How long does A Smartwatch Battery Last and How to Extend it?

How long does A Smartwatch Battery Last

Most of the people like to use smart watches but there is one problem that these watches have a battery problem. Their battery life is not satisfactory. We try to use several apps at the same time and this activity put the burden on the life of the battery. In this article, I will show you how the battery of the watches can last for 2 days. But the question will come to your mind that How long does A Smartwatch Battery Last?

How long does A Smartwatch Battery Last?

Whenever you buy watches then we look for their battery lives. We can say that the battery is the crucial point of selection of the Smart-watches. on smart-watches we tend to use several apps at the same time like GPS, notifications and Bluetooth activities.

These activities consume most of the battery. The only way to enhance the battery level of the watches is to lower the use of these activities. The more we use less, the more battery will last.

The average life of the batteries is 1 to 2 days. But the top-ranking watches are trying to improve their battery time. The time of the battery depends on the usage. The more you use, the more battery will be consumed. When you allow social media’s notification then your battery will be consumed.

So you need to focus on battery-saving settings. A portable charger might be necessary because there might be an emergency and you need to connect your watch with the charger.

How to Extend Battery Life on your Smartwatch?

How long does A Smartwatch Battery Last

Some smartwatches have built-in features like animations and bright colours. These consume more battery as compared to others. Do you need to charge your smartwatch in the middle of the day? How can you improve the life of the battery? You need to improve the life of the battery so that it can last until the end of the day. Just follow the below given 11 steps and you will be able to enhance the life of the battery.

11- Turn down the Brightness

Turn down the Device brightness to the lowest possible level. The more less the level, the less battery will be consumed. So you should low the intensity level. This will increase the level of your battery.

10- Uninstall necessary Apps

Some apps are heavy and these consume much battery. When you install an app then you should observe its effect on the battery level. When you see that ist effect is heinous then uninstall it. This will enhance the timing of your battery.

09-Turn off the Always-on Display

The Always-on screen feature must be turned off. When you don’t need it then you should turn it off. This option will lower the level of your battery. The Always-on display is extra work for Smart-watches and this will consume much power. You should turn it off if you want to last the battery for a longer time. The display should be set up for the time. By touching the screen you can see the time.

08- Turn off Google Assistant voice Detection

Google Assistant requires command of “Ok Google”. By turning this feature off you will be able to last the battery for more time.

07- Turn on Airplane mode

All the connectivity will be cut off if you enable this option. You need to turn this on if you want the lie of the battery.

06- Turn off Notifications

Notifications consume battery. When you block the most of the notifications then your battery will enhance its level. Online searching might be helpful to understand the blockage of the notifications.

05- Block Notifications from some Apps

There are several notifications which will consume the battery. You need to observe them. You should turn off the display and notifications by enabling the Theatre mode-on temporarily. You can block that notification which are not important.

04- Disable the Tilt to Wake Feature

Some watches wake up even when you don’t want to look at them. You need to recognize this activity and turn it off. This will surely enhance your battery level.

03- Limit your Smart-watch connectivity

You need to turn off the features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. These features must remain close whenever you don’t need these features.

02- Hibernate Your Smart-watch

A hibernated watch will not be able to work a lot. But this will enhance the life of the battery.

01- Always keep an eye on your Smartwatch’s Battery Status

When you monitor the level of the battery then it enables you to focus on the apps which consume the battery much than the others. It also enables you to monitor which battery saving tip is working better than the others.

After following these tips, I hope that you will not get worried about the life of the battery. These tips will enhance the battery level of the Smart-watches.

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How to change the Settings on your Smartwatch?

The settings can be changed from a smartwatch as well.

For Best Smartwatches

  • Touch the screen to wake up the watch
  • Swipe right to left or left to right until you see the settings
  • Swipe down from the top of the screen and click
  • Touch it and select the setting you would want to change.


How long do Smartwatches last?

Smartwatches last for at least two years, but one thing considers what OS they are running on your watch.

How can I make my smartwatch battery last longer?

Battery life is the most important thing for your smartwatch, Before you choosing the smartwatch you must consider several steps. The 11 best ways How to Improve Battery Life of your Smartwatch:

  • Turn down the Brightness
  • Uninstall necessary Apps
  • Turn off the Always-on Display
  • Block Notifications from some Apps
  • Disable the Tilt to Wake Feature
  • Limit your Smart-watch connectivity
  • Turn off Notifications
  • Hibernate Your Smart-watch
  • Turn off Google Assistant voice Detection
  • Turn on Airplane mode
  • Always keep an eye on your Smartwatch’s Battery Status

How often should I charge my smartwatch?

Not charge more than once a day, if you use the smartwatch for heavy work then You can charge it before 50% but only once a day. This technique helps the health of your battery life.

What’s the best smartwatch on the market right now?

If you are an android user, you must select the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. However, the main benefit is you can easily customize all features according to yourself. One more thing these are many features includes such as check blood pressure, fitness features, and all medical features.

In the same way, you must know the best smartwatch for paramedics and know about medical features.

How do I know if my smartwatch is fully charged?

When you connect your device from the magnetic charger, Typically, you see the red light. You know your device is connected but when your device displays the green light, Understand that the battery is full. Battery percentage displayed on your device left corner.

What is the warranty on my smartwatch?

your smartwatch has 2 years moneyback warranty.

How do I fix my smartwatch not charging?

  • First, you reset the smartwatch on the charger.
  • Verify, the charger and device are fully clean from dust, tape, etc.
  • Make sure Battery power maintained.
  • Change the charger’s power source and connect to another device.


I hope the above-written article will help you a lot. And keep visiting us and don’t forget to give feedback.

In the same way, you will easily know How long does A Smartwatch Battery Last. Make sure you must note all these steps and improve battery life.


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