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Titanium vs Stainless Steel Watches | History with Reviews

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We all know that we are living in the world of competition. This competition was not too much high in the past year but with the passage of time and also as the countries were making development this competition was gradually increasing.

Now one country has a desire to take a lead another in every field of life. Same as happened in the field of manufacturing and fashion designing. One brand wants to have a place on the top of the list.

This desire to see their name on the top of the list give encourage to people to design something new and different that attracts people.

We can say that this is the competition among the different and high-quality brand. In simple word, it is a relation between different brands who make their products that make them different from one another.

In this article, we are going to discuss the two of the top listed in search and most popular watch brands of the world which names are Titanium and Stainless steel One is Titanium and the other is a stainless steel brand. First, we will talk about the Titanium brand.

Titanium brand:

Titanium brand

Titanium brand is considered as one of the best watch brands all over the world. This brand is designed in a way that people who have some kind of skin problems can also use it without any trouble.

This means that these watches are bio-compatible and can also be used by all types of skin. But if we compare this brand to stainless technology then surely we will find that Titanium is more durable than any kind of other brand.

Why Titanium watches are better then stainless steal watches:

Now a day’s titanium brand designing watches that have a beautiful and charming design like the Seiko and Citizen Titanium watch.

In the modern age, this brand are using IP treatment that keeps them protected and scratch resistant. The Citizen X8 Chronometer was the first watch of the Titanium brand that was made in 1970.

And nowadays the 2nd generation of this watch has been released which name was super titanium with IP treatment.

Later on this brand show another gorgeous piece that was known by the name of Citizen and Seiko watches brands.

These watches are designed by using surface hardening technology that makes these watches much lighter in comparison of stainless technology.

Titanium brand is more comfortable and easy to use which is the reason it is most popular among the watch users. So if you are in the search of top quality watches then you must be preferred to purchase Titanium watches.

These watches are not only more reliable but also can be wear on each type of skin because these are biocompatible watches.

If we talk related its size, then these watches are designed small in size as compare to other watches.

Know we will discuss some of the more reliable and affordable Titanium watches that are available in the market.

Types of Titanium Brand:

Casio Pro Trek Pathfinder Triple sensor (PAG240T):

Casio is considered as one of the best brand of Titanium Company as it is loved by the most of the watch users.

It is popular as one of the reliable and most comfortable sports watch.

Functionalities of Casio Pro Trek Pathfinder Triple sensor  (PAG240T):

Casio Pro Trek Pathfinder Triple sensor

These watches are available in 51mm in diameter but the average is between 38 to 46 mm in size. Casio Pro Trek Pathfinder Triple sensor (PAG240T). It has a mineral dial window that represent a digital screen and also has a backlight.

Casio Pro Trek Pathfinder Triple sensor ( PAG240T ) watches also provide many advantages like it can also run on solar system and also have a battery that can be charged if you needed.

If you are not using this watch battery will be saved It means that it provide long battery life.

These watches are known as sports watches and athletes can use these watches as they have a bunch of features.

It also includes a countdown timer, five daily alarms and also provides stopwatch of 1/100 second.

Casio Pro Trek Pathfinder Triple sensor (PAG240T) these watches also more comfortable for outdoor activities. These watches have a triple sensor that provides its user’s thermometer, barometer, altimeter and compass.

And for the world tourist, it provides world time and also city code. Casio Pro Trek Pathfinder Triple sensor (PAG240T) provides its user full automatic calendar.

Including all these advantages and functionalities it also provides up to 100 meters of water resistance.

Due to all the characteristics,  it is considered as one of the top listed watch brands in the market.

Citizen Eco-Drive Quartz Titanium Watch ( BM7431-51E):

Citizen Eco Drive Quartz Titanium Watch

It is one of the best watch brands that is made by super Titanium signature. From its name, it is known as an Eco-Drive watch so there is no need of any kind of energy.

This watch is very simple in design and has 43 mm of diameter. If we discuss its features it provides up to 100 meters of water-resistant and a date window.

Seiko Titanium Watch (SGG729):

Seiko Titanium Watch

This watch provides great quality and an adequate price. This is known as one of the best brands and also proved up to 100 meters water-resistant.

Seiko Titanium has a 37 mm diameter. It provides 3 o clock positions and dates, days and months on the display window.

Stainless Steel Watches

Stainless Steel Watches

This watch brand was released in the year of 1930 firstly used by the British Military after the 2nd world war.

In the starting, it is considered as that this was not a good brand but with the passage of time this brand gain quality and become also popular among the watch users.

Recently it has become the most wanted watch in the watch industry.

If we talk regarding the best types of watch for men then the name of the following watches are the top listed.

  • Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Ref. 116500LN.
  • Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M Master Chronometer Ref.
  • Vacheron Constanin Overseas Dual Time Ref.7900v/110a-B334.

These are all the wonder-full selection of stainless steel watches.

Balancing between Titanium and stainless steel watches:

If we differentiate between these two brands we will come to know that which one is the best brand.

So for this purpose, we discuss their prices and some other features. Stainless steel watches have less price than Titanium brand.

As they are less expensive so they have less quality and few numbers of advantages and features. If we talk regarding water-resistant both the brands provide up to 100 meter of water resistance.

The other one big difference between these two brands is that the titanium brand can be easily scratch but the stainless steel dose not.

And this is the one big disadvantage of the Titanium brand.

Summary: Titanium vs Stainless Steel Watches

In short, titanium is the best quality watch brand that is stronger and reliable then stainless steel watches.

As Titanium provide short size like 4 time smaller then stainless steel watches, these advantages make this brand more popular among the watch users.

But if we talk regarding the price of the Titanium brand it is a more expensive type of brand in the world. It is more expensive the stainless steel brand.

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