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Are Invicta Watches any Good? (Are They Always On Sale?)

By Emma Watson

Are Invicta Watches any Good? I hope that you are well aware of the fact that if you like two things then you can only select one which will please you more than the other. So the thing is clear that either you select cheap watch or costly watch but not both.

The best watches require the best amount to be spent on them, also require hard work. So if you want to show off your personality by buying best watches then don’t take the amount seriously.

Here the thing is quite different. Invicta watch company wants that people must get high-quality watches without any high price. It will make people happy and their personality a better one.

But you can ask the question that, Is this company acting upon its mission? Those who know best about watches are sure about this company. Invicta’s name can arouse strong emotions.

Only the jeweller can know the quality of the jewel. The same is the case here, only the watchmakers know this very clearly.

Let’s observe the history and modern workings of this watchmaker.

History of Invicta Watch Brand

History of Invicta Watch Brand

Invicta’s mean ‘invincible’. The story of this began when a Swiss watchmaker started the company in 1837. His name was Raphael Picard and that family made great progress in the latter half of the 20th century.

For one and a half-century Invicta was one of the best watches. Swiss watchmakers made both manual and automatic winding watches. Like Omega and Rolex, they did not gain much reputation.

In 1970 the Invicta could not withstand the quartz crisis which shook the entire watch industry. The quartz timekeeping made this profession very cheap and then Swiss watch company did work hard and found itself in freefall.

Since a decade ago this company started to reclaim its status as makers of the finest watches on earth. Since the control of the US-based investors, this company had a mission to provide the best watches which can be bought by every person.

Invicta’s status Nowadays

Their mission had led them to make such watches which are affordable. You can buy a watch of just less than $100. They try to make a variety of styles and sizes according to your tastes. The best thing is their warranty of three years.

Their signature line is ‘the Pro Diver series’, which you can check out on Amazon. These are available in all variety of colours, sizes and styles. Another best thing is that these can be submerged into depths of 300 meters.

These have 21-jewel automatic movement which means that the higher the jewel the higher the accuracy. You will be stunned to know that this is the higher one, 21-jewel. Invicta also offers classic mechanical design for quartz prices.

Are Invicta Watches any Good?

Are Invicta Watches any Good?

This question is of million dollars. If you look based on the value then it is very clear that these watches are of affordable prices. These are in different styles and sizes. These can be placed next to Omega and Rolex.

The question of quality is a bit unclear. As we have discussed above that Invicta claims as a Swiss brand but it might be not the case in most of the watches. But keep in mind that this thing does not make any big loss in quality.

You can check that quartz timekeeping is more accurate than traditional Swiss mechanical timekeeping. If you look in terms of price then keep in mind that Swiss brand costs you under $500 and Omega or Rolex costs you four figures minimum.

If you are afraid of money they must keep in mind that only the Invicta brand can quell this fear. If you want Swiss, Rolex or Omega brand then keep in mind that it will cost you beyond your limits.

Similarly, many peoples also ask Are Invicta Watches Good? Let me tell you these watches are very important for you because it has many features and the latest technologies. Also, it made from pure material. That’s why Invicta watches are good.

Are Invicta watches liked by Watch Collectors?

Let’s converse softly at this moment.

It is already clear that Invicta watches are of affordable value but if you go to online checking then there are many critical comments. The common complaint is that you can buy this watch is $200-$250 range.

If you want to pay more on this watch then please keep in mind that the more payment will not give you the high quality. The high quality can be found in the above range. I hope our Invicta Watch Review best for you because a lot of the latest features included.

The defence for Invicta is just for its quality that is ‘This watch is fine for the price’. Some say that the prices are more than their worth. You may find them on sale with slashed prices in-store or online retailers.

I want to tell you the last thing about its shopping is that you must be very wise when you are purchasing an Invicta watch. Because some look of high prices but the original price should be in the above range. Be Careful!

Should we Buy an Invicta Watch?

Should we Buy an Invicta Watch?

The answer to this question mostly depends on your choice. It might be possible that you have a high price and want to purchase Invicta. It is also possible that you don’t have much money but you want to buy Rolex.

You must be very intelligent about this question that every watch is of worth. If a person cannot purchase the Rolex brand then he/she can buy the watch of low price. It simply means that choice depends upon the payment and tastes.

If you want to talk with the brand then these are not for you. It is not a status-symbol type of watch. These are not like Rolex or Omega which are the brands. These are not luxury (expensive) watches. These are just affordable watches.

Some people say that Invicta is ‘an affordable luxury’ brand, but this is not the case. Their rank is not among the ranks of other watchmakers as Omega or Rolex. These have such looks which make them luxurious.

If you are looking for such a brand that will hold its value or even increase over time then you need to read more here.

The best thing about Invicta Watches is their long watch-making history. Unlike other fashion brands such as Fashion Watch Brands which are fashionable, Invicta is a known watch which has a history of more than 180 years.

The thing about the look of the Invicta watches is that these are oversized and are with very large case diameters. These are also very thick. Unlike other slim watches which are designed to be slide elegantly under the cuff, these are huge.

These are made of gold or silver tones, large bezels and oversized crowns which give them masculine quality. It doesn’t mean that it will not suit you. The thing is that these depend upon your choices.

I want to tell you that some people may like the slim watches and some huge watches. If one is fond of the huge watch then this will suit him/her. Keep in mind that the choice may differ from person to person.

From where can I Buy Invicta?

The best option is to buy directly from them. You can also see the details of these watches from the website: their website provides you with every detail which you may want. Invicta can provide to more than 50 countries.

You may check their styles, design and colour and every detail on Amazon: See Invicta Men’s Watches | Women’s Invicta Watches or see Invicta Watches on eBay here.

If any person who wants to wear such a watch will be good for some years then Invicta is the best option. But the thing is very common which I want to discuss in the end that choice differs from person to person.

I hope that this insight into the Are Invicta Watches any Good will please you. You can check its quality by purchasing and wearing. Keep in mind that you must be wise while you are buying Invicta watch.

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