10 Best Affordable Sapphire Crystal Watches (Updated Reviews with Buying Guide)

10 Best Affordable Sapphire Crystal Watches (Updated Reviews with Buying Guide)

Being the pieces of accessories, the watches stay mostly on the wrist in the entire day, so they need to be durable to wear the entire day. When one wants to consider the durability of the watches then one must consider tough casings and reliable straps as the high qualities of the best watches. Another component which people do not think about is ‘a glass’.

After going through the coverings of many, it has been observed that a sapphire crystal is the hardest of them all. Not only it competes the highest watches, but rather it is also scratch-resistant to the extent which is required by most branded watches. If people talk about ‘a sapphire crystal’ then they talk about the quality.

The best watch having a sapphire glass costs $500 and upwards. It does not mean that there are other watches which are cheap, but it is an average amount and the watches of very cheap prices are also available in the market.

In this article, you are going to familiarize yourself with excellent sapphire crystal watches nowadays available in the market.

Sapphire Crystal Watches

What Is a Sapphire Crystal on a Watch?

People find sapphire like in the jewellery. The best quality of this sapphire is that it is a synthetical crystal made up of crystalline aluminium oxides at high temperatures in an industry. The substances that are produced in the industry have the same hardness as a natural gemstone, but they have one more quality of being without colouring agents.

When it was measured by the Mohs scale, then it was found out that it got the rating of 9 out of 10, having a diamond at the top position. It means only diamonds are capable of scratching a sapphire crystal.

Best Sapphire Crystal Watches

In this discussion, we are going to present you the timepieces from as many brands as possible just to widen your options for various tests and preferences.

Moreover, it must be kept in mind that all the sapphire crystal watches are under $300 having a genuine sapphire glass. These also have the highest Amazon ratings from verified buyers.

10- Citizen Eco-Drive Titanium Sapphire Watch

Citizen Eco-Drive Titanium Sapphire Watch

It has been always famous about the Citizen brand that it always tried to equip its products with amazing technologies at an affordable price. This watch, the solar-powered Eco-Drive technology, is the most attractive of all the watches, produced by the Citizen brand.

The best quality of this watch is that the solar power is connected with Super Titanium along with sapphire crystal, and this makes this watch as the sample for the highest branded watches. Moreover, it is available for under 300 bucks.

It does not require a battery replacement and it also attracts viewers through its 43mm casual dial. Its battery can last up to 6 months after charging it once. The next best quality of this watch is that it is covered with Super Titanium which is five times harder than stainless steel material having extreme scratch resistance, and is lightweight.

The durability of this watch can be measured by its anti-reflective sapphire crystal. Most owners praise its high-quality crystal. This watch, with a water resistance of 100m, will provide you an amazing international warranty of 5 years, and with an option of one year further, if you register it on Citizen’s homepage.

09- Rotary Windsor Moonphase Watch

Rotary Windsor Moonphase Watch

This watch will be able to complement smart attires on dressier occasions, and it is also one of the affordable sapphire crystal watches. The best quality of the Rotary Windsor Moonphase Watch is its depiction of the phases of the Moon. It must be kept in mind that it is not an AM/PM or Sun version, but a real deal moon phase watch.

Along with an indicator, it also comes with three windows for a date, day, and weekday which are surrounded by classic Roman numerals. The amazing additional quality of this watch is its lightning blue colouring of the hands.

The highest and extreme quality of this Rotary is that its flawless face is protected with a highly stunning crystal that can withstand harsh conditions bravely.

The stunning quality of the Rotary Windsor is that it is a bargain for the money. With a moon phase feature and sapphire glass, this wristwatch is hard to find at $300.

08- Lucien Piccard Babylon Open-Heart Watch

Lucien Piccard Babylon Open-Heart

This is the last timepiece in this post which is a self-winding automatic timepiece with an open-heart design. The Lucien Piccard Babylon is available with a sumptuous guilloche dial full of stunning features.

One of these excellent qualities is the availability of the skeletonized cut at six o’clock that showcases the swirling of a balance wheel. This gold-tone part of the watch is amazing to see, and it will leave no-one cold.

The next wonderful quality of this watch is the addition of the Sun and Moon indicator at twelve o’clock. During day, the Sun occupies the center stage, whereas at midnight, the Moon occupies the stage.

Although, the Lucien Piccard brand does not come with as stunning qualities as the other watches’, but still it is a good option to choose if you want to make difference. It is also available at less price than its Swiss or Japanese counterparts, and it is considered to be a risk-free investment.

07- Victorinox Swiss Army Night Vision

Victorinox Swiss Army Night Vision

It is a Swiss-made watch, having the qualities for army. Victorinox is one of the recognized producers of Swiss military watches which can withstand harsh and hard conditions. A watch that can bear extreme conditions and situation, must require a durable and stable construction. The Victorinox Swiss Amry Night Vision watch is one of those watches which are built actually for high and extreme conditions.

The foremost best quality is that sapphire crystal has a triple-coated anti-reflection which will allow you people to check time in any light conditions.

Secondly, it will provide a durable rubber strap and a scratch-resistant titanium case. And thirdly, you will be able to have a neat LED function that will provide many lighting options including a dial illumination, SOS signal, and locator mode.

The best quality is also that it can be worn for many other occasions, other than tactical purposes. Its usability for everyday wear can be judged by the fact that it has a stopwatch feature along with a classic 42mm case diameter.

It has been estimated from its qualities that it is one of the best value-for-money Swiss made watches around the world.

06- Orient Sun and Moon Version 3 Watch

Orient Sun and Moon Version 3 Watch

The prestige of Orient for producing highly accurate and reliable automatic calibres make their watches stunning and durable, no matter the most and often dull design of their products.

Besides offering a highly appreciated F6B24 self-winding movement, Orient Sun and Moon Version 3 is really an eye-catcher.

The best quality of this watch is that it comes with two distinguishable sub-dials- one is for day function, as the other is for producing alternations of days and nights. Being known as a Sun and Moon indicator, it provides you the function of a moon indicator, which is an extra quality in luxury timepieces.

The sapphire crystal will provide you a slightly domed case, which will give it more luxuriousness and a better resistance from shatters.

05- Casio Edifice Sapphire

Casio Edifice Sapphire

The Casio Edifice Sapphire is the most casual sapphire crystal watch in this post. Due to the chronograph function and sporty looks, the Edifice line is the most recognized watches line. It has a 45mm dial, along with a dark masculine appeal due to a brushed stainless steel case and bracelet.

The main dial consists of three sub-dials which belongs to a 30-minute stopwatch and a watch’s main second’s hand. From the main ring, you will not be able to find the primary second’s hand.

Having a water resistance of 100m, the Casio can stand water very well including swimming and showering. Due to a scratch-resistant sapphire glass and stainless steel construction, it is well protected against everyday harsh conditions.

04- Movado Museum Gold Watch

Movado Museum Gold Watch

It is a clear fact that not many Swiss-made sapphire crystal watches are available for under $500. We have already informed you about Tissot and Victorinox watches, and now we are going to introduce you to one of the most desired watches around, and it is none other than Movado Museum Gold Watch.

Using the minimalist design, the Movado brand has become world-famous within a very short span of time. It only provides you a single dot at a twelve o’clock position beside the striking gold-tone. The time capture will be convenient because the background comes with a contrasting black. The notable drawback is the absence of a second’s hand.

None of us can complain about the quality of Movado which runs on an accurate Swiss quartz movement. It also provides a stainless steel case and a comfortable leather strap. The sapphire glass will be scratch-resistant against the harsh and hard conditions of daily life. If you admire the highest watch of the Swiss brand with a minimalist design, then there is not any other option than Movado.

03- Seiko Solar SNE529

Seiko Solar SNE529

After comparing both the brands, Seiko and Citizen, we can hardly find any differences upon which basis we can give preference to either. On one aspect, they can be compared and it is their quality of being solar watches.

The best quality of Seiko Solar SNE529 is that it can last up to 10 months when it is fully charged once. With the price, it offers, it provides good quality and sturdiness besides the convenience of solar power. The next best quality of this watch is that the sapphire is flat on the face, which is in enough good condition to protect the product.

Having a water resistance of 100m, you will be surprised to have this stunning dress watch. This quality will protect the watch from everyday water contact, including swimming and showering. When you want to use the watch for more intense water activities, then you have the option to replace the calfskin leather strap with a metal one.

02- Tissot Gent XL Blue Sapphire Crystal Watch

Tissot Gent XL Blue Sapphire Crystal Watch

Having the quality to produce every single timepiece with a sapphire glass, you will be amazed to know that the Swiss brand of Tissot is an amazing brand. Most watches are over $500, but there are certain watches that are available for hundred bucks. It must be kept in mind that the Tissot Gent XL is also one of them.

The next best quality of this watch is its Swiss quartz movement which will attract viewers and it also provides a wide selection of dress pieces that are available by the brand. One of the amazing qualities is also that it has the water-resistance of 100m, which is an attractive quality among these types of wristwear.

Having an amazing anti-reflective coating will enable the reading of the time an easy factor. Moreover, a contrast between the deep blue and white numeric will help for a quick time capture.

Due to a slim case width at 9mm, you will feel convenient to sip it underneath the sleeves. Because of the considerable and attractive size of the case, it can be worn on various wrists of many different sizes.

01- Alpina Startimer Pilot Chronograph

Alpina Startimer Pilot Chronograph

This watch is from an affordable Swiss brand of Alpina, and it is usually for men with an amazing and active lifestyle. The Alpina Startimer Pilot Chronograph comes with a sweep second’s hand stopwatch function, which will be able to measure from 1/10-second up-to 30 minutes.

No one can doubt the accuracy of the watch which is available with an Alpina calibre al-372- a Swiss quartz movement with a stunning reputation. It is covered with a classy black matte finish and is water-resistant to 100m. It can also tackle the harsh conditions owing to durable sapphire glass.

Sapphire Crystal Watches (Buying Guide)

Several factors must be kept in mind before purchasing watches with amazing glasses. It must be ensured that all the glasses are not the same, and the following guide in this regard will help you to make a wonderful decision.

Sapphire vs Sapphire-Coated Mineral

During the shopping of wristwear, you will come across the term sapphire-crystal mineral. It is not a genuine sapphire crystal, rather it is midway between the real one and mineral crystal. Mineral crystal will, no doubt, provide you with the scratch-resistance but it will be far from the qualities provided by an original sapphire crystal.

When it is compared to the classic mineral glass, then the best resistance will be found out. It must be kept in mind that if you want protection against harsh conditions, then you should go for a genuine sapphire crystal. Although, it costs more than the hybrid crystal but it will be more effective than the hybrid version.

Flat vs Domed Crystal

The most prevalent type of glass i flat, but the domed option is also available. After having a curved shape, the watches have received an attractive vidual addition and better protection from shatters.

The next purpose to dome a crystal is to magnify the dial. All the expert dive wristwear prefer the curved version because a flat one cannot offer the reading of the time at an angle underwater. A drawback of the domed glass is that it reflects more than flat ones, and it also required anti-reflective coatings if people want to read in every ligh condition.

AR Coating

AR (anti-reflective) coating is the last differentiating factor of one sapphire crystal watch from another. AR coating is a thin film that is applied to the crystal so that the reflections can be reduced and the contrast of the dial can also be improved. This will cost more than the normal price if people want this crystal.

By not having the AR coating does not mean that a sapphire-crystal watch is low-quality since all the physical attributes will stay the same. If one becomes annoyed at the reflections, then one must choose AR coated model.

Conclusion – Sapphire Crystal Watches

We have tried out best to make you familiar to affordable sapphire crystal watches, and we are sure that this article has brought you closer to the supreme quality watches with this glass.

There are many watch manufacturers are available which do not cost an arm and a leg, and these are available for a couple of hundred dollars.

The followers and lovers of Tissot, Citizen, and Victorinox are in a good condition to buy the best watches. You must check the detailed description of the crystal from other watchmakers’ models because all of them are not pure synthetic sapphire crystals.

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