Best Watches for Police Officers: (2024 Guide & Reviews)

by Emma Watson

Best Watches for Police Officers: (2024 Guide & Reviews)

There are many professions in our world that give us a lot of courage and one of these professions is the police profession. Almost 24/7 they work and Protect us and our country. From which reason the best watches for police and Law Enforcement Officers are very important for seeing time.

As a police officer and law enforcement officers, Choose a watch that is not falling apart quickly nor damage. In this article, we review the best watches for police and law enforcement officers. Also, We will also tell you how to buy it.

Typically, police officers use the Casio G-Shock watches because these are water and shock-resistant. Below we review some alternative watches for police officers. Also, we review their pros and cons, and advanced features. Without wasting time let’s start and get to it.

If you are talking about job-specific watch recommendations, Check the latest buying and guides on watches for paramedics, watches for firefighters, and best nurse watches. These are very important for you to know.

What Are The Best Watches for Police Officers?

Let’s discover what are the best watches for police from the reviews below.

09- Casio Men’s G-Shock (GWM5610-1) – Best Police watch for small wrist

Casio Men’s G-Shock (GWM5610-1)

  • Several latest features
  • It is a Solar powered
  • Beneficial for smart wrist
  • Durable watch
  • Unique design
  • Not reliable for a large wrist
  • Can’t use Nato straps with this model

As the name suggests, this Casio Men’s G-Shock model is similar to the first g-shock model (DW-5000) made in 1983. It is a very lightweight model from which reason it is perfect for a police officer.

It is the Best G Shock Watches because all these features are similar to military watches.

If you are searching for the Best Watches for Cops, this lightweight is comfortable and better for you.

It has Syncs to the atomic timepiece those best for keeping accurate time. This is a solar-powered watch that comes with solar panels. This means don’t worry about change the battery.

Coming to the displays the day of the week on the dial options which is better for the night shift. Other many features of the model include a step counter, durable and affordable. These are better for you.

Similarly, it has a backlight that you can easily activate by pushing the button. Besides these features, it has a countdown timer, world time feature and 5 independent alarms.

One more thing that I forget to mention above, The Casio is water-resistant up to 200 meters ratings. From this reason, it is beneficial for hiking.

08- Invicta Pro Diver 23149 – Best Police watch for a large wrist

Invicta Pro Diver 23149

  • Suitable for divers
  • Best for a large wrist
  • Luminus dial
  • 300m of water resistance
  • Not Suitable for small wrist

Next, our pick is very famous in the market because of this model for those who prefer a more classic look. As the name suggests, It is the best dive watch.

This model has a large dial that allows to reads time in the dark.

This is a durable watch and comes with a durable case.

The case made from stainless steel, its water and shock-resistant.

Invicta’s water-resistant rating is up to 300m which is best for the diver. Also, you can use it for swimming.

07- Timex Men’s Expedition Classic (T48042)

Timex Men’s Expedition Classic (T48042)

  • Sleek design looks classy
  • Multi-gesture supporting Month, day & date calendar display on the dial.
  • Best for outdoor activities
  • Replace straps( if you don’t like)
  • Easily scratches on the dial

The T496619J Expedition Classic is durable and comes with leather straps and large dial. Traveling with it is very pretty easy due to the case back. The case is made from stainless steel. It is a very pretty and affordable and features an Indiglo backlight.

The dial window made from an acrylic crystal that protects from scratches. Sleek design along with the luminous display looks elegant. If you do not like the strap, you can change it. This is not compatible with the G-Shock Rangeman with all its features, but there is no issue because it is one of the best cheap police watches.

Timex Men’s Expedition Classic has many features among them a 100-hour chronograph with lap & split times, a countdown timer, 3 independent alarms and a stopwatch. Water and shock-resistant features used for extreme weather conditions.

The watch has the month, day & date calendar display on the dial that gives crisp design look. You can easily customize the timepiece time.

While this timepiece does not have all the features that other best watches for police officer and Law Enforcement officers, Still it comes with an affordable and crisp design.

06- Casio G-Shock Mudmaster Men’s Watch (GWG-1000-1AJF) –  Best G-Shock Watch For Police

Casio G-Shock Mudmaster

  • Powered by solar
  • Triple sensor
  • Has a sapphire crystal in many versions
  • The size is 56mm in diameter, can’t best for small wrist

Next up we have the Casio G-Shock Mudmaster which is, of course, is the latest model. Also, it is the best watch for police officers you can get with many features such as vibration-resistant, mud-resistant and triple sensors.

It is a triple-sensor ABC watch that allows you to use in every extreme weather condition. Also, the G-Shock Mudmaster has a solar panel that enhances battery life.

Since the G shock is a multi-band 6 model, it is one of the most useable watches for you.

You will also get high-brightness auto LED light that ensures high visibility in the dark. In the same way, with this model, you get more latest features such as metal buttons and a screw crown guard. It is well known as the Japanese model.

So, if you are searching for the best military police watches then we recommend for you.

05- Timex Expedition Grid Shock

Timex Expedition Grid Shock

  • Wide Display
  • Hydration alarm ( Best for sports activities)
  • Has an audible alarms
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Comes with Indiglo backlight
  • Lacks of a sapphire crystal display

Timex Expedition Grid Shock has a 35mm wide digital display that gives the crisp and amazing look. Timex is one of the Best Watches for Cops.

Furthermore, it features comfortable straps, and luminous dial, as well as made from stainless steel. All of these features are beneficial for your wrist.

Along with a 100-hour chronograph, 3 vibrating & audible alarms and 24-hour countdown timer enhance the beauty of your timepiece. In the same way, a hydration alarm includes whose purpose is to remind you to during. This is one of the best sport watches for men, during sport you must drink water for relaxation.

One more thing, Considering its wide display, the dial is luminous and time is very visible. Moreover, the dial is large in size than the other brands and support multi-dial which is better for police officer.

This timepiece feature is an Indiglo backlight that is better for police officers with swing or night shifts. Moreover, this is the best for outdoor activities. You must know about the best hiking watches that are beneficial for you.

04- Casio G-Shock Unisex Watch (GMAS130-1A) – Best watch for Female police officer

Casio G-Shock Unisex Watch (GMAS130-1A)

  • Premium quality construction
  • Super Analog display
  • Step count feature
  • Durable, reliable and affordable
  • Depends on battery

The G-Shock GMAS130 is the top pick for female police while boys can also wear to him this timepiece. It is a three-hand Analog-digital combination model which is an outstanding choice for you.

The g shock model has a digital screen at the 6 o’clock position those is the best known for its up to mark durability and reliable performance.

For the added look of your watches as well as the box, it comes with a watch. This timepiece is known for its premium quality construction and beautiful dial. Furthermore, it has big multi-dimensional hour markers, independently driven second hand and large screen. Also, it is best for men.

In the same way, this watch has a shock and water-resistant up to 200 ratings.
The police job is very tough. For night shifting it has an LED backlight for the digital display.

One more thing it has a Lumed Analog watch face which is very useful for you.

Other features include a countdown timer and dual time zone. With watches, you can easily get step counts feature which displays a range from 0 to 999,999.

03- Casio G-Shock Rangeman (GPR-B1000-1JR)

Casio G-Shock Rangeman (GPR-B1000-1JR)

  • Lots of smart options
  • Dual charging system ( solar and wireless)
  • Water and shock-resistant
  • Has a finder smartphone feature
  • The dial is very large ( Not suitable for small wrists)

Finally, we have the Casio G-Shock Rangeman which thanks to its beautiful design. User can also take advantage of the latest features ABC (Altimeter, Barometer, and Compass). You can also call it the best outdoor watch, which reason it is best for police officers.

This model design is very unique which makes it better from other models. With watches, you can get elegant straps that are comfortable for your wrist.

For police officers, there is also GPS navigation features that use for finding direction. Also, if you choose this model you must know how to use your watch as a compass? After reading this article you will be able to find a way very easily.

You can easily charge from solar and wireless, which means you will save time by up 99%. It has many features such as a 200-meter water resistance rating, shock-resistant and mud-resistant.

you can pair with a smartphone to connect your watch through G-Shock Connected app. Many smart features also include 4 daily alarms, a stopwatch feature, a finder feature, a sunrise and sunset display.

Best Smartwatch for Police Officers 

Let’s discover what is the best smartwatches for police officers from the reviews below. Also, are you know that what is the smart features are really important for you. All the latest features we will discuss below.

The 2 best smartwatches for police officers are:

  • Garmin Tactix Bravo
  • Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch SM-R800NZSAXAR

02- Garmin Tactix Bravo 

Garmin Tactix Bravo

  • Tons of TracBack options
  • Smart notification
  • Easy to find out a smartphone
  • Has a GPS feature
  • Not best for small wrist
  • The dial is very heavy

First up for today we have the Garmin Tactix Bravo thin and lightweight which is one of the best watches that allows you to get the great experience.

This is a is an ABC (Altimeter, Barometer, and Compass) smartwatch. The best smartwatch is a scratch-resistant which is better for police officers.

You also get ergonomic features such as the temperature sensor, water-resistant, durable, and reliable. It is a best known for best tactical smartwatch because has a Military Grade Reference System (MGRS) capability and other many latest features.

One main feature is the TracBack feature which is very useful for the track to another location and saves your location.

This best tactical watch has the latest features you can easily connect your smartphone via wireless or Bluetooth. Similarly, it is the best sports watches for men under your budget.

With this model, you can easily locate your smartphone. However, the downside of this watch is less memory and lacks a fast performance. And, it has a lack of heart rate sensor.

01- Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch SM-R800NZSAXAR

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch SM-R800NZSAXAR

  • Durable, Reliable and Affordable
  • Connects to both Android and iOS
  • Access all notification
  • The battery can last for many days
  • Not best for small wrist
  • Has 50m of WR

If you are searching for the best durable smartwatches, you should check this watch.

Already you know that In the future, only the smartwatch will be considered useful, and Samsung has definitely intaken a high-rank position in the smartwatch industry.

This model is not beneficial for sports to compare some other dedicated sports watches, while the important highlight of this watch is its functionality.

Your watch can connect to both Android and iOS devices, you can have all smart notification on your wrist. So it is the best way to receiving any information and sharing data to other devices.

Also, this watch has a feature to calculate your sleep and stress levels and heartbeat rate.

You must comment below what kind of smartwatch do you like and what wear on your wrist?.

How to find the best watches for police officers (Buying Guide)

Picking the best watches for police officers can be a little tricky, but to help you we have covers some main factors that matter the most.


Durability is the most famous factors before buying this watch. When you went to the market for choosing best police watch, must consider first on Durability.

Sometimes, police officers nail walkways, jumped to other buildings, metal cages, from which reason, if your watch is durable Your watch can last for many years.

The best police watch with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal is a good feature for you because it enhances the durability of your watch.


Power is something without which your watch is incomplete. These solar-powered watches are better for you. Also, there are many watches that have dual power system such as Casio G-Shock Rangeman that I mentioned above the article.

Water Resistance

In the world many of occupations that wants to wear a water-resistant watch like firefighters, first responders, police officers, and construction workers.

All models are water-resistant down to at least 100 meters. Also, we have the dedicated guide for best dive watches under 500 those are beneficial underwater.

Additional Features

There are many additional features included such as an altimeter, a digital compass, a thermometer, GPS for obvious reasons and a barometer. From this reason best policies watches are very famous in the market.


Luminescence is the best feature for police swing shifts and night shifts. When you go out at night to catch a thief, you need a battery, but luminous feature allows you to see time in the dark.

you push off a self-illuminating button and easily see the time.

Best Watched for Police Officers – FAQs

What watch cops wear?

G shock, Casio and Garmin Tactix Bravo are the best watches for Cops. If you are read about cops, you know most officers wear these watches. One more thing these come with an affordable price range which reason cops wear these watches.

Is police a good watch brand?

The police is a good fashion brand. If you are searching for the best watches for cops, I would suggest you take these watches. Citizen and Seiko are the most affordable brands that are beneficial for police.

What smartwatch does the Police officer use?

Police officers are mostly using the Garmin Tactix Bravo smartwatch. While, it comes with many latest smart features such as Altimeter, Barometer, and Compass.

Is G Shock a good brand?

Yes, G shock is a good watch brand for the military. Typically, the military, police, and cops used these watches. This watch can help to see time in the dark, has a GPS function and find your smartphone.

In Conclusion

I have no words to tell the best watches for police officer and law enforcement officers because these are very important for you. In this year 2024, these are best for you can wear. It has all the features for your job.

Many kinds of police watches are available in the market but you must consider them before buying these watches. I mentioned above Buying Guide must-read.

Which of these watches would you like to wear during a shift as a police officer? In the section, tell us about your experience and what watch you would like to use.

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