Best Square Watches For Women (Premium Picks in 2022)

Best Square Watches For Women: (2023 Guide & Reviews)

Watches of round faces are so popular that these watches can be found anywhere. There is no doubt that these watches are attractive and fashionable, but these are simple and dull. Those women who want to be an attractive personality like watches of square faces. Similarly, best Square Watches For Women demand is increasing day by day.

Surely, the square watch has been famous during the previous century. These are fashion accessories. Nowadays, people like sharp lines and right angles of the square watches.

Therefore, watch designers are rediscovering the designs which were famous in the 20h century.

When comes the question of fashion, then the smooth lines of a square become attractive. It’s clear, the right angles in the art and architecture show the rigidity. We need the right angles in our rooms and buildings. On the other hand, watches need curves and rounded shapes.

Following best square watches will help a lot in the next decade. Consider these and then choose whichever you like.

Which Is The Best Square Watches For Women?

Here we have some Best Square Watches For Women those better and comes with the latest features. These can help to read the time easily. Also, the square dial is very best for women because they enhance the beauty of your hand. So we discuss below in detail.

20- Casio Ladies Square Wristwatch (LTP-V007L-9EVDF)

This Casio ladies Square watch is very attractive. It includes a leather band, a mineral glass, Analog, chrome-plated case and bezel. Its case size is 20m. Watch is water-resistant to 30m. Don’t worry, it can afford the minor splashes.

19- Shinola The Guardian Quartz Movement Black dial Ladies Watch (S0120161935)

Tom Kartsotis was the person who founded the Shinola company in America. This company also make bicycle and goods. This Shinola, The Guardian Quartz Movement Black dial, is a 36mm Square watch named after a building in Detroit. The Moon Bean series inspired this brand in America.

This watch includes the Stainless Steel case with leather straps and sleek black enamel dial with a single curve sapphire crystal. Arabic and index markers are used in the watch, and the date window is at 6 o’clock. 

18- Tag Heuer Monaco Brown Diamond Dial Ladies Leather Watch (WAW131E. FC6420)

If you want s dress watch, then it’s the best option which will favour you a lot. This watch uses a Brown leather strap and silver-tone polished Stainless Steel case. There are a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and a size of 36mm. It is water-resistant up to 100m.

There is a combination of diamond and index numeral markers. Watch uses a dial of brown colour and hands of gold-tone colour. For men, it’s very attractive to use a watch with large size of the dial. This watch has a large size, so this can be used for men as well.

17- Longines Heritage 1968 Automatic Gray Dial Ladies Watch (L2.

This Longines Heritage 1968 Automatic Gray Dial Ladies Watch is very attractive with an elegant style. You will be surprised to know that this watch uses a Stainless Steel, bezel, and simple leather strap.

As its name suggests that its dial colour is grey with silver-tone hands and Roman numeral markers. One who looks at first glance might miss that the minute hands are fixed at the outer rim.

As the date window makes the watch an attractive piece of accessories. In this watch, the date window is fixed between 4 O’clock and 5 O’clock.

16- Baume and Mercier Women’s 8568 Diamant Square Watch

Baume and Mercier Women’s 8568 Diamant Square Watch is an attractive and elegant from the whole list. It is a very trusted watch.

Like other models, this watch has a Stainless Steel case and a silver Sunray dial. You will be stunned by knowing that there is also a combination of Arabic and Stick Indices.

It is also water-resistant up to 30m, and the silver Dauphin is used in the hands. As it is the quality of most of the watches, the date window is fixed at 6 o’clock.

The best quality is that it also uses the Swiss Quartz movement and is of size 22m. Due to its small size, it is useful for most people. It looks best on the small wrists. If you want to buy an attractive and trusted watch, then it’s the best option.

This company is working effectively since the 1830s, which means that you will get good quality and enjoy it.

15- GUESS Women’s Digital Silicone Watch

It is for those who want to buy an attractive watch at an affordable price. With fashionable clothes, this adds much more colour to the personality. This GUESS Women’s Digital Silicone Watch includes a Stainless Steel case, a white digital dial, and a stain-resistant strap.

Some features like chronograph and day/date indicators make it attractive. It is water-resistant up to 10m.

14- SEIKO Lukia Ladies Square Watch (SSVW097)

SEIKO Lukia Ladies Square Watch is a 26mm square watch that can be worn on every occasion but not on formal occasions. It is for $420 with a Stainless Steel, a perpetual calendar till 2100, and sapphire glass. It is also a radio-controlled.

The Roman’s and Stick Indices are used in the numerals. The watch is water-resistant up to 100m and is solar-powered. The date window is fixed at 3 o’clock.

13- Nixon Women’s K Squared Analog Display Watch 

Nixon Women’s K Squared Analog Display Watch 

This Nixon Women’s K Squared Analog Display Watch uses an Analog display with stick numerals and hour, minute, and second hands. It is a 32mm watch with an original leather band with buckle closure.

There are some blue accents in the window, and the watch is 5m water-resistant. It uses Stainless Steel.

12- Michele Women’s Deco Sports Navy Silicone Watch

Michele Women’s Deco Sports Navy Silicone Watch uses Swiss movement and sapphire crystal with water-resistant up-to 50m. There is a 36mm three-hand Analog.

The square case uses a yellow gold-tone colour and a silicone strap. You will be known that the indices are luminous and the date window is fixed at 6 o’clock.

In the same way, we have the latest post about sports watches those better for you. Even they have many sports smartwatches those come with smart features like it connects your smartphone via wireless or Bluetooth.

Michele is a special brand for women.

11- Tissot Women’s Trend Happy Chic Stainless Steel Women’s watch (T34.309.11.053.00 T) 

Steel Women’s watch is trusted. You are in good hands if you follow this brand. This Tissot Women’s Trend Happy Chic uses quartz movement with a Stainless Steel case and sapphire crystal.

It is a water-resistant up-to 30m. Also, It is a 29mm watch with Roman’s and Stick Indices. An hour and minute hands are also used in it. A push-button is also used with Stainless Steel strap. There is a simple “Tissot 1853” which is placed at 12 o’clock.

10- Bulova Women’s Future Diamond-Accent Square Bracelet Watch

The usage of diamond accents makes it perfect for formal and casual occasions. It is a rectangular watch that uses a Stainless Steel case and a metallic blue dial.

These qualities make the indices more attractive and fashionable. Futuro is such a brand that has watches for both men and women.

09- Movoda Women’s 0606472 Linio Two-tone Black dial Bangle Watch

Due to its signature museum for design, it is famous. Those who are looking for a unique style, this is enough if ghosts good for then. This watch uses a Swiss quartz movement with a two-tone silver and gold jewellery clasp.

It includes the 18mm case with a black dial. It doesn’t use hour marks but only a dot at 12 o’clock.

08- Timex Women’s Elevated Classics square two-tone watch (T2P376)

It is by an American watchmaker. Watch is very attractive, which can be worn in both casual and formal occasions. This Timex Women T2P376 is made up of two-tone stainless steel with gold-tone hands and markers.

A mineral crystal dial window is also used in it. With quartz movement, this 28mm Analog watch has inspired many viewers on Amazon. Most of the people liked it’s the price.

07- Citizen Women’s Eco-Drive Gold-tone Chandler Strap Watch

The Japanese company, the Citizen, is known for its revolutionary Eco-Drive technology. Due to its quality of running after being charged by any light source, it can work for a long time. This then best option for those who want durable watches.

This Citizen Women’s Eco-Drive Goldtone watch us classic and of 23.5mm. It is water-resistant up to 30m. This watch is very attractive due to its tank style. It includes a brown leather strap and gold-tone Stainless Steel case.

06- MVMT Signature Square

This brand is becoming famous. This watch is sailed online through social media. It’s a watch of 24mm, which includes a polished Stainless Steel case. The blue colour of the dial highlights the silver hands. The small dial looks very elegant.

05- Timex Women’s TW2R89600 Meriden Square Dial 

This Timex Women’s TW2R89600 is an attractive design of the brand. It includes a two-tone dial and Arabic Numerals. The straps are of brown or black colours. There is a brass case, and the watch is 30m water-resistant.

04- Citizen Women’s Eco-Drive Gold-tone Silhouette Crystal Watch (FD1042-57D) 

Citizen Women’s Eco-Drive Gold-tone Silhouette Crystal Watch (FD1042-57D) is 32m water-resistant with a Japanese quartz movement. There is a pearl dial on the Gold-tone Stainless Steel.

The bezel is made up of Swarovski crystals. Watch consists of day/date indicators and luminous hour and minute hands. Watch is 30m water-resistant with Eco-Drive technology.

03- Swatch White Barrette Ladies Watch (SUBK151G) 

Swatch White Barrette Ladies Watch (SUBK151G) is available at affordable prices. If you are looking for a good watch at an affordable price, this is the best model. It includes 32m case and Stainless Steel strap. It is 30 water-resistant with a mineral Crystal.

The watch is with quartz movement and a transparent plastic case. I sized the silver-toned colour on the hand, and there are markers on the 12, 3,6,9 O’clock. The movement can also be checked from the transparent back.

02- Hamilton Jazz master Square Women’s Quartz Watch (H32251135)

This watch is very simple and attractive, made by the company which was founded in 1892. You can see that this is the best from the Jazz master line. This watch uses Swiss quartz movement and is of 29mm case.

There are Stainless Steel case, anti-reflective sapphire crystal, and battery for the running of this watch. It gives the water-resistance up-to 50m

01- Rado DiaStar Anatom Watch (R10399759)

Those who are looking to invest in this is the best option. From the Rado Brand, the DiaStar Anatom watch is best with 18k gold accents and diamond markers.

This 19mm watch is water-resistant up to 30m. It is a Swiss-made watch with hour and minute hands. There are scratch-resistant hard metal and black case.

Best Square Watches – FAQs

Whats a good square watches for women?

Casio, Nixon, Seiko and Bulova are the most famous and best square watches for women. They have many latest features and comes with a square dial. The dial is very luminous and elegant. So these are beneficial for women.

Why women wear a watch?

A watch is a basic part of your body because it enhances the dressing look. Also, women can wear for any party, occasion, and outdoor activities. These can beneficial for women if they use carefully. Many kinds of women watch in the world such as the nurse watches.

What’s Square Watches best For Women?

Yes, women can wear square watches because it can help to read time very clearly. The square dial is very large and luminous, that’s why it’s elegant your hand and best for you. These come With square dial and comfortable straps.


There is no doubt that watches of round faces are also famous, but square watches are becoming best among various designs. The qualities like bezel, Stainless Steel Case, and water resistance make these watches amazing and influential.

The most important quality is “Date Window.” There are minutes and hours of hands, which make a big impact. Overall these watches are good for women. One reason for their use for women is that these have small dials that are suitable for women. So the quality is wonderful, but the choice is yours! 

If you want to more review about best square watches for women then pleases comment in the box. I will add reviews in our post. Thanks for reading my post!

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