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How to Remove Scratches from Watch | Step by Step Guidelines

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Do you want to remove scratches from the watch? All the scuffs on your timepiece are very disappointing. This issue is very ubiquitous in recent times, and in the end, we decide to buy a new watch or replace it with any other watch.

But you must bear in mind that replacing a glass can be costly and time-consuming. Moreover, you do not need to worry about these scratches, because we have some solutions to remove these scratches.

Do you know these solutions? In this article, we are going to explain to you these solutions and these solutions will be helpful for you in removing the scratches.

There is no doubt that with these solutions you can remove all the scratches very easily. No need will be required to replace the horologe glass. By following these methods, you will be able to fix even deep scrapes at your home. Now, what are those methods? Let’s discuss those methods.

How to Fix Scratches on Watch?

How to Fix Scratches on Watch
Credit: How to Remove Scratches from Watch Glass

1) Using Toothpaste

This is an easy and effective method to remove scratches from the watch. Many hacks are there of toothpaste to solve daily issues. With the presence of tiny particles in the toothpaste, these particles will “sand” the surface of our teeth.

In the same way, this will also help you in the sand and fixing minor scrapes on your timepiece. For this task, non-gel toothpaste can be used. You have to mix baking soda with the toothpaste if your timepiece has deep scrapes.

Here is the step by step guide to using this method.

  • First, keep your horologe under a bright LED light.
  • Then put a small amount of toothpaste to the scuff
  • Rub it carefully for a while with a cotton ball or a clean & soft cloth
  • You can use masking tape to prevent damage to bezels.
  • Use a cotton bud to reach inside grooves.
  • Wait for some time to remove the toothpaste.
  • Use a soft cotton cloth and remove toothpaste in circular a polishing motion.

By following these steps, you can fix minor scrapes. However, with this method, you can hardly cover deep scrapes. But you can try baking soda, and if it does not work then you can go for another option.

2) Diamond Paste

This method can be tried, if the Toothpaste does not work. This Diamond Paste can be purchased from any DIY store or online store. There will be required a very small amount of 3-micron paste and 2.5-micron paste to remove scratches on watch glass.

First, you have to apply 3-microns paste on a soft cotton cloth. Then rub it in a circular form untill the paste is gone. But, you have to make sure the rubbing smoothly. If people have a crystal horologe, then they can follow the same steps.

Nonetheless, you have to apply 6-micron paste in the glass and use a hand-held Dremel tool for better results. Some other products are also available in the market to remove scrapes.

3) Polishing Cloths

This is the best method to remove deep scrapes. These types of materials are mostly used by jewellery stores to polish jewellery. This cloth can be purchased from a jewellery store or online suppliers.

Any pioneer or shine polishing cloths can be used to fix scuff. These clothes come with a double layer. The inner layer has red polishing powder. The outer layer can be used for the final polish on the scrapes. These cloths are also helpful for deep scrapes.

People can purchase them from drug or hardware store. Those who have gold horologe can use this method to remove scrapes from timepiece. However, frequent polishing can damage your timepiece as well. This method is best for once in two or three weeks. This method can also be used to remove scrapes from metal.

4) Scratch Cleaner Pastes

These are available in the market easily. By using these pastes, you can remove scrapes. It can also be a powder. There is a light abrasive in both the scraper cleaner paste and powder. You can apply these pastes with a soft cleaning cloth.

If there is a power cleaner, then you have to mix it with water to make it paste type scrape cleaner. People can follow the steps mentioned for toothpaste.

There must be a masking tape which will help in preventing damage to the rest part of your horologe. Do not apply a large amount of paste.

Microfiber cloths can be used to rub scrapes smoothly. Wait for few minutes, then the scrapes will disappear and now clean the paste with a microfiber cloth.

5) Budding Method

It is a difficult and time-keeping process. There is the use of rotary machines like an electric drill, grinder machines, and others. Grinder machines are useful to remove a scrape or polish any material.

There is wool on both sides of the grinder machine. It will polish the surface as a drill rotates it. If there is not enough knowledge about the buffing machine, then we do not recommend this method.

This method can be tried on less necessary products. After understanding all things, you can use it to your timepiece. There are some safety measures that must be kept in mind while applying this method.

You have to use painter’s tape to cover bezels and case. While using a grinder machine, it is better to remove bezels and cases. Safety goggles can also be used to keep your eyes safe. You have to take your timepiece near the grinder machine and start the grinder machine with light-to-medium speed.

Keep moving your timepiece to buff all over the glass. Keep checking frequently to know that whether you are doing correctly or not.

You have to bear in mind that this is a very complicated and complex method. You should use this method when the other methods are not working effectively.

How to Protect Watches from Scratches

You have heard that “Prevention is better than cure”. It is better to keep your watch safe than using these methods. By using the below-given 10 tips, you can avoid scrapes on your timepiece.

  • Wear a timepiece after you completely dressed up. It will avoid scuffing while you are wearing or adjusting your dress.
  • Do not wear bracelets and watches on the one hand. Jewelry can cause scrapes on glass. However, you can wear soft bracelets made of cotton.
  • Take off your timepiece while you are playing or climbing mountains. It can cause damage to your timepiece. However, you can wear cheap bands.
  • Do not use lotions and fragrance as it can also cause minor scuffs on your timepiece.
  • Frequently clean your timepiece with a soft toothbrush. It is good to get rid of debris and small particles stuck in straps.
  • Do not wear your timepiece while you are sleeping, exercising, or gardening. It can also cause deep scratches on the watch glass.
  • Keep your timepiece in the original box. Boxes are made only to store watches.
  • Do not keep the timepiece on a metal surface.
  • Do not let your timepiece rest on electronic items or near magnets. It is fine if you have an anti-magnetic timepiece.
  • Keep your timepiece away from extreme temperatures. The temperature should not be warmer than 60°C or colder than 32°C.

How to Remove Scrapes from Crystal Watch Face

By following these methods, it is easy to remove the scrape from crystal glasses. But you must bear in mind that there are three types of crystal watches in the market. All the crystals have different methods to remove the scrapes.

Now, let’s discuss three types of crystal glasses.

1) Remove Scrapes from Acrylic Crystal Glasses

The best thing about an acrylic crystal is that it is cheap than other types of crystals. It is also easy to remove scraches from acrylic crystal glass. Polishing cloths and scrape cleaner paste can be used for acrylic crystal glass.

The acrylic is the oldest crystal. The best thing is that the acrylic crystal can scrape easily. Acrylic crystals are made from plastic-type material, so these are lightweight and more durable than ordinary glass or plastic.

Steps to remove scrapes from acrylic crystals:

  • Remove the crystal from the timepiece to avoid damage. If you cannot remove it, then use painter’s tape to cover bezels.
  • Apply a scratch cleaner paste and rub it over the crystal glass.
  • If you are using polishing cloths, then rub its outer layer on the scrapes.
  • After some time, remove the paste, and scrapes will disappear.
  • If you cannot get results, then repeat this process if necessary.

2) Remove Scrapes from Mineral Crystal Glasses

This is the hardest material available in the market. It is cheaper than sapphire crystal. By using a buffing machine, you can easily fix scrapes on the mineral crystals. You need to frequently polish this crystal to avoid scrapes. You can follow the buffing method for this crystal.

These are basically average quality timepieces. It is expensive than acrylic glass. however, there are low chances of repairing mineral crystal glasses. If the buffing method is not expeditious, then you have to replace the mineral crystal.

3) Remove Scrapes from Sapphire Crystal Glasses

These crystals are more expensive and durable than other materials. This will not get scratches easily. It can only get scratches, when you are careless. Some glasses are available at over 1000 dollars. By using the diamond paste method, the scrapes can be removed. You can also use a 6-inch paste to remove scrapes.

But there are some drawbacks of this glass. It is very hard to produce a large quantity of sapphire crystal glass. There are also some environmental issue to melt sapphire. Although it is a perfect choice, but its price is much higher than the others. Same steps for Acrylic Crystals can be used to fix scrapes on sapphire crystal glasses.


We have tried our best to explain you some basic methods to remove the scrapes from the timepieces. All the methods are efficient according to their uses.

There are different kinds of crystals and all the crystals use different methods to remove scrapes. You have to be very careful while applying the methods. All you need to do is not to be a careless person while using timepieces.

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