Best Seiko Watches for Men: (2024 Guide & Reviews)

The article of today’s is the best Seiko watches. If you are addicted to collect watches and you have the first experience with Seiko then you are in a good way. We will be offering broad features with different designs and styles with price, and also helpful in the way.

If you are searching for the Best Seiko Watches for Men for your 2024 adventure, you reached the right place.

Seiko is one of the most famous Japanese brands and it’s a better-known watch company. Even this company produces the first quartz watch.

The main thing about this company is making a lot of watches in different designs that are the reason it has many latest timepieces available in every market.

In the same way, it produces the diverse models that this model provides every user. So, Seiko is well known for making timepieces of high quality. If you want to find the made watches of high quality with the many latest features, think Seiko.

We provide a quick list of our best Seiko watches for men, even we mention the difference between Seiko and Grand Seiko. If you are thinking about it then let’s go to the list and take reviews of all watches.

History of Seiko

Before we starting our list, we want to tell the background history of the Seiko brand. Seiko is a Japanese company that has been established since the 1880s century and is still going, and As interesting as its history is, so are its watches.

The Seiko began in 1881 in Ginza (Tokyo), where They sold and repaired watches. It was eleven years later, Seikosha founded this company and produce the timepieces. Seikosha is one of the first men which produced the first-ever wristwatch in Japan.

After some year when this company take a higher reputation in the watch industry, in 1923 the brand name was changed to Seiko. In the same way, the first Seiko watch was sold in 1923.

Nowadays, the company is one of the best watchmakers in the world. In a short time, Seiko compared the other all brands( Citizen, Eco-drive, and Seiko Solar) and become one of the best affordable watch brands in the market. Also, it produced solar-powered watches.

The Seiko is well known for made watch models from pure materials, so let up help you narrow things below. Here are fifteen of the best picks including options for every budget for your skinny wrist in 2024.

Which Is The Best Seiko Watches for Men? 

Best Seiko Men’s Dress Watches those good for men’s outdoor activities. Even these come with the latest features and comfortable straps, comfortable for your wrist. You must know Is Seiko a Good Watch Brand?. See the below entire detail about Best Seiko Men’s Dress Watches.

15- Seiko Men’s SGF206 Gold: (Best Tone Dress Watch)

Seiko Men’s SGF206 Gold

Let’s move on the next remarkable Seiko gold-tone watch. It’s known for a gold watch since its dial look as gold.

It is one of the great classic watches that you find in the markets. It comes with a 36 mm case size which looks is gorgeous and best for every formal attire.

It’s powered by a battery-operated Japanese quartz movement that causes it’s well-known keeps time accurately.

A date and day display at the 3 o’clock position also includes. Even it protects from scrapes and scratches since it’s scratch-resistant and the main thing it uses a Hardlex crystal on the beautiful dial.

For everyday uses, It is water-resistant up to 20 meters rating and if you are looking a watches for a casual outing then you can’t go wrong if you choose this model.

14- Seiko Coutura Line Radio-Sync Solar Watch: (Best Seiko Watches)

Seiko Coutura Line Radio

Let’s move on the Seiko Coutura men’s watch. This timepiece is just like a luxury watch. It is an alternative to expensive watches because it makes with a two-tone stainless steel case, bracelet, and bezel. Also, it includes a bold black dial feature and markers.

In the same way, it is a well known automatic watch, time and calendar automatically sync. Seiko Coutura Line Radio-Sync Solar Watch comes with a world function that you can set the correct time zone. On present you have only 25-time zone will you choose from.

The timepiece comes with a sapphire crystal, even it is scratches resistant and water-resistant up to 100 meters rating. Many features also include are a date calendar and 3 sub-dials on its dial window. It’s powered by solar and can use for a long last of time.

13- Seiko Neo Classic Men’s watch (SGEG97P1)       

Seiko Neo Classic Men’s watch

Unlike, If you are searching for a timepiece that fits casual and formal occasions. It definitely picks this one. This Seiko model dial is outstanding and fits in your wardrobe attire.

It has a lot of features a date window at the 3 o’clock position and more. Also, it uses the battery-run Japanese quartz movement and it has a leather comfortable strap that is better for your wrist.

Seiko Neo Classic Men’s watch has a classic design which is a very attractive look. In the same way, it has a 100 meters water-resistance that is very suitable for water sports and diving. This model made for especially performance that’s why its price exceeding day by day.

12- Seiko Men’s SUP880: (Best High-End Seiko Watches for Men)

Seiko Men’s SUP880

If you are looking for a great classic rectangular shape watch then this model is for you. It’s a unique and classic design and better known for a stylish dress watch. It’s available in every market you can easily wear on your wrist according to your choice.

The great model comes with a watch case of 28.5mm, this fine dress watch looks outstanding on your wrist. The main feature of this model is powered by solar and has a 12 months power reserve once fully charged.

This model works according to internal Japanese quartz movement that’s the reason it renowned for accurate time. It comes with a leather calfskin band which is very soft and comfortable for your wrist.

Overall, go for this timepiece if you want to use the timepiece and comfortable for your wrist, it shows the legible roman numbers and increases the readability.

11- Seiko Men’s SNKL45 Automatic Watch: (Best Seiko Watches of all time)

Seiko Men’s SNKL45 Automatic Watch

Seiko Men’s SNKL45 is one of the top Seiko models in the market. The SNKL45 dress model has an attractive dial look with a red second hand which causes it is the best model.

It comes to with a 37mm case size that will be easily fit on your wrist. It means you don’t worry before buying this model if it fits you.

Similarly, it comes with many latest features is a 40 hours power reserve and water-resistant up to the 30-meter rating. So, you use these watches for dive, it can withstand every extreme condition.

This Comes with the simplest design that is better for your wardrobe since it can fit in your wardrobe.

10- Seiko Men’s Two-Tone Solar Watch

Seiko Men’s Two

This model comes with a silver and gold watch dial, even it has a gold strap that will be easily fit on your wrist and comfortable. the timepiece look is outstanding and better for you, It’s perfect for your dress and use for casual. You can wear for casual and formal choice is yours.

It powered by solar, you don’t have any worry about replacing the battery because it powered by any light which is a most better feature for you.

Likewise, it comes with more latest features that are a Hardlex crystal dial with a day and date display. The two-tone solar watch is water-resistant up to 30 meters rating.  

09- Seiko SSC448 Men’s Gold Watch

Seiko SSC448 Men’s Gold Watch

Seiko rose gold watch is a unique design and comes with a black dial that is very sporty. It shows an attractive look, peoples take attention and ready to wear.

It’s powered by solar, comes with a chronograph. The main dial function is a 3 sub-dials for the second, minutes, and hours timing.

It is water-resistant up to 100-meter rating that is ideal for water sports like a diver and swimming. Also, the main feature of this timepiece comes with a Hardlex crystal that is resistant to scratches.

Best Seiko Watch for Divers

Here we have few best Seiko watches for divers those well known for its easy-to-use that keeps accurate time. These are can withstand every extreme weather conditions that’s why it comes with water-resistant features. Let’s read the detail in below.

08- Seiko Prospex PADI Special Model (SBDC055)

Seiko Prospex PADI Special Model

If you are also looking a dive watch, it’s best for you. The Prospex PADI model has a unique design without sacrificing its functionality. With all these things in mind, It is one of the best-looking dive watches.

Also, it’s a well-known automatic dive watch and it jas rubber straps that have many advantages are comfortable for your wrist and easy to wear for every casual and formal attire.

It straps are also enough that comes with every size which is very comfortable for your wrist. You don’t worry before purchasing this timepiece since it fits on your wrist without any difficulties. Even it has a two-tone fluorescent glow, those it best for in the dark.

07- Seiko PROSPEX Marinemaster

Seiko PROSPEX Marinemaster

In the market, this model is one of the best Seiko watches for men. If you want to wear a water resistance timepiece from Seiko and you are willing to spend some money, Further this model is for you and worth looking at.

The main feature of this timepiece comes with a reasonable price range and it is built like a tank. So, this is an ideal model for divers since it comes from the Seiko company.

It’s suitable for with a large wrist, it has a 300-meter water resistance rating that is very suitable for divers. Even, it features a 7-jewel, Seiko 7C46 movement that is accurate in keeping time.

The Seiko PROSPEX Marinemaster has many newcomer features like a screw-down crown and a screw-down case back, this feature very important for every model because it protects from water penetration. So, It is the best Seiko diver watch you can take for any adventure.

06- Seiko Men’s Prospex Diver Watch

Seiko Men’s Prospex Diver Watch

There are so many watches for divers in the world but not meets the people’s needs, Seiko conceived this watch model for peoples. This model is water-resistant 200 meters and it has Lumibrite hands and markers.

This model can meet you all your thoughts and comes with a reasonable price range. Since divers have an average dive time of 20 minutes, that’s why it best for divers.

It comes with a legible day/date window at the 3 o’clock position and with an affordable price range that’s the reason it is one of the best Seiko watches for men.

Best Seiko Watches for Pilots

These are best Seiko for pilots because have many latest features included according to pilots such as a simple round metal case and dial, Large rectangular markers for the hours, large numbers with high contrast in the dial, scratch-resistant and anti-reflective sapphire crystal lens ensure that it last longer. Read more detail in the below.

05- Seiko Men’s SND255P1 Flightmaster

Seiko Men’s SND255P1 Flightmaster

It is one of the best pilot watches made by Seiko since it has a blue dial covered by a stainless steel watch case.

The bidirectional bezel has a slide rule, that is specially used for the pilot to calculate the flight data. Likewise, there is a compass scale in the bezel used to the navigation.

Similarly, it has a stopwatch feature used to measure 1/20 seconds to 60 minutes. This model has a 100-meter water-resistant feature and comes with a reasonable price range.

04- Seiko Men’s SNA411 Flight Alarm Watch

Seiko Men’s SNA411 Flight Alarm Watch

If you are a pilot and finding the best watches for pilots, Seiko Men’s Flight alarm is best for you. It completes your all thoughts and comes with a black dial with large luminous hands and markers that increases the readability in the dark.

Also, it includes a stopwatch feature of those measures up to sixty minutes in 1/5-second increments. So, you can easily use the alarm sub-dial as an international clock. It is best for pilots flying across time zones.  

For the calculation of flight data, you can use this model. Many latest features include a screw-down crown and case back, a 200-meter water-resistant rating and a perpetual calendar.

03- Seiko Men’s Chronograph Solar Watch

Seiko Men’s Chronograph Solar Watch

Seiko Men’s Chronograph Solar Watch is specially designed for pilots. It has a sleek stainless steel watch strap with a beautiful lumed dial.

A rotary slide rule bezel is also present for the calculation of flight data, this feature is better for pilots. It powered by solar and the main feature is, it has 3 sub-dials chronograph functions for easy timing.

In the same way, The mounted crown with raised guarded bridges is the primary feature of this model.

This Seiko solar men’s watch comes with a 100-meter water resistance rating and it protects from scratches since it is scratch resistant.

So, it comes with a three-year warranty to fall back on which is a huge feature of this model and makes it better from other models.

Best Seiko Field Watches

The Best Seiko Field Watches are essential for you because it comes with the latest feature such as Very robust(water and shock resistant), simple design, easy to read and very luminous. These are very famous in the world, If you don’t know about Best Seiko Field Watches so read completely in the below.

02- Seiko Prospex Land Series Compass Watch

Seiko Prospex Land Series Compass Watch

If you are finding for outdoor sports watches, this Seiko model is especially for you. This model has a rotating compass bezel used for navigating in the territory. Also, we have the best sports watches if you want to know, you must visit for more information. 

Even, you can easily adjust the rotating compass by manually. This Seiko compass watch has many features although a 200-meter water resistance rating is one of the best Seiko watches for men that are suitable for diving.

Even, this timepiece dial is great and it has lumed markers that make it readable in the dark. It comes with durable leather straps that are perfect for outdoor activities.

01- Seiko Men’s SNK805

Seiko Men’s SNK805

Seiko Men’s SNK805 is a great military-style Seiko 5 watch. In the same way, this model is perfect for a formal and casual outing that is the best thing for you. It has a green dial that matches with the watch strap.

It has a lot of features include a green dial, and luminescent markers with a date and day window for easy legibility which are increase readability. Even with nylon straps, it feels better on your wrist and this thing makes it better from other models.

The main feature is a 30-meter water resistance rating, means, it can withstand splashes of water although it’s not an ideal for swimming.

This timepiece is perfect for you, it is a combination of great qualities and multiple features.

Difference between Seiko and Grand Seiko

Grand Seiko is one of the single disruptive brands in the luxury watch industry. After a few years ago, when it arrived from the US, Then it became a famous brand and sold in every market in the world.

Although both come with the same affordable price range and brand name but the differences between the two timepieces are very significant. Before we talking about differences, let’s see how they are similar.

What are similarities do they have between them?

Classy Watches

you can’t go wrong choosing these two watches according to the level of quality. The demand for both watches is increasing day by day That’s why they’re becoming as expensive as luxury products.

Parent Company

The Seiko and Grand Seiko share the same parent company, it means that the aesthetic standards of the two timepieces both are extraordinary.

What is the difference between Seiko and Grand Seiko?


Most manufacturers use cheap and standard materials to make watches, stainless steel is the standard material used to make watches.

Although the Grand Seiko made from stainless steel that lasts longer. Even some grand Seiko parts are made from platinum or titanium.


Seiko and Grand Seiko comes with an affordable price, its price range starts from $50 for a dress watch, end to high price of $1000 for dive watches. The amazing thing is Seiko uses machines to create the watch parts.

However, if want to use the handcrafted timepiece, Grand Seiko is for you. Grand Seiko made from high quality that causes, They cost more.

Considering its quality, The Grand Seiko price starts from around about $2,000 and extends around about $18,000. Although it sells in every market in the world at an affordable price.  


On the other hand, The Seiko watches are manufactured by machines although it lacks handmade features that are the biggest drawback.

While Grand Seiko is well known for creating the best watches, Since most of the parts made by hand. Also, the straps and case are polished and come with every size. So, the Grand Seiko produces the timepiece from high quality.  

Best Seiko Watches – FAQs

Is Seiko better than Rolex?

Yes, the Seiko watches are better than Rolex because many features almost the same. In this modern age, the Rolex watches prices increase day by day, on the other hand, the Seiko watches come in an affordable price range.

Are Seiko watches worth anything?

The Seiko manufactures wristwatches with an affordable price range. Even their catalog range from affordable quartz watches whose value is less than 100 euros. Also, the Seiko has luxury watches and a Grand Seiko collection whose price is upwards of 10,000 euros.

Is Seiko a luxury brand?

In the modern age, the Seiko now ranks a high position in the watch industry. In Japan, Grand Seiko achieved its status as a top luxury watch brand, outside of japan it is a well-known as luxury brand. Also, the Seiko well known for manufactured wristwatches from pure material(stainless steel).

Is Seiko a high-end watch?

In the smart age, the Seiko has a high-rank reputation that is well known for manufactures precise, durable, and stylish watches. Many models specially made for Upper-class people that’s why are comparable to the swiss brand that can price can three to four times much.


The best Seiko watches for men are cheaper regardless of their quality and withstand every extreme condition. Also, it contests all brands if you compared from other brands model.

There are several Seiko models to choose from, although we made our the latest handcrafted list for their great features and use cases.

Overall, Seiko watches have a history, since 1880 this company makes the watches and still today it takes a high position in the watch industry. It’s well known for made watches from high quality and keeping accurate time.

If you want to take more reviews of Seiko watches, Let us know in the comments below.

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