Best Affordable Swiss Watch Brands in 2023 (Budget Brands)

By Emma Watson

When it comes to smart technology, style, display, power and affordability, Swiss-made watches are definitely talked about. While swiss is a high-rank brand in the world from which reason we discuss the best affordable Swiss watch brands that are very famous in every country.

In the same way, many brands are luxury and some are affordable but today we talk only affordable brands those will be beneficial for everyone. Read on to know more about affordable Swiss watch brands.

Best Affordable Swiss Watch Brands

In the world, Some are very important brands that will be really beneficial for both women and men. Swiss is on the same list. So we provide a list of affordable Swiss watch brands Which is very important for all of you to know.

13- Certina


The Certina brand is well known for making good quality watches in the region of European. In the smart age, peoples also, ask What watch brand is good according to material?. Certina brand is well perfect for you because it builds cheap, reliable, and robust timepieces.

In 1939, the Certina watch brand is launched in Grenchen, Switzerland and become a part of the Swiss Swatch Group.

In 1959, The brand introduced the DS (Double Security) concept which means it protects from shock. You can also say it is shock resistance and water-resistant.

From 1959, The company built the many timepieces models that will be beneficial for everyone.

12- Victorinox


In 1884, Karl Elsener opened a watch workshop at Schwyz, Switzerland. In the workshop, they create the functional knife and everything those Which will help the army in the war.

The workshop is well known as The Victorinox Swiss Army Knife.

After some years, when stainless steel was introduced, they launched the Victorinox brand name. At the same time, knives, watches and household items began to be made here.

Although the brand is basically launched for watches. Today, Victorinox is known for pure material made watches.

These are very functional, reliable, affordable, and long-lasting those are beneficial for everyone.

11- Breitling


In 1884, Breitling is Established by Leon Breitling that is well famous as a manufacturer of Swiss-made pilot watches. Also, it produces the best aviation watches with high precision, rigorously tested reliability and durability.

In the same way, Breitling is one of the affordable watch brands that offer uniques designs, durability and affordable price. It works like quartz and automatic movements.

Navitimer series is a famous watch from the brand. It has many watches those suitable for diving, sports, and dress. You can use for outdoor or indoor activities.

10- Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer has been manufacturing Swiss-made watches since 1860Edouard Heuer invented the Tag Heuer watch brand. This company produces the models according to your choices such as durable, reliable, eyewear, premium features and affordable price.

The brand is very popular because it designs many models and Fulfills your expectations. It’s perfect for ports, diving, dress, and casual activities which is a huge collection of this brand.

Also, must read the best affordable dress watches if you want to know.

09- Raymond Weil

Raymond Weil

Raymond Weil is well famous as Swiss-made watches. Since 1976, Raymond Weil company manufacturing the watches according to quartz movements. From which reason, it has become a famous Japan quartz watch brand.

Raymond Weil is a founder of this company. The company creates many designs and comes with luxurious looks but with affordable prices.

The famous brand offers a plethora of affordable Swiss-made watches for unisex. Although, all models work like quartz movements. Similarly, it manufactures automatic and mechanical watches. You must read Oris vs Raymond Weil watch comparison because you know that how to works mechanical watches works.

08- Oris


Oris is one of the best affordable watch brands in the world because it has worth more but comes with premium features. Since 1904, It’s manufacturing Swiss-made watches. Similarly, it is one of the best pocket watches in the industry.

During world war ll, Oris company makes many durable, reliable and affordable watches caught the attention of the German Army because these are very useful in war.

At the end of World war ll, the Swatch Group bought this company and take a high rank in the world.

Oris is well known for its Aquis and Big Crown Pilot collection. Also, Oris watches are suitable for formal occasions, sports, diving, and racing.

07- Alpina


Alpine began manufacturing in 1883 under the leadership of Gottlieb Hauser. It offers many durable, reliable, watches for sportsman, technicians, adventurers, and engineers.

The Alpine has been manufacturing the watches and focuses on anti-magnetic, anti-rust, shock-resistant and water-resistant features that are must for everyone.

Her collection includes Analog and smartwatches which comes with an affordable price range. Similarly, diver, pilot, and dress watches are also included in the same category those are best for every customer.

06- Mido


Mido is well known as a Swiss-made watches, Since 1918, the Mido company creates the watches with timeless designs and reliable functionalities. Similarly, it is a famous brand for durability, if you want to use the durable watches, we have the best durable watches those are better for you.

The Mido counts among the most luxury watches because all features are just like a premium watch. It’s not that you can’t buy it but comes according to your price range. These features make it better from other models.

Also, the well famous brand belongs to the ocean star collection such as sports and dress watches. Also, it offers the best dive watches.

They feel proud of our products, all models have the best features and affordable worth. You can easily wear and use for activities whether indoor or outdoor.

05- Movado


Since 1881, Movado has been manufacturing Swiss-made watches that’s the reason it’s become a most special affordable watch brand. This brand is very famous in the North American watch industry because it produces watches with Swiss quality and movements.

Movado is one of the best Museum Watch series because many models belong to their Museum series such as chronograph subdials. Likewise, you can easily read time, it has a lot of features such as luminous dial, comfortable straps and buttons.

04- Wenger


Wenger is a standard brand that is made from pure material and better known as swiss-made watches. Also, This company is part of the Victorinox group from which reason it can design knives, luggage, and watches.

Similarly, it is one of the affordable sports watch brand that is compatible with men and women customers. If you want to know about sports watches, See the latest post best sports watches, I hope it will be beneficial for you.

It works according to Swiss movements and made from stainless steel material. From which reason, it’s comfortable for your wrist. It has many colures which cause it beneficial for women. Also, see the best square watches and get the latest information about women choices.

03- Tissot


Since 1853s, Charles-Felicien invented the Tissot watch. The Tissot company design many unique, reliable, and affordable watches. Similarly, the company is situated in the base in Le Locle, Switzerland, and makes many models for its customers all over the world.

Tissot is well known for its bold design because of its dial very luminous and large. You can easily read the time day and night. Even, most of the models made from wood, stone, mother of pearl, and plastic. If you are searching for the best wooden watch brands, it’s best for you.

Although, Tissot is one of the affordable watch brands in the industry. Most of the watches made for sports events like the NBA, MotoGP, and Tour de France those are better for you.

02- Swatch

Best Affordable Swiss Watch Brands

You must have seen or heard the name Swatch in your life, It is a very famous brand in the industry. Since the 1983s, the company creates the watch models and well known as a Swiss-made watches.

Similarly, it makes many models according to the quartz mechanism from which reason also known as Japanese-made watches. To date, it is one of the best affordable Swiss watch brands in the market.

Swatch is well famous for eccentric and colourful designs those makes it better from other models. Most of the peoples also, ask, Are Swatch brand good? because they do not know the features of the Swatch brand.

The Swatch is best for you, it comes with affordable price and the main feature of this watch is best which is fashion. Similarly, you can wear for outdoor activities.

If you want to wear watches for outdoor activities, you must see the best hiking watches those will be beneficial for you.

01- LIV Watches

LIV Watches

LIV watches is a high rank in the watch industry. It is well known as a young swiss watch because produce a lot of timepiece models at an affordable price.

If we see his look, buttons and luminous dial, you won’t able to close your eyes. Also, it is very different from each other because it has many outstanding features and made from pure material.

Our point of view the LIV watch brand is perfect for the young generation because students want to wear the new watch regularly. And, it produces many unique designs for unisex from which reason, best for young. Click here to learn more about best watches for college students.

Best Affordable Swiss Watch Brands- FAQs

What are good Swiss watch brands?

Breitling, Oris, Tissot and Swatch are the good affordable watch brands. These are very beneficial for you because they have many unique features such as anti-magnetic, anti-rust, water-resistant, and shock-resistant. Also, these are comfortable for your wrist.

Why Swiss watch is the best?

The first reason is these watches are better quality and use the standard mechanism. All model made from handcrafted which of the reason it’s the price is very expensive but you can easily buy at an affordable price. The main reason is, you can use a watch for a lifetime.

Is Tissot a cheap brand?

Since 1853s, Tissot has been manufacturing the watches from great quality, while well known for made watches from the original material.

All model designs are exceptional and most of the watch enthusiasts say Tissot is an “affordable luxury” brand.

Is a Swiss watch worth the money?

From 1509 and 1530, Swiss watches have been dominant in the watch industry because they made from pure material. It’s mean can we say Is a Swiss watch worth the money?.

The answer is yes it does Since It has all the features that can be had in an expensive watch.

Why Swiss watches are famous?

The reason, why Swiss watches are famous, is quality, reliability, craftsmanship and philosophy. While, these made from original material such as 18K gold, titanium, and sapphire crystals. Also, you can say, these are very reliable, affordable, accurate, and comfortable.


The whole world knows and trusts Swiss-made watch for their reliability, affordability and quality because Also known as the largest watchmaker in the world. In Switzerland, it manufacturing all watches models both luxury and affordable Swiss watch brands for both men and women.

Also, Swiss comes with such beneficial features that will be beneficial for you such as anti-magnetic, anti-rust, water-resistant, and shock-resistant.

If you are searching for a reliable timepiece with durability and affordable price, Be sure to think about your Swiss-made watches. Similarly, If you are Satisfied with affordable swiss watch brand post, please comments in section box and share your brilliant thoughts.

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