Seiko vs Citizen Watches: Which is the Perfect Watch Brand?

by Emma Watson

Seiko vs Citizen Watches: Which is the Perfect Watch Brand?

It is back in the 1970s when Asian watch manufacturers tried their best in the watch industry. It was all because of the Quartz Revolution which had qualities like battery power and the other that made the watch wonderful.

From that time the two Japanese brand’s have emerged as the two best brands: SEIKO and Citizen.

There is no doubt that we can see a lot of similarities between these two brand’s but these watches have also some differences.

Although their origin is the same country, still we want to tell you some differences which will urge you to buy the best option. And, we tell you Seiko vs Citizen watch comparison.

Seiko vs Citizen Watches: Which is the Perfect Watch Brand?

The History of Citizen Watches

The History of Citizen Watches

The history of this brand is simple and short. Two companies, Swiss and Japanese investors, in 1930 registered citizens in Switzerland. Rodolph Schmid was a Swiss watchmaker who started this brand. From that time the watches of this company are very reliable and sustainable

The watches are solar-powered but the best quality is multi-band atomic timekeeping watch in 1993. This watch was the first reliable and good watch. Since the Quartz Revolution, Citizen has also grown into the best watchmakers.

These watches have qualities like Swiss movement, and these are very accurate. The Citizen watches Co is the best company of American Watchmakers, Bulova.

The History of Seiko

The History of Seiko

Ita history is back in 1881 when Kintaro Hattie opened a watch and jewellery shop in Tokyo, Japan. In 1892, the name was Seikosha and then after the development, the name was changed into the brand: SEIKO. Seiko is a brand which is a symbol of success. It simply means that Hattori had great ambitions in his mind when he started this company.

Seiko Quartz-Astron 35SQ was the first watch which was made by this company. The price was $1250. After some years the watches became available to the people at the affordable price. During the 1970s, the world was flooded with watches. When the technology came and the watches became easy to make then the Quartz watches were famous. People turned towards that watch with full excitement.

In the 1980s, the watchmaking houses in Switzerland made an effort to reproduce their special brand’s. Seiko was the brand which was available to the laypeople too. These watches were available at an affordable price.

Which Brand is better Seiko vs Citizen?

We can draw a comparison between these two brands from various perspectives.

First, the extensive line of watches is present in both the watches but with different styles and series. Second, both the brands run from high, complex and fashionable watches to the cheaper fashion watches.

There are many fans of both brands. So, we can say that both the brands are best in their designs and respective properties.

Which company is the best? The answer to this question also depends on the choice. Which brands are liked by you?  Those brands are the best. So the choice is yours! Although SEIKO is known by the Kickstarting Quartz Revolution. But there are also some affordable watches in the market.

Seiko has a classic look but the Citizen brand tries to find some new looks according to the fashion in the market. It means that Seiko wants to establish a connection with the past by creating the way he’s of the old and classic styles.

Citizen accepts Modern technology which is shown by the Solar-powered watches. Along with technology, they also reproduce their watches with modern styles.

When the question comes of the sale then it is very clear that the Citizen brand is very famous according to the sale. This brand is mostly required by the people.

Both the watches are neither flashy nor too expensive. When we have to compare both the brands then we need to compare head-to-head.

Top Sellers for Seiko and Citizen

Top Sellers for Seiko and Citizen

Let’s start a compare and contrast from the top-selling watches.

The Seiko Men’s SNK805 watchagainst The Chandler Eco-Drive Citizen WatchSimilarly, both are the best Seiko watches for men.

These have qualities like Analog, a day and date window, and nylon straps. These have also a stripped black look which places these watches among the best and required watches in the industry. Other similarities are green, military-inspired look, Stainless Steel bezel, and identical bandwidths.

So it is clear that both the watches have certain similarities and some important features. Both the watches are very costly. So on the surface, both the watches are very similar to each other.

There are some differences.

First, Seiko watch is an automatic mechanical watches have and the citizen is s Japanese quartz watch. A battery-powered watch is the best and accurate while the automatic watch uses the natural movement of the wearer.

The size of the Citizen case is 1.5mm thinner than the Seiko watch. It simply because of the reason that Automatic watches require more parts to run. The water resistance is present only up-to 330 feet of the Citizen watches while the Seiko watch has up to 99 feet. There is a luminous property in the Citizen watch.

Citizen watch is a solar-powered watch which is the main difference between the two watches.

The Best Solar Powered Watches

The Best Solar Powered Watches

We have already discussed that the Seiko watches are mechanical while the Citizen watches use the Solar-powered property. There is no doubt that both the companies are good in the sell of the solar-powered watches but the Citizen is far ahead from the Seiko brand.

Eco-Drive is the quality which can found in every Citizen watch. There is a titanium lithium battery inside the watch which can last for a longer time than the normal time of the watch. You don’t need to replace the watch just because of the life of the battery because the battery is very good at timing.

Seiko has the quality of the Seiko solar. This property is limited to the Seiko watches. Only a few watches have this quality. Seiko made its first solar-powered watch in 1977 and after a year the Eco-Drive established its name.

When we look for actual technology then we come to know that there is a small and negligible difference between the technologies of both the watches.

Citizen Eco-Drive vs Seiko Solar

Citizen Eco Drive vs Seiko Solar 1

It is very clear that Eco-Drive is beings used very much than the Seiko solar-powered watches. So it is very difficult to compare and contrast the brands on the basis of one watch. We need to compare a couple of watches for this reason.

Promaster Navihawk Satellite GPS Watch is based on the Eco-Drive technology. This umbrella watch has different watches under this like the dive watches and all-terrain Watches. This has some features which are very good for the pilots.

Seiko Solar SS Chronograph GPS Watch is the best for the comparison. Seiko has made several Solar GPS watches. There are Astronomy watches in this category. The SS Chronograph is also included in the Astron line.

There are certain similarities between these watches. They are solar-powered, Stainless Steel Analog watches. The face is crystal and the case is large of both the watches. The size of Simple is 44.6mm and of Citizen is 47mm.

The GPS quality makes the watches to set the time according to the time zone. Wherever you are, this quality will let the watch to correct the time according to situation and time. There are also Chronograph and luminous hands in both the watches.

The Seiko watch has qualities like the high price, atomic timekeeping, and a tachometer. The movement in the Seiko is automatic and in the Citizen is Japanese quartz. The display of the Citizen is not clear than the Seiko.

The Citizen has water resistance up to 660 feet and Seiko has the water-resistance up-to 330 feet. There is also a pilot’s rotating slide rule bezel. We can say that both the watches are very similar based on certain reliable qualities.

Women’s Seiko and Citizen Watches

Citizen Eco Drive vs Seiko Solar

There are some similarities and differences in women’s watches.

SXDG58P1 Ladies(Seiko) Casual Watch against Chandler FB2003-05A(Citizen)

The Seiko ladies watch has a silver and white Analog with gold. There also diamond accents. It has a quartz battery which can last up to 3 years. The water resistance is up to 330 feet and there is a date window. The stainless Is used with the 28mm thick and 7mm thick case.

The Citizen watch is not stylish but has an elegance for the viewers. The face is white, the band is a salmon hue and the case is rose gold. The case is 39mm and 12mm. As like all the Citizen watches this watch also uses Eco-Drive and a quartz movement. There are a date window and two extra dials. The Chronograph is also there.

Both the watches are very good for females. The Citizen watch offers a low price, although, neither watch is bad in function and styles. Both the watches are reliable for use.

Seiko vs Citizen watches – FAQs 

1). Are Citizen or Seiko watches better?

Seiko and Citizen are mostly similar but the difference is that the Seiko is an automatic mechanical watches. On the other hand, a citizen is a Japanese quartz watch. The battery-powered watch is more accurate than a mechanical watch. Finally, Seiko is the best watch brand.

2). Is a citizen-owned by Seiko?

No, These are two separate companies but both are Japanese brands. Typically, fans are likes these both brands and want to wear these watches on your wrist. Even, both are sponsored their own forum.

3). Does Are Citizen watch good quality?

Citizen watches are not only good but “great” and “awesome”. While you can easily get the luxury watches at an affordable price. Citizen offers quality watches that are affordable, reliable and long-lasting.

4). Is Seiko a luxury brand?

In Japan, Seiko has a very famous brand. The most notable being Grand Seiko offers a luxury Japanese watches. But peoples wants to know is Seiko a luxury watch brand?.

You can say Seiko is a luxury watch brand. One main thing Everyone has a Seiko watch, while it offers numbers of watch models at an affordable price.


We can say that Seiko is a luxury brand while the Citizen is the best brand which is present in all the industries throughout the world. Eco-Drive technology has made the Citizen a reliable and accurate watch. There are also solar-powered watches.

There is not a much difference in both the Seiko vs Citizen watches. The difference is in your eyes. You like some watches and some are not liked by you. You need to decide whether you are in search of a mechanical watches or the Citizen watch. The choice is yours!

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