Why Do People Wear Watches Upside Down - Complete Guide

Why Do People Wear Watches Upside Down – Complete Guide

A watch is a vital accessory for all men and women. It has become mandatory regarding fashion in the present times. We can say that it is basically a symbol of the current fashion and people like to wear it.

Many people wear such watches which are very expensive and elegant, and due to this reason they tend to show their current status through this product.

It is a more iconic way to represent appearance, and people tend to use this style for expressing their personality.

Many people face only one common problem while wearing the watch and it is only the problem of their way of wearing it.

Some people tend to wear this product by making a face onto the top. It is concluded that by wearing a watch with the case turned down, people tend to use the watch for an extended period. This was a common practice among the individuals and people made this a normal behaviour with the passage of time. But none of us knows the reasons behind this behaviour.

Although, some people have fallen this trend of wearing the item upside down, but there are still some people who tend to use this style.

There are many different reasons behind this phenomenon, and this article is going to answer these queries.

Why Do People Wear Watches Upside Down?

Why Do People Wear Watches Upside Down

It has become a trend in the present times that people tend to use this style. They wear the item on their wrist facing upside down. This behaviour is very normal and this has not been changed for several years. But with the passage of time, this trend has not fallen but it has carried some good reasons with this behaviour.

Some people do not prefer this style of wearing but now they have been forced to wear in this way owing to some good reasons behind this behaviour. Some good reasons are the following:

1)To Be Away From Damage.

Most wristwatches are made in such a way that they are to be brought in a very stable environment. When people use this product in some harsh environment they there is a possibility of damaged and to be corrupt.

The best reason is that we move our hands in the entire day for different works. It is mandatory for the creators to use some more stable methods, and for the users, it is also necessary to find a solution fo this problem.

Due to this reason, users used this behaviour of wearing the watch. It does not mean that by wearing the watch in this way will protect it from a car accident, but it will be saved from the minor clashes that you face in the daily minor works.

It will guarantee minor accidents, and you will not be able to remember the accidents whenever you look at the watch. Wearing the product in this way will offer you relief from damages.

2) It makes your time reading more accessible.

Although it is a fact, but this reason quite seems strange. The easiest way to read the time is to wear it on the top of your wrist, but some people do not prefer wearing in this way. Some people might be doing job in which they have to keep their hands in a fix position, and whenever he/she will turn the hands to see the time, then they will be able to lose minutes too.

While working with tons of busy works and schedules, turning the hand will be difficult because it will waste their time. When the time is facing towards you, then you will feel easy and the time will not be wasted. Think of a shooter.

If the time is not facing towards him then it will be devastating for him. If he has the time upside down on his hand, then he will feel easy while doing his job.

3) It avoids reflection.

This cause is not very common among ordinary citizens. During battlefield, when the soldiers are fighting then the reflection can become a cause for the loss of their lives.

When there is a situation of reflection, then the focus of soldier might not be in the same direction and he might loss his life.

While wearing the watch upside down to face, then the sun is literally up from his above. Then there will be not any situations for reflections, and the soldiers will feel easy while fighting in the battlefield.

This reason is also common among ordinary citizens, even if you are not from the forces, because when you are driving then the reflection might blind you. After being blinded, you may lose your life in an accident.

What is the Correct Way to Wear a Watch?

Why Do People Wear Watches Upside Down

Wearing a watch on the left hand is a proper and good way of wearing a watch. This way is also good for attracting viewers.

Moreover, the clock should not be upside down, because it has become common behaviour among individuals. The item should be tight on your wrist, and its underside should also have to be exposed.

When a product has numbers on it, then the timekeeping has to be facing towards your face.

It must be kept in mind that the item must be tight for your wrist. And if this is not the situation, then it may look uglier and may fall. You must also have to flip the wrist at your back and put your arm towards it as if you are ready to read the time.

After this, you should feel comfortable. In this way, you will be able to find your product as an appropriate product.

Where should a Watch be Left or Right

There is a very simple rule for this problem. If you are such a person who uses left hand most then you should wear the watch on the right hand, and if you uses your right hand most then you should wear the watch on the left hand.

Less used hand is also called a non-dominant hand. A person should wear a watch on his non-dominant hand.

The basic reason behind wearing a watch on the non-dominant hand is very simple because it will save your watch from the basic damages that your hand may face, afterwards cause a problem for your watch.

The general idea is also to keep people more comfortable by making them wear watches in this way. Also, it depends on occasions, and sometimes this rule must be thrown away. Choice is yours!

Why does John Wick wear his watch upside down

John Wick has many fans following because of his individual style of wearing watches upside down. The basic reason behind this is that he wants to protect it from the damages which can be caused by some huge fights.

In the place where he holds a gun, watches’ reflections from its glass can also disturb his actions. Just because he wants to avoid any such damages, therefore he wears watch upside down.

The most interesting thing is that this upside-down theory is very common among soldiers. In the entire film, he is involved in a lot of fights and guerilla actions.

In the end, we can say that he wants to save his items from the damages and therefore he wears the watch upside down.

Why should you wear your Apple watch upside down

This product works very well whether you wear it on right or left wrist. How you can wear it is depended upon your choices and it has also some rotations on it. When you wear it on the inside, then there will not be any full functions of it.

The best thing about its products is that they all have microphone on the other side now, and microphone is not situated in the common places it had for years.

Moreover, the microphone will not touch your hand and will give you a benefit while using the microphone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question 1: Should you wear your Apple watch to bed?

Answer: It should not be worn during sleep hours, but you should make ensure that if you wear it during sleep then you activate its auto-sleep mode.

With activating this option, there will be an establishment of sensors while you are sleeping, and it can also monitor your movements and heart rates during sleep.

Question 2: Is it weird to wear a watch on right hand?

Answer: No. It must be on the less dominant hand. One who uses his right hand less frequently, then one can wear watch on the left hand. All you need to remember is that it all depends upon your choices. You are free to follow your own choices in this regard.

Question 3: Is it bad to wear a watch all the time?

Answer: It is a good habit to wash your hands frequently. If you wear the watch in the entire day then the specific part occupied by the watch will not be able to be washed. This situation can cause some infections. So, it is better that you should not wear it at your all-time in the day.

Question 4: What watch does Green Berets wear?

Answer: The most important choice of Green Berets is the G-Shock line. They also use Luminox, Seiko, and Timex to wear. It is also concluded that the military uses black Luminox Evo as the top consumer.

Question 5: Why do you wear your watch in the opposite hand?

Answer: Wearing the watch on the non-dominant hand makes you to read the time easily. It also makes you to do daily works easily.


From the different perspectives, it has been concluded that wearing a watch on whichever hand depends on the choice of every individual. It is not mandatory for all to wear the watch on a specific hand.

When someone is comfortable while wearing the watch on the right hand, then he can wear it on the right hand. In a nutshell, we can say that it all depends on the choice of every individual. Choice is yours!

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