are similar to the moon phase watch because it runs based on moon phases. But some feature is different from the best men’s moon phase watches. The day and night watch display only whether its night or daytime.

Dive Watches

These watches are specially designed to withstand water which is a unique feature in the watch. Also, we have the same post about the best dive watches under 500 that comes with many features.

While Dive needs fingers for lock/unlock, also, it used the thicker rubber gasket for better protection against water. Furthermore, these have a rotating bezel that works as a timer because the timer can help drivers control how long they live under the surface.

Pilot Watches

On the other hand, Pilot watches are designed for aviation because a lot of various functions included. Even it is designed to easily read and have a unique feature for the pilot.

Most of the latest features included such as altimeters, tachymeters, compasses and often have a rule bezel to help become a calculate on the fly.

These watches come in large sizes and with the number of time visible on the watch screen. Also, see the latest best pilot watches under 500 dollars those will be helpful for you.

Field Watches

The field watches are designed to be functional for the military. These are must have the ability to withstand water, sand, dirt and even mud to maintain the accuracy time.

The military wears these watches and go on mission because this watch can help to show time in every condition. There the key feature is durable and strong.

Tool Watches

The three watch types (Pilot, Dive, and Field) are almost similar to the tool watches. While In addition to displaying time, it also explains other functions.

Similarly, it works according to three watch types but most of the extra features included. As causes, these are also known a tool watches.

Moreover, These are used for various purposes such as hiking or mountaineering. Even most of the peoples also called hiking or mountaineering watches because these best for these purposes.


Smart Watches

Smartwatches are the best types of watches because it allows connection to our phone and other gadgets like sharing files and Bluetooth earphones. furthermore, it provides the feature of a touch screen and controls all functions from fingers.

Also, if you want to use the smartwatch, you must know How many years do smartwatches usually last? and how to improve battery life

Similarly, it provides a lot of various smartphone features on your wrist without having a smartphone such as sync notifications, email, calendars, and other smartphone apps.

As mention in the previous section, these smartwatches offer a high and unique variety of features. However, these are different from each other. Some features include water-resistant and some include a shutter function for your cameras.

Likewise, some watches show measure your heart rate and body temperature, on the other hand, some shows these features and some do not show features. Click here to learn more about the pros and cons of smartwatches.

Discuss the different types of watches

different types of watches

Nonetheless, We discuss this again to check the watches and informed on the full topic. We have listed here some main and common opinions on how to categories in different kinds of watches.

Two General Types: Quartz Watches and Mechanical Watches

This view is based on according to maintenance needs. It does not require much maintenance while the mechanical are those that would watches require recharge and maintenance every year.

On the other hand in quartz watches includes kinetic-powered, solar-powered and battery-powered. While mechanical those automatic and manual winding watches include.

Four Categories: By Movement, By Style, By Display, and By Class

Here we presented a good view about watches while that view is similar to our point of view. But they have failed to tell some types and cover all types, while we have described all watch types in this article. Particularly, this smartwatches categorization fail to includes in these categories because it is different from others.

Seven Types of Watches

Seven Types of Watches

From all these theories we have to know there are seven types of watches those peoples need to know about watches.

  • Automatic watches
  • Quartz watches
  • Dive watches
  • Smartwatches
  • Solar-Powered watches
  • Dress watches
  • Chronograph watches

Here we tell about all watch types which causes this option may simpler compared to others. However, there are a lot of tapholes in this article because you can’t see what differentiates one type to another watch type.

We’ve talked about all the clocks and there’s not just one type of watch here that’s why we’ve talked about all of the above types so you can better understand.

Here An example is that automatic watch is similar to Dress watch because these use for similar purposes.

Moreover, there are a lot of views on the different watches But that is not negligible at this point. So, this article provides a comprehensive list of all watch types.

Perhaps by now, you know that these are not simple things and not simple to pick up the watches without know reviews. Even it is not as simple as your initial thoughts.

One more important thing about watches, they tell just time but You just select the watch what you need. A lot of kinds available in the markets, even we mention all reviews above in the article. Furthermore, you can find watches that you suit need in the air or underwater and on the field.

After all, all types are presented here in this article, even this article help you to find the best watches. While it can not confuse or overwhelm you more because we present a comprehensive list of watches.

Different Types of Watches – FAQS

What is better quartz or automatic watches?

Today for every watch require repair for mechanical attire and mainspring replacement that’s reason peoples wants to use the best type of watch. In the same way, the Quartz watches only require a change a battery after some years.

If we compared to Quartz watch from automatic watches, consequently automatic watch does not complete peoples requirements. So use the Quartz watch and enjoy life.

What is the difference between automatic and Kinetic watches?

Both Automatic & Kinetic watches are powered by a swinging rotor. The main difference is that the automatic watch stores the battery life in spring while on the other hand the kinetic watches stores it in a capacitor.

What is the most accurate automatic watch?

The Swiss watches keep the accurate time that’s the reason it achieves a COSC certification. In the same way, it saves time and reduces our expenses. Also, it sells expensive, automatic, Rolex, Heuer, and Breitling watch that cause it to rank a high position in the watch industry.


These are different categories of watches that may seem like an exhaustive list but it is a good in-depth list. Even there are millions of list available on the markets but are not true.

In the world a lot of watches designed for every walk of life, even it for every lifestyle and profession. While at price ranging from few dollars for a cheap digital watch to millions of dollars of luxurious watches.

Whatever type you want to need here all watch present and also we provide a comprehensive list that is perfect for you.

Don’t pick of watches that merely close and its look bad, but I prefer you read all article and takes the decision to pick up types of watches to own.

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