12 Best Dive Watches Under 500 Dollars (Budget to Expensive)

12 Best Dive Watches Under 500 Dollars (Budget to Expensive)

If you are searching for a new dive watches under your budget of $500?.This guide provides the best dive watches under 500 dollars. These dive watches best for divers.

As a diver, these watches can help them know how long they have been underwater, even it can withstand high water pressure. It is one of the best stylish watch and choice it’s for you.

These are the perfect blend between least and complex timepiece. It’s manufactured from a high material for maximum performance.

The watches under 500 dollars have many latest feature including unidirectional bezels, screw-down crowns, water-resistant depth ratings above 150 meters and excellent readability.

So, check our handcrafted list of reasonable dive watches, hopefully, You will benefit from our list. We have provided a new list for water classification those from the highest to the lowest rated being 200 meters.

Best Dive Watches Under 500 Dollars

We have a few 1000M water-resistant best dive watches under 500 dollars those better for divers underwater. A diver can easily measure the time without any difficulty. So these are the best models that we discuss below in detail.

12- Neymar Men’s 1000m Diver Watch

Neymar Men’s 1000m Diver Watch

  • Ideal for male and female divers
  • Has an auto Helium release valve
  • Able to readable in the dark
  • Comes with a sturdy and attractive case
  • Comes with a poor warranty policy
  • The dial is heavy on the wrist

If you are searching for a dives watches with the latest touch added to it, Neymar Men’s 1000m Diver Watch is especially for you as a diver. Even, it can withstand a deep dive of up to 1000 meter which a huge rating for a diver.

So, this model can withstand high pressure underwater since it has a Helium escape valve feature. It is perfect for recreational and professional divers.

Also, it has a scratch-resistant sapphire glass feature. This model comes with many latest styles and coloured to pick from your choice. Although, this model comes with a gold/blue colour that is perfect for female divers.  

It makes from a pure material, comes with a solid 316L stainless steel case. The watch dial very lumed because it is bright and legible at night. Although not well known like the Seiko but better for your according to your price range.

This model has a great dial and shows the numbers and markers on the bezel.

11- Tauchmeister 1000M Dive Watch

Tauchmeister 1000M Dive Watch

  • It has a Helium release valve feature
  • Has an outstanding and sturdy look
  • Great for outing
  • You do not feel a heavy underwater
  • Comes with a poor warranty policy
  • It has needed a constant weekly reset

Let’s start from our first dive watch, Tauchmeister 1000M Dive Watch comes with a great seal and fit. It’s a unique design which fits every outdoor lifestyle.

The timepiece strap made from Polyurethane which dries off quickly. It’s very comfortable for wrist since the strap it like a rubber.

It comes with a scratch-resistant sapphire dial, even it’s perfect for divers for depths as deep as 1000 meters.

While some consumers who bought it doubt how water-resistant it can be although it is the best timepiece for divers according to price range.

10- Phoibos Men’s PX005C 1000M Dive Watch

Phoibos Men’s PX005C 1000M Dive Watch

  • Comfortable on wrist
  • It’s come with a sapphire crystal
  • The dial is bright for easy to readability
  • Has a stainless steel case
  • The battery doesn’t last long

This dive model can withstand every demanding condition related to deep diving. It’s Designed for every kind of water sports and deep diving.

This timepiece has many latest features a 1000 meters water-resistance rating, a screw-down crown, a 120 click unidirectional bezel and a helium release valve.

Even, Phoibos men’s dive watch comes with rubber strap those are comfortable for your wrist. The dial crystal is sapphire that is used in luxuries watches.

The main features of this timepiece are run from according to Swiss quartz movement that keeps accurate time. If you are want to use a NATO strap this timepiece is better for a casual outing.

300M water-resistant Best dive watches under $500

As a diver, if you are searching for a 300M water-resistant Best dive watches under $500 then these are for you. Even these are beneficial underwater for you. So that you can easily measure the time. These are comfortable for you and easy to use that’s why we discuss below in the detail.

09- Tissot Men’s Seastar 1000 Powermatic

Tissot Men’s Seastar 1000 Powermatic

  • It keeps accurate time
  • Has a long power reserve
  • It’s a full waterproofed and durable
  • Very small wrist strap(Not best for large wrist)

The blue sunray face of this watch makes it beautiful for an outing and casual. It is specially designed for divers with diving features.

It has a blue dial face feature that makes better for diver because it shows the all numerical and markers on the dial with a high resolution. Also, It has a date display at the 6 o’clock position and dial ring feature.

If you are searching for the best dive watches with a sapphire crystal dial then it stylish watch for you.

The best automatic divers under 500 dollars have a power reserve of up to 80 hours it means you can use for last long that keeps accurate time. In the same way, it is best for all water sports.

08- Deep Blue Master 1000 Automatic Diver

Deep Blue Master 1000 Automatic Diver

  • Made from pure material
  • Comes with red and blue accents
  • Less water resistance rating

Deep Blue Master is specially designed for professional divers because it is a robust and dependable dive watch.

While these watches may not be comparable to best luxuries dive watches because they are functional and affordable.

It comes with both red and blue accents and has a lot of features screw-down stainless steel crown and a screw-down case back.

Even it has a date display at the 3 o’clock position feature, it enhances the legibility underwater. It comes with a great and unique dial that makes better from other brands.

07- Phoibos Men’s PX002C Dive Watch

Phoibos Men’s PX002C Dive Watch

  • Made from stainless steel quality
  • It bezel lines up perfectly
  • It is An affordable dive watch
  • Good quality strap
  • Aluminium bezel scratches easily

The looks of this dives watch are the same as a luxury watches Although it’s valued under $500. It’s made from a pure material and comes with all top-notch features at a reasonable price tag.

It comes with an anti-corrosive grade 316L stainless steel case, even it has a sapphire crystal on the dial which makes it so expensive looks.

In the same way, the timepiece strap is very soft and comfortable for your wrist, even it is adjustable to fit your wrist. It comes with a date display at the 3 o’clock position feature.

200M water-resistant best dive watches under 500 Dollars

In the same way, we have 200M water-resistant best dive watches under 500 Dollars those need for everyone underwater. It’s water-resistant and comes with many latest feature that will beneficial underwater for you. Let’s see know in detail.

06- Victorinox I.N.O.X. Pro Diver Watch

Victorinox I.N.O.X. Pro Diver Watch

  • Comes with INOX features
  • Keeps accurate time
  • perfect solid clicking bezel
  • Outstanding lume
  • The bezel doesn’t align with the markers

The Victorinox is well known for making watches for construction workers, explorers, divers, etc, Since it can withstand extreme temperatures, high pressures, and vibrations. Even it is a water-resistant up to 200-meters.

It has many newcomers features a screw-down crown, and a screw-down case back, and anti-reflective scratch-resistant sapphire crystal dial window that is very important for every watch.

Similarly, it comes with an attachable bumper to protect the case and magnify the dial because these feature best for divers. It increases the readability of time in the underwater since come with luminescent hands and markers.

05- Luminox Men’s 3001 Dive Watch

Luminox Men’s 3001 Dive Watch

  • Durable and best performance
  • has a self-powered illumination system feature
  • Available at affordable price
  • Its design fits for female divers
  • The straps are not well designed

If you are finding the best dive watch under $500 built for waterborne soldiers, here this model is for you. It especially made for the Navy SEALs, this watch is best for you and available at the affordable price range with resilient and functional features.

It has a feature of a water-resistant 200 meters, a screw-down case back and a double resistant gasket crown.

Even it can withstand high pressure underwater and the watch dial comes with a scratch-resistant mineral crystal. So, it is the best affordable watch made for the Nacy.

04- Glycine Men’s Combat Sub GL0081

Glycine Men’s Combat Sub GL0081

  • Has a sapphire crystal dial
  • Very affordable
  • Comfortable for your wrist
  • Not a perfect for a large wrist

Glycine Combat Sub is a good dive watch that’s why we can’t end our review without mentioning this watch because it is best for casual outfits.

It’s designed very unique and comes with a stunning blue dial. It is a fully waterproofed and comes with a screw-down crown and screw-down case back features, Even it is water-resistant up to 200 meters.

Also, it’s visible very bright underwater because it has luminescent hands and markers. If you want to use the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal dial watch, here you have it.

03- Seiko Men’s Prospex Diver Watch

Seiko Men’s Prospex Diver Watch

  • It’s a unique and attractive design
  • Certified watch from a PADI
  • Perfect for a large wrist
  • Has a Lacks a sapphire crystal

The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) this watch designed, it is a combination of red and blue in its design feature.

A Hardlex crystal feature that protects from eventual scratches. Also, it is a 200-meter water-resistant timepiece those better for divers according to your price range.

This model comes with a screw-down crown and screw-down case back. Even, it comes with a big dial which causes you can easily read the date and day of the week from 3 o’clock position.

In the same way, we have the latest post about best Seiko watches those better for you. I will hope this post completes your all queries without wasting time.

02- Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Promaster Diver Watch

Citizen Men’s Eco

  • It’s lume very bright
  • Powered by solar
  • Keeps accurate time
  • Fit for a smaller wrist
  • It lacks a sapphire crystal

The Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Promaster is matching from your casual attire and best for an outing.

It’s powered by solar, it has a unique feature that better for diver because it runs for lasts longer.

Many features include a unidirectional bezel with a luminescent pip at the 12 o’clock position which important for every person. Also, it enhances the power of readability that’s why it includes hands and markers are very bright.

It has many latest features a screw-down crown and screw-down case back, even it’s a fully waterproof watch.

The Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive timepiece comes with Polyurethane straps which is very great strap because it dries off quickly and it’s a durable strap. With different features, it comes with a date window at the 5 o’clock position.

It is scratch-resistant that is better from acrylic crystals. So it is the best quartz dive watch you have the biggest opportunity to pick up at the lowest price.

01- Orient Men’s ‘Ray II’ Diving Watch

Orient Men’s ‘Ray II’ Diving Watch’

  • Has a hacking feature
  • Comfortable for your wrist
  • Perfect for a smaller wrist
  • Has a Lacks of sapphire crystal

It is one of the best cheap dive watches you can purchase at an affordable price with a famous brand.

This Orient Men’s automatic watch comes with hacking and hand-winding capabilities. It means this feature allows you to keep the watch precise yo he atomic clock.

It has latest features a 120 click unidirectional bezel, luminescent hands and hour markers and a scratch-resistant mineral crystal, these features make better from other brands models.

How to Choose  the Best Dive Watches { Buying Guide }

When divers go underwater, they need dive clocks. Similarly, we can say that dive watches are part of the body of divers since it also comes with some specific features.

Make sure you review best dive watches under $500 when shopping.

Water Resistance

The main quality for a dive watches has to be water-resistant to survive underwater. Consequently, If you need a watch that withstands the high water pressure. So you should use the water-resistant to at least 200 meters.

The reason our reviews, do not includes the water-resistance watches less than 200 meters, we know that for a diver need a water resistance watch at least 200 meters. So, these watches are highly resistant, hopefully, It will be very useful for you.


Most of the time the dive timepieces are used as casual watches, that’s why the size is very important.

For every smaller and large wrist, these timepiece comes with every size choose a case size suitable for you. You can choose the comfortable watches those looks better on your wrist.

Screw-down crown and a screw-down case

Most of the watches come with a screw-down crown and a screw-down case features since it best for every dive timepiece. Even This helps prevent water from entering the dial.

When the crown locks, a screw-down crown enable and creates a seal and prevents water from getting to the dial.

If you need to adjust the date and/or time on a timepiece with a function of a screw-down crown then only you unscrew Then fix the time.

When you adjust the date and time, push it back in and screw again. Finally, it Protects your watch from the water.

A unidirectional watch bezel

It is the most important feature of every timepiece since it can help measure time their diving time. 

It is unidirectional because it can rotate in the counter-clockwise direction. When divers go underwater and do not know the right way, then need a bezel for finding the right direction.

A legible watch dial

If you want to track of the time you spend underwater when you go deep then use best dive watches. Legible watch dial and bezel are the most important feature, also comes with a watch.

A well-lumed diver watch will able to read the time easily underwater. So it has a dazzling dial in the dark.


When considering these dive watches check out its durability, To ensure that these timepieces are certified from ISO.

In certified these conditions include that it must be anti-magnetic, shock resistant and resistant because these feature very important for divers.

Also, ensure that it has a sapphire crystal on the dial, This prevents water from getting to the dial. Even it is scratch-resistant and enhance its durability.

Best Watches for Divers- FAQs

What watch do professional divers wear?

From years, professional divers use the Omega’s Seamaster Diver 300 series because most of the divers belong to the North Sea hail from the UK.

Do divers actually use dive watches?

In the 1970s and 1980s, professionals wore these watches because Scuba diving was an easy way to measure downtime. Consequently, dive watches demand increasing day by day. The divers wear these watches as a symbol.

What is the point of a dive watch?

The dive watches are designed to fulfil a purpose. The divers had to be reminded that they had to go back into the water when there were no divers computers. In fact, divers watches are not used commonly in the past. So, as a diver, we need a watch that tracks your time spent underwater.


Like every other water sport, diving is an enjoyable sport. Going deep requires that you take a dive watch for some decision underwater because it can help in every taking decisions.

However, these are the best inexpensive dive watches you can search on the markets, even you can easily choose the best dive watches under 500 dollars from our list.

If you are using the top dive watches, Share your experience with us, In the comment section tell me if you need more reviews of watches.

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