High Quality Watches – What Are They Good Features Of?

To buy a watch without paying any attention to the pros and cons of materials that are used in its production can give you unproductive results. Without paying attention to the core details of the product means you are spending more worth than the normal value of the product. While people buy High Quality Watches then certain factors must be kept in mind and a watch movement is one of the best factors which determine the worth of the best watches.

In a nutshell, it can be said about the movement of the watches that it is a basic component in making the decisions about the purchasing of the watches.

Not only a movement plays an important role, but rather the thing that is mostly ignored is the importance of watch materials.

If one asks about the long-life of the watch then it can be said that the metals and glasses are of the highest importance the watches are made of.

Now, after describing the best-ranking watches’ qualities, we are going to elaborate on vital watchmaking materials that are used in dials and cases of long-lasting watches.

The best thing about this page is that it does not cover only the exotic materials but those materials are also of great importance which are available at an affordable price and are of widespread use.

What Are The Best and High-Quality Cases?

Through the entire period of watchmaking, different brands have been experimenting with various metals and alloys that are used for the casings of the best watches. The best that has made their footings in the industry are described below.

Stainless Steel Watches

After the discovery of an Englishman, Harry Bearley of Sheffield, when the steel that did not rust came into being in the universe then Stainless Steel had been introduced to the world in 1913.

Yet it did not happen immediately that the material was implemented in the industry, but rather it took several years to be manipulated for the watchmaking.

Always it has been observed until some formulas are not discovered for the use of a certain thing they cannot be used effectively.

Stainless Steel Watches

The same happened with Stainless steel that could not be used up until the 1960s due to its hardness. But since the developments in numerous steel formulas and machining techniques, stainless steel began to be used widely in watch cases.

One question is worth asking, what is the quality that does make stainless steel watches so popular in the industry? One of the best reasons is the price. Being fully straightforward, metal alloy production has a high demand and it maintains its affordability.

The next best reasons for its use are its durability, as compared to various other metals, and resistance to corrosion. Due to these qualities, the case made of this metal will not react to moisture, seawater, and perspiration. If you want to test it by falling it from height or hitting it with something hard, then you will be able to have a case without any damages.

The best quality watches are made of grade 3161 stainless steel that is a type with low carbon consistency which can help in anti-corrosiveness.

  • Affordable
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Resistant to hard knocks
  • Durable
  • Higher in weight than others in this list
  • Some steel will cause allergies owing to nickel consistency

Titanium Watches

If one asks about the history of Titanium, then it can be said that it came into the industry when Citizen introduced a thorough titanium timepiece in 1970, a little bit later than stainless steel.

After several experiences, it has been observed that titanium cases are more luxurious than watches with steel. These possess more characteristics than normal steel watches.

Whenever metal is discussed then its some best qualities must be borne in mind, and one of the best qualities of Titanium watches is the “high-strength-to-weight ratio”. It is discussed above that Steel cases are higher in weight than others in this list.

Titanium Watches

So, it is possible to say that Titanium is twice strong and half in weight as steel cases. Due to these reasons, it is being lauded as the high-end timepiece.

As we go forward, it is a probability that we will find the best qualities in other metals than the previous ones. To know about the anti-corrosiveness of the metal is essential because it has a higher affinity for oxygen and likely to form a protective oxide layer within a very short time span.

One of the others best qualities is its state of being fully hypoallergenic. It is famous about it that it is the most hypoallergenic material known to man.

But when people talk about stainless steel then it must be ensured to them that stainless steel consists of a small amount of nickel that can cause allergy to people with hypersensitive skin.

If a thing is good and has major advantages then its drawbacks should be accepted. It is not good to ignore the whole material due to its some common drawbacks.

One of the few drawbacks of Titanium is its ‘rareness’. Although, it is considered not as ‘rare’ by the industry it is still not ubiquitous enough that industry can produce it in high volumes.

The basic reason behind its ‘rareness’ is its hardness which requires a lot of work for its manufacturing; it is not an easy process by the industry.

Some of the best Japanese brands that produce the most famous titanium watches include Citizen and Seiko. The Super Titanium, introduced by the Citizen, is renowned 5x harder and 40% lighter than stainless steel.

The alloy will be able to form scratch-resistant ionized titanium when it is heated over 2000’C and bombarded with electron beams.

  • High resistance to corrosiveness
  • Completely hypoallergenic
  • Twice as strong as stainless steel
  • Lightweight
  • Will not provide you with scratch-resistance as stainless steel
  • It is costly than stainless steel

Ceramic Watches

One may wonder about the popularity of Ceramic which has made its place in many brands’ watches owing to its qualities of being scratch-resistant, lightweight, heat-resistant, and hypoallergenic.

The brands which have Ceramic watches include a lineup of Rolex, Rado, Omega, Hublot, and Longines. In industry, it has proved that Ceramic is a very expensive material to employ and only some brands use ceramic for bezels and dials only.

Ceramic Watches

Most people mix the typical ceramic with the ceramic used in watches. The simple ceramic has the qualities of being inorganic, nonmetallic, and solid. On the other hand, the ceramic used in watches have compounds of metals.

Many metals have different best qualities and Ceramic’s best quality is its resistance to scratches.

The other quality of Ceramic is its lightweight. If we compare it with Titanium, then we will come to know that it is lighter than titanium having a weight of 3g/cc, as Titanium’s weight is 4.5g/cc. It is to keep in mind that its strength is much weaker in tensile strength.

So, it is true that if it falls from heights then the cracks will be impossible to fix or polish.

  • Heat resistant
  • Ultimate resistance to scratches
  • Weighs even less than titanium
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Expensive
  • Dropping from heights could cause cracks

Carbon Fiber Watches

Most users will be surprised to know that Carbon fiber composites are of good quality because they provide different structural styles when these are made from solid rock.

The most elegant feature of it is the black or grey matte apparel. It must be kept in mind that Carbon Fiber is three times stiffer than Titanium, while on the other hand, it is two times less in weight than Titanium.

Carbon Fiber Watches

The next amazing feature of it is it’s being anti-corrosive. Various products have benefits as well as some drawbacks. The drawback of carbon fiber is that it is very difficult to machine.

So, it is clear that when a product is difficult to produce then it will cost more than the normal price.

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Very stiff
  • Unique apparel
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Difficult to recycle
  • High cost of production

High-Quality Watch Crystals

Most people use watches for various purposes and these watches must have the highest durability. The most required quality is to have a quality crystal that can protect the face. In the industry, the most reliable and appreciated materials include Sapphire, Mineral Crystal, and Hardlex.

Sapphire Crystal Glass

When we talk about the components of the highest quality watches then Sapphire crystal is also one of those components. Many people call it expensive, but it is not as expensive as people talk about it. Most well-known brands use sapphire crystal glass.

Many think that it is made of gemstone but it is made of transparent material which is made of crystallizing pure aluminium oxide at very high temperatures. It is surprising to know that it has the same hardness as natural sapphire gemstones, but it provides strength without the colouring agents which are used for the sapphire gemstones to give them various hues.

Sapphire Crystal Glass

A test of hardness for minerals on the Earth named Mohs Scale rated this crystal 9 out of 10. So, it is proved that it is the hardest substance lower than the diamond which got 10 out of 10. The other best quality is to have an anti-reflective coating and a doomed or flat shape.

From shapes, it can be observed that Flat crystals are easy to produce while on the other hand, Doomed crystals require much effort to mold into a specific shape. The basic reason behind doomed sapphire is due to increased results in anti-reflectiveness.

There are many pros of Sapphire, yet it is still not perfect because the synthetic is likely to be cracked or shattered. Moreover, one thing must be remembered that the shock must be very high to crack or shatter it because under normal conditions it will not be affected.

Mineral Crystal Glass

Mineral Crystal is another well-known and appreciated material. The best quality of this material is that the glass crystal is heated or chemically treated to make a tough material so that it can withstand scratches.

People will be surprised to know that it is impossible to break it. It must be kept in mind that any material can be cracked or shattered under certain conditions. The same is the case with Mineral Crystal that can be cracked if held in high conditions.

Mineral Crystal Glass

When we compare it with Sapphire, then we will come to know that it is a cheaper option because it has low reliability. Yet it is 7 times harder and stronger than the best affordable material known as Acrylic glass. The best thing about this material is that it can be coated with an anti-reflective coating which is also known as AR coating.

When it is held under harsh conditions, then it will eliminate reflections and increase reliability.

The most famous brands include Fossil, Stuhrling Original, and Guess use this material in their products. All the products produced by this material will be highly appreciated and accepted.

Hardlex Crystal Glass

About Hardlex Crystal Glass it can be said that it is the logo of Seiko Watches. It is proved that it has the same qualities as a typical mineral crystal, and its durability is enhanced through heat treatment.

When it was tested with Mohs Scale then it got 8 out of 10 which is higher than the mineral crystal that got a hardness rating at 5.

Less Respected Watch Materials

Some people do not evaluate the various materials before they decide to buy a watch. It is a personal matter because various individuals have their personal choices and checklists.

Many people who want to have the best quality watches certainly consider the evaluation at the highest point on the checklist.

It can be hoped that certain materials in the watchmaking industry look good but these would not guarantee durability.

Less Respected Watch Materials

For example, plastic and wood watches will not give you the hardness and reliability which most high quality watches do. They might look impressive and attractive with their unique beauty and elegance but they will not be suitable for quality searchers.

Although the acrylic crystal, also called plexiglass, is lightweight and simple to polish from scratches, it got a low rating on the Mohs hardness scale- 3-4 out of 10. So, it is proved that high-quality watches do not come with an acrylic glass.

What Are High-Quality Watches Made Of?

The best high quality watches have stainless steel titanium, ceramic, and carbon fiber case with sapphire or mineral crystals.

Many people ask about the best combination and it is worth mentioning that the best combination is of sapphire crystal together with either titanium or fiber case. But it is worth considering that whatever the combinations, people will have the best combination chose from the mentioned components.

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