Best Sweeping Second Hand Watches: (2024 Guide & Reviews)

by Emma Watson

Best Sweeping Second Hand Watches: (2024 Guide & Reviews)

The best thing about sweeping second hand watches is that these watches reflect elegance and add excitement when they provide smooth motion. There is a smooth motion instead of dull once-a-second ticks. It must be kept in mind that Such types of wristwatches are not rare, rather any watch that runs on a mechanical movement comes with a smooth sweep.

The point to be noted is that some quartz watches also have it, and these watches provide extra elegance to the watches and buyers.

All the sweeping hand watches differ from each other because these have different frequencies, accuracies, prices, and working mechanisms.

Every timepiece is not the same. That is the reason, we are going to tell you more about seeping watches and you will have different choices to choose from. All the watches will have different prices and qualities based on your priorities.

What Is a Sweeping Second-Hand Watch?

The best definition of a sweeping hand watch is that it is such a watch of which second’s hands provide an elegant and attractive look and smooth movement, instead of once-a-second movement like quartz watches. This smooth motion may be regarded as the high order of watches. This quality might be the best quality of the watches.

This higher-level quality does not inculcate high prices in the watches, because these are also available as little as $100-$500. So, we can differentiate watches based on their movements. Two types of movements are there: Mechanical and Quartz.

Mechanical Watch With Sweeping Second Hand

The best thing about mechanical watches is that these watches run on a complex mechanism and these also provide the hand’s gliding movement.

One typical caliber’s balance wheel makes six swings in a second, it means it can move six steps in the period of one second. It is the point, where sweeping motion comes.

Such calibers are also famous by other names called vibration and beats per hour. According to the measurement, if a watch ticks six times in a second, it makes up 21,600 vibrations/beats per hour (vph or bph).

However, we must keep in mind that 21,600 vps frequency is not the one option available when 28,800 vph mechanical watches are also available in the market.

The best thing about these watches is that second-hand sweeps smoother than in watches with lower frequency. These watches provide eight ticks in a second. This quality is very pleasing to the eye.

Higher the frequency, the higher the price. Some watches with frequency up to 43,200 vph cost more than the normal prices. But the companies will not provide any surety to such watches’ qualities and accuracy.

So, we are going to inform you that the watches with 21,600 and 28,800 vph frequency are much prevalent in the market.

Quartz Watch With Sweeping Second Hand

It is beyond the shadow of a doubt that every mechanical watch comes with a sweeping hand quality, but there are only a handful of options that are available in quartz watches. Below-given watches are the only two quartz watches with this quality.

Bulova Precisionist

The best thing about this watch is that it has a 262 kHz frequency, which is no doubt eight times higher than in typical quartz watches with 32.8kHz frequency. This quality provides a correct precision and the possibility to slice up the seconds into smaller increments without losing out on accuracy.

Further, the Precisionist Ultra High-Frequency line timepieces have an elegant smooth sweep when one second accommodates 16 ticks. It is surprising that Omega watches cannot provide such qualities, which are available at $10,000.

It is also received from the sources that some older Bulova Accutron II models also provide eight times a second. But, these watches are not available in the market.

Seiko Spring Drive

These watches are not as straightforward quartz pieces as the Precisionist ones are. The best thing about Spring Drive is that it is actually a movement of its own.

The movement is based on a mechanical movement but it also gets the precision from quartz crystal through a unique speed control regulator. It is often referred to as a battery-free quartz-driven movement.

One question will remain debatable whether it is a quartz-based movement or not. But the most important thing about this post is that the sweeping motion is the smoothest as it can get.

One must make ensure that the second-hand moves in an utmost smooth function. Provided by the Grand Seiko brand, Seiko’s Spring Drive watches are the best watches which can provide the smoothest motion. But, the prices are far from affordable.

Why So Few Quartz Sweepers?

A new lad cannot understand that what is the importance of attaching this fantastic feature with quartz tickers. But one must ask that why are there so few of them, then? It must be kept in mind that quartz timepieces are powered by batteries, so they require an extended amount of energy for the extra steps the hand has to take.

So, if the watches work on such a high-rate load, then the batteries will be finished after sew months. Thus, a large-capacity cell would be required. This is very costly to produce, and it will require great effort from the part of the maker to fit the battery into a miniature wristwatch. Thus, production causes many hurdles.

Some questions are frequently asked and some are the following: why would quartz watches have to sweep at all? Why is there any need to produce such costly products? When there are mechanical calibres then there is no need to think about their products.

Besides these things, there are numerous options which are available to choose from regarding sweeping second-hand watches, including quartz ones. One thing will differentiate their progress and it is the title of this post called “Sweep’s smoothness”.

Smoothest Second Hand Sweep

Smoothest Second Hand Sweep

Seiko’s Spring Drive is the best option if you want to have a watch with the smoothest hand sweep. It is followed by Bulova Precisionist watches which provide almost good glide with 16-tick-a-second movement. These two are the best available options in the market if you want to have smoothness in the movement.

When the beats are invisible for the eyes to catch, then 28,800-frequency mechanical and automatic watches are also good options regarding the smoothness of the movement. The least smooth watch is available with 21,600 vph which provide six ticks in a second.

Most Accurate Sweeping Watches

Bulova Precisionist is the most perfect watch of the four available watches. The exact frequency of the watch can be measured by the piezoelectric attributes that quartz possesses. It will evaluate the performance of the movement.

When the frequency is eight times higher and it is produced by a unique three-prong crystal that is able to reduce the effects of temperature variation, then the deviation will be exceptionally low.

The best thing about the Bulova Precisionist 16-beat watch is that it is guaranteed accuracy of +/- 10 seconds a year, and it is the same amount a typical quartz watch varies in a month.

Seiko Spring Drive movement is also classified as a classical quartz watch with a deviation of +/- 15 seconds per month. It is also considered very perfect in horology.

When the question comes of vibrations, then the mechanical watches are the least accurate when these lose or gain almost 10 to 20 seconds a day. There are several reasons behind this deviation.

Most Affordable Sweeping Watches

However, when one wants to have an affordable watch then the clear timepiece is an automatic mechanical piece with a frequency of 21,600. The prices are different from watch to watch and some of them are also available for a couple of hundred bucks.

When we talk about watches with a higher-beat 28,800, then these watches are very pricy than the normal watches and only few brands sell these watches under $500.

The most notable brands are the Tissot Visodate collection and Victorinox’s automatic line of wristwear. One must keep in mind that the Bulova Precisionist is an affordable watch with almost $500.

Due to its attractive look and elegance over the watch, the Drive movement watches have price tags starting from $4,000 to $60,000.

Which Is The Best Sweeping Second-Hand Watches?

Now, we will talk about the best sweeping second-hand watches. We have covered information about accuracy, smoothness, prices, and frequencies.

In the below-given list, we tried our best to provide you with such watches which are available at an affordable price, instead of those watches which cannot be afforded. All the watches are affordable, and everyone can pursue his/her own choice from the given choices.

1) Bulova Precisionist 98B228: (Best Bulova Sweeping Second Hand Watches)

Bulova Precisionist 98B228

Frequency: 16 beats/sec

It is great to start with the Bulova Precisionist watch which has a frequency of 16 beats/sec. The best thing about this watch is that it has the best sweeping motion which you can get at an affordable price.

You can easily track the red second’s hand which is on a rather busy dial and it provided this watch’s primary feature called chronograph function.

As it is the best Bulova’s watch and it does not only provide ultimate smooth sweep and a 1/1000-increment stopwatch but it also comes with 300m water resistance.

Although, it is not a dive watch, but still you can wear it during swimming without worrying about any damage.

This has an almost 47mm case diameter and astonishing accuracy of +/-10 seconds per year. It also comes with an impeccable reputation, and this quality places it at the top of the list in the sweeping second-hand watches available.

2) Bulova Precisionist 96B158: (Best Sweeping Second Hand Watches)

Bulova Precisionist 96B158

Frequency: 16 beats/sec

This watch represent the family of smaller case sizes and more universal aesthetics, which make it an excellent everyday watch.

The best feature of this watch is that the watch hands come with a contrasting silver-toned colour and this quality makes the dials more attractive in darkness.

The case is not very small, but rather the case is of 42mm which is over the market average. But you must be happy because it is relatively thin, at 9.3mm in thickness, and it can slip under the sleeve.

Moreover, the face is covered with a standard mineral crystal which cannot be found in any other affordable watch. The band is of black leather, which provides it a dressy appeal and comfort.

3) Tissot Visodate T0194301603101: (Best Tissot Sweeping Second Hand Watches)

Tissot Visodate T0194301603101

Frequency: 8 beats/sec

This is one of those watches which provide 28,800 vph, and it is relatively low in budget. This watch which is present at the top of the list reflects the elegance of the affordable Swiss watches, and these also indicate high quality and the automatic movement’s reliability.

The caliber which is acknowledged called ETA 2836-2 ensures that the second’s hand sweeps in a pleasingly smooth manner.

The Swiss industry is also best known for its accuracy, and in this watch, there are 25 jewel bearings that reduce friction and guarantee precision.

It is also available with a neat light-coloured dial and features a high quality domed sapphire crystal and 40mm stainless steel case.

4) Orient Bambino Version IV: (Best Orient Sweeping Second Hand Watches)

Orient Bambino Version IV

Frequency: 6 beats/sec

When we talk about affordable automatic watches then the Orient watches belong to the top of the list. The best quality of this watch is its in-house F6922 movement which powers this particular Bambino Version IV has 40+ hours of power reserve and runs on a frequency of 21,600 vph.

The other best admiring feature is the attachment of the contrasting red tip. It is also very easily recognizable because of the deep blue background with a very simplistic design. It is often viewed as the best dress watch for $100 price tag, and you will also get plenty of quality and aesthetic beauty for the bucks spent.

5) Grand Seiko White Snowflake: (Best Seiko Sweeping Second Hand Watches)

Grand Seiko White Snowflake

Frequency: Perfectly smooth

We promised to inform you about the smooth watches, but we cannot ignore the Grand Seiko White Snowflake watch which is the smoothest sweep of them all. This is a hand-made watch and it costs in thousands, but it has enough to give you for your satisfaction.

The best quality is second hand’s perfect glide. Then there comes the luxurious and elegant sapphire-covered dial with a power reserve indicator.

Only one thing can make you feel about its genuine detail which is its balanced weight which comes from the high-intensity and lightweight titanium case. The weight is almost 100 grams which is neither heavy nor too light. It is the perfect watch to wear.

6) Hamilton Khaki Field Auto H64455533: (Best Hamilton Sweeping Second Hand Watches)

Hamilton Khaki Field Auto H64455533

Frequency: 6 beats/sec

The best thing about Hamilton brand is that it used to employ the famous ETA 2824-2 caliber that had a hi-beat 28,800 frequency. It is available with a nice sweeping motion.

The company decided to swap it for a Powermatic 80, which runs on a lower frequency of 21,600 beats per hour. It has an extended power reserve of up-to 80 hours to compensate it.

This watch is also one of those which received an innovative caliber. Although the frequency is low, but the watch will last for a longer time when it cares for properly.

The watch is one of the top affordable watches which you can buy for less than $500, and it is all due to the same Powermatic 80.

You must keep in mind that it is very sturdy, featuring anti-reflective and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and a quality 40mm stainless steel case.

7) Seiko 5 Automatic SNK809K: (Best WaterProof Sweeping Second Hand Watches)

Seiko 5 Automatic SNK809K

Frequency: 6 beats/sec

It is the most affordable watch which is available with a decent sweeping second hand. This watch also comes with a distinctive red second hand, which helps to better capture the sweet movement.

It is the best men’s watch under the $100 mark. This price is reliable because of its value which is its reliable 7S26A automatic self-winding calibre and durable stainless steel case and bracelet.

The case diameter is below the average and it is about 37mm, which makes the watch attractive and durable. All those who want to make themselves attractive should buy this watch because of its decent case. It is also perfect for different occasions because it reflects versatility.

8) Invicta Pro Diver 8926OB: (Best Invicta Sweeping Second-Hand Watches)

Invicta Pro Diver 8926OB

Frequency: 6 beats/sec

It is the last piece on out list. It is from the best Invicta Pro Driver Collection, and it is often considered the cheapest diving line on the market. Although it is not as reliable as Seiko, yet it provides decent quality for the sub-$100 price.

The design of the watch is just because of the famous Rolex Submariner. The black face is of 40mm and a coin-edge unidirectional bezel makes this watch’s look attractive and elegant.

If you like to buy the cheapest watch with considerable qualities, then this watch is the best option from the entire list.  The last best thing about this watch is that it runs on Seiko’s non-branded NH35A calibre with a 21,600-frequency, and it also provides a nice sweeping glide.


We have tried our best to make you familiar with the best sweeping second-hand watches. You can see from the above description that this quality is also present in quartz watches.

All the watches have different frequencies to offer, and you can very well see that Grand Seiko offers a perfect gliding motion, while the most affordable watches are available with 21,600 vph.

All the watches are very brilliant according to their prices and qualities. You just need to check the quality of the sweeping second hand, which is rampant nowadays in the best watches. All choices are yours!

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