Solar vs Kinetic Watch (Pros & Cons) – Which should you buy?

By Emma Watson

Nowadays technology is increasing day by day from which watch technologies have increased. when it comes to solar technology, Solar and kinetic watches are definitely talked about. That’s the reason today we talk about Solar vs Kinetic watch comparison.

First of all, let us tell you Solar and kinetic watches are both quartz watches that cause it does not need to replace the battery after a few years. It can be powered by any light source, whether outdoor or indoor. These watches work with different methods that are completely different from other watches. Let’s have a look and read more about solar vs kinetic watch.

Solar vs Kinetic Watch

First, we compare Solar vs Kinetic Watches those are better for you. These have many features such as power reserve, long-lasting, durability, and reliability. Also, some solar and kinetic pros and cons which will be discussed below in detail. Let’s start from solar watches.

History of Solar Watches

History of Solar Watches

In March 1968, inventor Roger Riehl invent the solar watch which is famous for the first version name. After four years, in 1972 a full production version, the ‘Synchronar‘, was launched.

At that time, the solar watch was considered a very unique thing because it can be powered from sunlight. Also, there is a cell under the dial those can stores power.

Oddly enough, The time displayed was on one side those available up until 2007. After this years the solar company design many different dials according to customer choice.

Later many advanced features were added to show the time such as the ability to saving daylight and automatically adjusting leap years date. also, it’s certified for diving up to 700 feet. These features make better from other models.

In 1976, solar company introduce of the Citizen Crystron whose dial was Analog. The Analog display shows the traditional because at that This was the era of Analog display. On the dial has a large array of four solar panels that enhance the beauty of the watch.

Since the 1968s, the Solar watches rank a high reputation in the watch industry. Even, nowadays solar watch demand is increasing more.

Solar Watches

Solar Watches

Solar watches are well known for powered by any light source, whether outdoor or indoor. Also, you can easily charge from incandescent or fluorescent bulbs.

Most of the peoples ask, are solar watches does work?. There is a cell under the dial those charge energy from sunlight. These can power reserve for almost six months(If you do not provide sunlight to your watch).

On the other hand, if you use regularly and charge daily so it lasts for almost 10 years (maybe even longer). In the same way, if you charge the watch more, its function turns on, those protect the battery to damage.

Pros and Cons of Solar Watches

  • It’s best for household use
  • Long power reserve
  • Can be charged through any light source
  • Low maintenance
  • Eco-friendly
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Easy to charge
  • Always charging
  • Slightly more expensive than quartz watches
  • No way to hand-wind

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History of Kinetic Watches

History of Kinetic Watches

In 1986, Japanese company Seiko unveiled the first kinetic watch at the Basel Fair trade show. After two years, in 1988, a first kinetic watch released in Germany, and in the same year, in japan watch was released as the name of Auto-Quartz.

Since the 1988s, the company made many watch designs for everyone such as firefighter watch and hiking watches. Due to these reasons, The company rank a high position in the world. Also, Seiko introduced the Kinetic brand name in 1991.

The company use pure material which causes its price range is very high. The maximum cost is $3,000, also have many affordable price range watches those are beneficial for you.

Kinetic Watches

Kinetic Watches

Kinetic watches are very famous in the watch industry because since 1986 this company creates a lot of latest designs for unisex. Also, The company is well known for making the latest designs.

The Kinetic watches are almost similar to automatic watches because it’s working method the same. The difference is that the automatic watches run from motion winds the mainspring.

On the other hand, the Kinetic watches have a storage capacitor those help to reserve power. Similarly, regular batteries do not need to recharge because the storage capacitors can be charged and lasts for longer.

In 1986, the Japanese watchmaker Seiko unveiled the first kinetic watch. There is a mechanical weight under the dial the use to run a small motor. Also, with the motor, a small capacitor attached those helps to provide power.

If you want to Charge regularly, you should wear them regularly because it reserves power for lasts longer but if you want to use for only special events then a kinetic watches may not be best for you.

Kinetic Watches Pros and Cons

  • Last longer
  • Reserve power
  • Lasts up to 6 months (maybe even longer)
  • Has a storage capacitor(can be charged)
  • If not worn for a long time, it will become flat

Solar vs Kinetic Watch- FAQs

Difference between Solar and Kinetic watches?

Solar watches can be powered by any light source, whether outdoor or indoor. On the other hand, the Kinetic watches have a rotor Which is charged by the movement of the wearer’s hand. That’s the biggest difference.

Are solar or kinetic watches better?

Yes, solar and kinetic watches both are quartz watches because it can be powered by any source of light. Even, both have a power reserve features those make it better from other watches. Also, it’s very comfortable for your hand, easy to wear and easy to use.

Is solar watch better than automatic?

The solar watches use the photocells to save power and generate those are very better for you. You can be powered by a source of light but on the other hand, the mechanical (automatic) watches have to run manually. Also, it is not best and accurate than quartz.

Are Kinetic watches any good?

Typically, the automatics and mechanical movements are better but the kinetic movements are most better than all models. If you have a kinetic watch then you would feel, it is very reliable, water-resistant, durable, and accurate. Our point of view it’s one of the best options for you.

Are solar watches worth it?

Solar-powered watches are best because they are almost always charging. Also, these can reserve power for longer. Power reserves come in handy when you don’t have any light source.

you may need to change the battery after 10 years (maybe even longer). You can easily use up to six months (If you do not provide sunlight to your watch).


If you are searching for eco-friendly, maintenance-free watches, Solar and kinetic watches are two famous choices for you. Both are last for longer and could not need to replace batteries.

These two types of watches are very beneficial for you (if you wear them regularly). Both are features, pros, and cons almost the same but the only difference is the mechanism (used to convert energy into power).

If you have received some good information from our solar vs kinetic watches, you must tell me in the comment box. Your one review will be very helpful for me.

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