Seiko Watch Reviews - Are Seiko Watches Good for You?

Seiko Watch Reviews – Are Seiko Watches Good for You?

I hope that you must have known about Seiko because it is a world-recognized watch brand from Japan. Seiko’s name reflects the qualities which its owner had in his mind. But the question will come to your mind that Is Seiko a Good Watch Brand?. Let me explain Seiko Watch Reviews.

Almost 100 years have been spent and it is recognized with the same reputation as it was in the early years. it is due to its updated edition every time. If you ask about the quality of this brand then you must have in mind that this is the best-recognized brand all over the world. Due to the long history of perfection, this brand is the best.

Watches add something most special to our personality. We all want to express something through our personality. The watch can accomplish this task and you can identify the best brand by the following aspects:

  • The best watches are made up of titanium or stainless steel. Most of the series of Seiko watches use metals as each has its perks. Titanium is preferred because of its durability and lightness. various colours like black, rose, gold, and silver are accompanied by a PVD coating.
  • You must look for the sapphire watch glass. A sapphire glass produces clarity and remains scratch-free regardless of use.
  • The movement of watches is also an indicator of quality. You can look for manual, automatic, and quartz movements. Most of the Seiko watches come with Japanese Quartz, Spring Drive, and Kinetic movements. The manual and automatic movements are the signs of high-quality watches.
  • The water resistance is also the component for the identification of the quality. 3 ATM is the least level of water resistance. Seiko watches have levels of water resistance 5 ATM, 10 ATM, 20 ATM, and 60 ATM. The higher the number, the better the resistance.

Is Seiko a Good Watch Brand?

Seiko brand offers the taste of both complexity and functionality. the watch lover will prefer the Seiko brand. The Seiko brand is the name of reliability, trust perfection and dedication.

People can buy even the pay is higher for this brand. This is the name of an established brand. Seiko knows that people love the brand but you must have something about watches when you want to buy any watch.

The brand statement is necessary during the production of the watch. Several materials like platinum, titanium, gold and carbon fibre can be used for the production of the watches.

Must know what are the best Seiko watches because essential for you. The top quality material must be used for making the brand statement. 5titanium is the best material. Only Seiko are the watches which use high-quality materials.

Which is better in Seiko and Citizen brand?

This question is being asked everywhere. But bear in mind that other than colour, shape and size we should look for the other options. Let’s look at the different intricacies of each watch brand.

Let’s look at the technology that each of them uses.

There are not many mechanical watches by this brand. Their main focus is on the Quartz movement. Eco-Drive technology flagship-watch line also adds something to its importance. This quality is rarely matched by Seiko.

Seiko watches use automatic movements. Quartz and Solar technologies are also used in this brand. Self-winding watch is the main point of difference between these two brands. This quality is the best in Seiko and this quality gives the time accuracy. Quartz watches are also famous for their time accuracy.

Both brands try to enhance their qualities day by day. Seiko and Citizen are the Astron GPS Solar and Satellite Wave respectively. Are Seiko watches good for personality, You must know What your watch says about you?

What about Seiko Style and Design?

The general perception about this is that Citizen focuses on stretching the boundaries. Seiko has some watch models which are known more than Citizen.

SNK 809 is the best watch by Seiko. Its reliability and normal price is being praised all over the world. SNK793 is also the watch which is best known for its style and affordability. SARB065 Cocktail Time is the best watch under the price of $500.

Citizen does not have the models which can be included here except Nighthawk. This brand offers such watches which have minimalistic and simplistic styles and designs.

Know more about the best affordable watches under 500 in this article.

Turning to Quality, Accuracy, and Longevity

The debate on this depends on the year of manufacture, model type and some lucky stars. From a quality perspective, both are equal. But Seiko watches are astonishing and amazing in their styles and beauty.

Citizen does not have Swiss level type of watch amongst its ranks. Bear in mind that both watches have an equal and long history of production. They have continually produced many watches of large importance.

How long does Seiko Watches last?

Seiko watches earn the reputation for the member wearing it among his family members. This brand is being passed from generation to generation. Seiko’s mechanical watches are famous for the long history of success.

Mechanical watches last long due to the best power of springs. Almost 50 to 300 parts move delicately. Use of Jewels can increase the longevity of the watches. These jewels are used in the movement system of the watch.

They reduce the effect of friction and increase the lifetime. Service and maintenance are important factors in the longevity of Seiko watches.

If you want to run the watches for many years then spend some time and money on its service every year. For traditional members, the best watch is the Mechanical Seiko watch. This is good for those who want to start a watch collection.

What are the best Seiko watches?

You must have made some idea about the Seiko brand after reading the above article. They try to take into consideration the style, price and beauty of the watches. So it is the best brand for the people who want to make their personality attractive and beautiful. The top listed watches are described below! The 3 best Seiko watches are:

  • Seiko 5 – SNZF17
  • Seiko SBDC02 Prospex Diver Automatic
  • Seiko SARB033

3- Seiko 5 – SNZF17

Seiko 5

The mechanical movement of this watch is very good. This includes features like bright silver metal strap, white on black hour marks and hands and date display is nicely fixed at 3’O clock. There is a deployment clasp with a push-button mechanism and a safety lock is also there. Those who desire class and elegance, this is the best option.

  • Glass – Seiko hardlex crystal
  • Water-resistant – 330ft
  • Case diameter – 42 millimetres
  • Movement – 23-jewel automatic movement, Caliber 7S36 by Seiko
  • Bandwidth – 22 millimetres.
Display Type Analog
Water-resistant depth 30 Meters
Movement Automatic
Weight 2.12 Ounces
Case Material Stainless Steel
Case Thickness 11 millimeters
Case Diameter 37 millimeters
Special Features Day of Week, Date, Water Resistant

2- Seiko SBDC02 Prospex Diver Automatic

Seiko SBDC02 Prospex Diver Automatic

This is the best-recognized model of Seiko. It includes features like a resistant protective titanium case, Silvertone, and the black dial dressed with luminous hands and markers. Its look is wonderful.

The bezel features a saw-like edge. This feature gives it a bold and masculine look. This watch is among the premium and luxury range of Seiko watches. The precision is of -15 to +15 seconds per day. you can dive wearing this watch because it can resist water up to 660ft.

  • Glass – Hardlex crystal
  • Water Resistant – 660 ft
  • Case diameter – 43.5 millimetres
  • Movement – 23 jewel automatic (6R15) movement
  • Bandwidth – 21 millimetres.
Display Type Analog
Water-resistant depth 200 Meters
Movement Automatic
Weight 10.58 Ounces
Case Material Stainless Steel
Case Thickness 13 millimeters
Case Diameter 44 millimeters
Clasp Deployment Clasp

1- Seiko SARB033 – Best Classic Automatic Watch

Seiko SARB033

This watch has features like brush finished case, luminous hands, black dial, and silver-toned hour marks. It also includes a stainless steel strap. scratch resistance sapphire crystal and a see-through exhibition. These qualities reflect the basic design and beauty of this watch. There is a transparent back of this masterpiece which adds more to its beauty.

  • Glass – Sapphire crystal
  • Water-resistant – 330 ft
  • Case diameter – 38.4 millimetres
  • Movement – 23 jewel automatic (6R15) movement
  • Bandwidth – 20 millimetres.
Display Type Analog
Water-resistant depth 100 Meters
Movement Japanese Quartz
Clasp Push Button Deployment Clasp
Case Material Stainless Steel
Case Thickness 11 millimeters
Case Diameter 40.2 millimeters
Special Features Day of Week, Date, Water Resistant

Seiko Watch Reviews- FAQs

Is Seiko a luxury brand?

Basically, Seiko is a japan brand also which has a number of other brands. The famous watch is Grand Seiko which is well known as a luxury Japanese watch. One main thing the price is affordable to expensive, everyone can buy and use the luxury watch brand.

Are Seiko watches Good?

Yes, The Seiko watches are good because they use pure quality materials such as titanium, stainless steel, and sapphire glass. Moreover, they produce a lot of models and well known for their reliability.

Is Seiko or a citizen better?

If you are searching for the best solar powered watches and quartz, the citizen is the best choice for you. Furthermore, it provides many choices under your budget.

On the other hand, when it comes to mechanical, these will be less than quartz. Quartz watches do last for many years.

Why is Seiko so cheap?

Many brands offer a lot of features but take a very high price. The Seiko is well known for quality and affordability. The Seiko model is very affordable due to the quality of materials used for casing/glass/strap. As I mentioned earlier, Seiko is the best known for pure quality.

Why is Seiko watches so good?

Seiko has a high reputation in the industry, well known for manufacturing watches that are affordable, stylish, and reliable. Often, most of the peoples want to know Seiko vs quartz comparison because almost has the same features and affordable price. Both are Japanese watches.


In a nutshell, we can say that the Seiko brand is one of the most recognized brands. This brand takes care of the price and style of the watches. When you will wear this watch we assure you that you will not get disappointed. You will be recognized through this watch. Your personality will be impressive after wearing this watch.

I hope you have received good information from our post. Hopefully, also you know Which is better in Seiko and Citizen brand?. If you are happy with my article please comment to me and share your thoughts.

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