15+ Best Women’s Watches Under $200 (Affordable To Premium)

From several years, the women watches have been developed into the best forms of the watches. Now, there are very fashionable and attractive watches in the market for women.

The main characteristics are accuracy and reliability, and the styles are also important for the wearers. The last and crucial thing about watches is the price. Most of people have a limited budget so they cannot afford the high-priced watches.

Due to all the above reasons, we are going to elaborate the certain highly advanced watches with low price.

These watches are under $200. Most of women can afford these watches easily. Let’s begin our survey:

Best Women’s Watches Under 200

Let’s discover what is the Best Women’s Watches Under 200 from the reviews below.

In our list, you will find different kinds of watches. As a woman, If you’re looking one for yourself and have a budget of $200, then you come to the right place.

Read the complete articles and find which one among them is going to be better for you.

16- MVMT Women’s Nova Chronograph Watch

MVMT Womens Nova Chronograph Watch

MVMT is a new brand in the market. The design of this watch has made it’s more attractive in the market. There is a 38mm Stainless Steel case with 50m water resistance. The chronograph feature is also included in this brand.

The dial’s look is impressive and elegant. There is a clean and tidy outlook besides subdials. There is a dual time zone function. This watch uses a mineral crystal windows which is a quite durable material. There is a two-year warranty with this watch.

15- Citizen Women’s EW1908-59A Eco-Drive Silhouette Crystal

Citizen Womens EW1908 59A Eco Drive Silhouette Crystal

This watch can impress every person with its elegant gold and silver two-toned design. There is a dazzling crystal infused bezel to add some amazing features to its appearance. The Stainless Steel case is of 28mm in diameter. This is best for smart and wonderful hands.

There is an already jaw-dropping design.

The power reserve will last for 180 days. The water resistance is up to 100m. This is the best for the attractive dress wristwatch.

You don’t need to wear this during swimming.

14- G-Shock Women’s GMA-S120MF-7A1CR

G Shock Womens GMA S120MF

This is a perfect option for tough sportswomen. This watch can bear scratch from the heights of 10meters. There is water resistance up to 200 and life of battery up-to 10year.

The diameter of this watch is of 50m. There are three sub-dials. This is available in different varieties which can fit the needs of any person.

13- Michael Kors Bradshaw Women’s Chronograph Watch

Michael Kors Bradshaw Womens Chronograph Watch

This is best for modern working women. There is a 43mm Stainless Steel case with a unisex wristwatch outlook. There is a quartz movement with three sub-dials of track hours, minutes and seconds.

The sturdy construction is best for water resistance up to 100m. This is very affordable for both the sexes: men and women.

12- Seiko Women’s SUP252 Japanese Quartz Watch

Seiko Womens SUP252 Japanese Quartz Watch

This is the best for the smaller women who want to wear the leather bands and bracelets.

There is a retro look on this watch which enhance its ability of an elegance. The case is made from gold-toned Stainless Steel with the brown calfskin leather brand.

It also uses a Japanese quartz movement with a small dial. The markers and hands are coated in a shiny gold finish.

Bear in mind, that this, not a scratch-resistant. There is a solar-powered feature which makes it to last for a longer time than the normal time.

11- Citizen Women’s Eco-Drive Silhouette Bangle Watch

Citizen Womens Eco

This watch uses traditional and continuing styles to make a new style that will fit its appearance.

There is a versatility in this watch with 18mm stunning curved case. The bracelet bangle enhances its already striking design.

This watch has achieved the status of a good looking watch. This has modern technology as much as possible.

There is a solar-powered charging capability. This can be recharged from natural and artificial light.

There are a Japanese quartz movement and an Analog display structure with an elegant structure. The dial is protected with the sturdy mineral crystal and this watch h provides a water resistance up-to 99feet.

10- Bulova Women’s 96L138 Stainless Steel Bangle Watch

Bulova Womens 96L138 Stainless Steel Bangle Watch

This watch has a dash of minimalistic vibe with its appearance. This uses curved outlines which are the best for the women. There are clean angles and black and silver colour for a more professional looking and executive appeal.

There are 4 markers denoting the 12, 3, 6 and 9 markers. This also uses a Japanese quartz movement with an attractive Analog display. The water resistance is up to 30m and this is the best and excellent from the several watches. You need to pay attention to this watch for the brilliant personality skills.

09- Seiko Women’s Two-Toned Black Dial Solar Dress Watch

Seiko Womens Two

This is the best watch for formal and red carpet occasions. Although its styles and size are fragile after look at its appearance you will be attracted towards this watch. But, you don’t need to worry because its features are fully desired features.

There is a Japanese quartz movement with a brilliant Analog. This watch tells the time with Hugh precision and accuracy. The guarantees are the reason but now it doesn’t come with this watch. There is some exceptional hardware underneath.

This watch is solar-powered so you don’t need to replace the battery. It can last up-to 10months when it is fully charged. The water resistance is up-to 99feet and the diameter is of 15m with rectangular style and design.

08- Timex Ironman Classic 50

Timex Ironman Classic 50

This watch focuses more on the functional aspects than the aesthetics of the watches. This watch is the best option for sporty women. There also many variations in the Iron-man including unisex and women’s models.

The functional aspects of this watch keep the progress of the people on the right track. This watch is a perfect option for marathon runners. This watch can save the average lap of the people. There is a three-alarm presets up-to 100hour tracking chronograph and 99 laps tracking capability.

07- Skagen Women’s Ancher Mesh Dress Watch

Skagen Womens Ancher Mesh Dress Watch

The Skagen watch is very famous for some Movado watches. This watch has also a minimalistic and stylish appearance. The bracelet is a mesh bracelet. There is not a solid Stainless Steel bracelet. The bracelets are also available with leather strap and some mesh bracelets in other tones.

There is a feminine colour in its appearance. The timeline uses Analog elegant gold and silver colour. The Japanese quartz movement enhances the appearance of its dial. All the visual features are in the dial of this watch.

You will also have a silky-smooth white dial with good coated hands. The markers are of crystal which enhances the quality of its appearance. This watch is the best design with a minimal dial of highly desired features.

06- Movado Women’s Swiss Quartz Stainless Steel 

Movado Womens Swiss Quartz Stainless Steel

This is the best design from several watches with minimal aesthetics. When you will have a glance at the Museum line of watches then you will see the different varieties. The brand focuses on the specific features of the watches. You don’t need to look for the more and additional features. All the features lie in the simple and attractive style of the watches.

The Swiss quartz movement is very accurate and precise in providing the correct time. The Stainless Steel case is of 36mm and water resistance is up to 30m. You don’t need to worry from the occasional splashes of water. The dial is also very attractive to the Movado brand. If you are a fan of this brand, then this brand will not leave you in the mud.

05- Fossil Women’s Original Boyfriend Chronograph Watch

Fossil Womens Original Boyfriend Chronograph Watch

This watch has a blend of casual and sophisticated styles which will be good on every occasion. This watch not only looks attractive on your wrist but it also useful for practical and functional purposes as well.

The diameter is of 38mm which is a traditional size of the dials. The Stainless Steel case is of rose gold colour which is very perfect with the leather navy blue band. The bands around also changeable with the other Fossil bands. You don’t need to worry about the colours.

There are a quartz movement and a 3-hand structure with a luminous finish. There are also three sub-dials which are track hours, minutes and seconds. The date display is located over the 4 o’clock position. There is a mineral crystal glass which protects the dial and the water resistance is up to 50m.

04- Seiko Women’s Two-Tone Blue Dial Solar Calendar Watch

Seiko Womens Two watch

If you are looking for a highly affordable, sleek and fashionable watches then this is the best option to choose. Its size is minimal which can be used on every occasion. There are a two-toned gold and silver design which will catch the attention of the people.

This watch also uses a Japanese quartz movement with an Analog of high accuracy. There is a feature of solar-powered which enhances its price and attractiveness. You don’t need to replace the battery. The day and date display is located over at the three o’clock position.

You don’t need to worry about the dial because it is protected with Hardlex mineral glass. You need to be very careful while using this watch because its dial is not scratch-resistant. So, you will enjoy the quality and the worth of the watch.

03- Citizen Women’s Silhouette Sport Eco-Drive Watch

Citizen Womens Silhouette Sport Eco Drive Watch

This watch is very elegant and stylish for the people who are looking for a watch like this. It has a Stainless Steel case with only 26mm in diameter. This watch, like all the citizen watches, uses the Japanese quartz movement with a mother of pearl designed Analog dial.

The water resistance is up to 100m. Any occasional splash can be bored by this watch.

The Best Smartwatch for Women in 2024

Today we will describe the best smartwatches for women’s. These have many features and a variety of colours. Also, these built from pure material.

The 2 best smartwatches for women’s are:

  • Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness SmartWatch
  • Fossil Women’s Jacqueline Smartwatch

02- Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

Smartwatches can do a lot of works such as Check B.P, Physical activities and fitness tracking. Women’s should likes smartwatches for yourself. It comes with a variety of colours such as pink, red and dark.

One more thing, the size of the timepiece is (5.5-6.7 inch and 6.7-8.1 inch) very small that will be best for women’s. I hope ladies enjoy with Fitbit smartwatch.

Smartwatches are beneficial for women because she doing every time work. And, she walks regularly and takes care of fitness. If you are searching for the best sports watches, I recommended you must read our post completely and select Which is better for you?

01- Fossil Women’s Jacqueline Smartwatch

Fossil Womens Jacqueline Smartwatch

This is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. This does not use a rechargeable battery. There are CR2025 coin batteries which can be found at the local supermarket and electronic stores. The batteries can last up to 6months.

There are very fashionable features in this watch. You will also have a sleep tracking feature in this watch. This uses a vibration function to inform you of the new notifications.

The diameter is of 36mm of the case with 50m water resistance.

Best Women’s Watches – FAQs

Which brand of watches is best for Ladies?

Seiko, Timex and Citizen watch brands are beneficial for ladies. These brands have many features such as a variety of colours, comfortable straps and small dial. These things enhance the beauty of your dressing look.

What is the most expensive women’s watch?

Fossil Women’s Jacqueline Smartwatch, MVMT and G-Shock are the most expensive women’s watches in the world. These have an affordable price with a lot of latest features. Also, These come with pure material with a stainless steel case.

What size watch should a woman wear?

Typically, women like small wristwatches. Watch size refers to the dial diameter in millimetre. If you are men, we recommended larger dial watches that size is 40mm. But As a woman, you pick the 36mm of face dial watches. On the other hand, if you prefer a smaller watch face we recommend 28 or 32mm for women.

How do I choose a women’s watch?

A woman’s skin is very clean and soft that reason she likes comfortable and stylish watches. Our point of view for your soft skin, you pick the wristwatches with gold or rose gold case because it will be beneficial for warm-skinned women.

What women’s watches are trending?

  • Fossil Women’s Jacqueline Smartwatch
  • Citizen Women’s watch
  • MVMT Women’s watch
  • Seiko Women’s watch
  • Fossil Women’s watch

These are the Most Irresistible Watches for Women.

What colour watch is best for women?

Typically, women’s likes pink, red, yellow, dark black and very dark colour. These colours are very attractive and look good on women’s wrist.


We tried out best to provide you with a detailed analysis of the best women watches. You need to focus on the h required needs of the watch. There are several watches with different feature and you should decide which will suit your personality.

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