Bellabeat vs Fitbit: Which Is The Best For You?

by Emma Watson

Bellabeat vs Fitbit: Which Is The Best For You?


Fitbit health tracker


  • Brand: Dual-Band
  • Model Name: Charge 5
  • Screen Size1.04 Inches
  • Special Feature: MemoryGPS, Stress Tracking, Heart Rate Monitor
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  • Weight: ‎0.42 Kilograms
  • Speed: Up to 10 Gbps
  • Model Name Spring – Violet Ice
  • Material: Glass, Silicone, Plastic

Are you confused which one to pick Bellabeat vs Fitbit? Today I will show you two of the most famous health trackers with so many simmilarties. The main thing I am going to help you to pick a winner brand with detailed comparison of these two brands.

Do you know what a health tracker is?

A health tracker or a fitness tracking device is one of the most popular types of wearable tech, and for many good reasons.

Such wearable health tracker is becoming more popular than ever because of the feasibility it delivers. Only fitness tracker has such quality, that benefits the user, and are therefore becoming more and more popular over the years. 

How are they useful?

When you connect a health tracker to your phone or any android devices you can see all of your health and fitness data in one place. 

You can also share all the data with your friends and family so that you can all compare your results. The health trackers could only track your health, but now they can do everything that a premium smartwatch can.

Bellabeat vs Fitbit

BellaBeat vs Fitbit Comparison

There are two kinds of fitness trackers that we will be discussing:

  • Bellabeat
  • Fitbit 

Both of these fitness-tracking gadgets are useful in different ways. Let us compare Bellabeat vs Fitbit and know which has better features and which comes with greater quality.

But, first of all, we have to learn what they are!


Bellabeat sells activity trackers for women that are made just for them. It keeps track of their stress levels, how much they exercise, and how they sleep. It also gives tips on how to stay healthy and Bellabeat ivy track steps as well.

With its help, you can also track your menstrual cycle and ovulation activity tracking. The Bellabeat app can help you set and keep personal goals that are important to you.


The Bellabeat looks more like a bracelet or necklace, which is 2 inches tall and 0.5 inches thick. There are two variants available, steel and wood. The Bellabeat is a device you can use underwater as it doesn’t have a screen or any buttons. You can also control and look at your health stats with the help of Android and iOS phone apps.

Battery Life

Women might find it useful because it has a long battery life and tracks their fitness, such as periods, steps taken, breaths, and sleep can be tracked.

Bellabeat doesn’t come with a rechargeable battery so after every six months it needs to have a new coin-cell lithium battery. Other than that, the internal memory has plenty of room where can store 14 days’ worth of information.


  • The pedometer’s precision is far higher than other fitness tracker
  • The Bellabeat monitors the menstrual cycle as a fitness metric.
  • Bellabeat goes along with every outfit and in every event.


  • Bellabeat does not include a pulse oximeter.


Fitbit is a fitness tracker that a lot of people use to keep an eye on their health stats. It keeps track of what you do every day, like how much you move around and how long you sleep. Fitbit app also gives you a series of guided breathing exercises to help you relax and calm down.


The shape and layout of Fitbit resemble the famous Apple Watches and many buyers go through this misunderstanding.

The Fitbit is square in shape, 0.47 inches thick, and has a touchscreen that can be used to change settings. Its screen is made of AMOLED, and it is protected by Gorilla Glass 3.

The Fitbit has a 300 x 300-pixel display and an ambient light sensor that changes the brightness of the screen automatically based on how bright it is in the room. They are water-resistant and resistant to sweat as well.

Battery Life

The AMOLED display has been employed which allows the always-on option, without draining the battery as its panels use less battery if you set a black display can go off by default.

The new Fitbit processor makes it a faster version and it should last for two and a half days of regular use on a single charge. As the manufacturers have claimed that a single charge will last about five days under normal conditions.


  • Higher levels of brand recognition
  • A far superior product in terms of its ease of use
  • The ability to resist water has been vastly improved.
  • Accepts Debit and Prepaid Cards
  • Includes a free return policy
  • Fitbit is reasonably priced.
  • Constructed using Lightweight Materials


  • Rather than having its own built-in GPS, Fitbit uses the smartphone’s location services.

Comparable Features of Fitbit Vs Bellabeat

Used ByWomen Both Men & Women
Display No DisplayHas a Display
Water -ResistanceNo Water-resistanceResistance upto 50meters 
Battery Life7-8 Days 7+ Days
Tracked ActivitiesSleep ScheduleLightREM SleepBody TempHeart RateHeart Variability Cycling Heart RateMenstrual CycleSwimmingBlood Oxygen LevelRespiratory RateCalories Steps & Stairs Sleep 

1. Sleep Tracking

The Bellabeat is different from Fitbit in that it keeps efficient sleep tracking. Fitbit gives you a score based on both your activity and time, while Bellabeat only gives you a calculation.

Moreover, the Bellabear can go up to ten days without being charged as it has better battery life. While the Fitbit only lasts 4–7 days before it needs to be charged again.

Both the Fitbit and the Bellabeat are also good at tracking sleep and are waterproof device. However, some big differences between the two may make one device a better choice than the other.

2. Heart Rate

Both Fitbit and Bellabeat are fitness trackers, but they are different in various ways. The Bellabeat has more useful features than the Fitbit, which only tracks sleep and heart rate.

Fitbit doesn’t have a heart rate monitor or an activity tracker to help you stay active throughout the day, but Bellabeat does. This makes it look like a smart coach to gather information about health and fitness.

The Fitbit flex is better than the Bellabeat in the battery if you don’t want to have to charge your health tracker every day.

Both the Bellabeat and the Fitbit track your heart rate, but the Bellabeat also has sensors that track when you ovulate and how you sleep. The Bellabeat leaf can handle water better than the Fitbit, but while Fitbit comparison, has a longer battery life. It has a coin-cell lithium battery. 

3. Fitness Track

Both the Bellabeat and the Fitbit are better than other fitness trackers, as they can be used to keep track of things like how many steps you take, how many miles you travel, and how many calories you eat. 

Fitbit’s features, on the other hand, often have more advanced monitoring features, such as a wider range of sensors, GPS sensor, internal storage, internal memory, it can count calories, a better-looking wearable tech, and a deeper look at a number of health parameters.

Some Fitbit devices, for example, have GPS sensors that make running and other outdoor activities easier to track. Even though Bellabeat’s devices may not have as many monitoring options as competitors, they usually look and work better than various fitness trackers.

4. Health Track

Both Fitbit and Bellabeat have extra ways for women regarding health tracking, such as menstrual cycle feature, pregnancy, and other vital signs.

Fitbit’s tracking features are better, but Bellabeat’s products often focus more on empowering and informing customers to take charge of their own health by giving vibration-haptic feedback.

5. Mobile Connectivity

Both fitness trackers have mobile apps that let you look at your data, such as calories burned, menstrual cycles, and other limited features to do some basic analysis, and keep track of your progress toward your goals. 

Depending on the device, the apps may have different features, but both brands allow to download apps that are easy to use and give detailed information about a wide range of health indicators.

Both Bellabeat and Fitbit can help people keep track of their health and fitness, but they do it in different ways and are geared toward different groups. Depending on your needs and preferences, one company might be a better choice for you than the other.

6. Water Resistance

The Bellabeat tracker barely stands the IP68 water-resistant test, meaning that dirt, dust, and sand can damage it. That is why, if you are choosing the Bellabeat, you should avoid having any water contact.

Fitbit, on the other hand, can be used in the rain and it is also sweat resistant as it is waterproof up to a depth of 5ATM. You can dive 50 meters without worrying about damage.

Fitbits also keep track of your swimming schedule. You can walk, jog, run, or ride your bike with your Fitbit on, whether it’s raining or not.

Moreover, lotions, perfumes, detergents, soap or soapy water, and shampoos all make water resistance lower, so it is better to avoid such contact.


So, have you decided which one suits you best?

Both the Bellabeat vs Fitbit fitness trackers have great features, good reviews from customers, and budget-friendly rates that one should think about while choosing a fitness tracker.

When choosing a tracker, think about what features that are important to you and how much money you are willing to spend. By looking into each product’s features, reviews, and prices, you’ll be able to choose the right fitness tracker for you.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does Bellabeat keep a record of steps?

Bellabeat sells activity trackers made specifically for women. It keeps track of how much they work out, how stressed they are, and how they sleep. It also has tips on how to stay healthy and the steps for the Bellabeat ivy track.

What are some exclusive features that come with Fitbit?

1). Higher levels of brand recognition
2). A far superior product in terms of its ease of use 
3). The ability to resist water has been vastly improved. 
4). Accepts Debit and Prepaid Cards 
5). Includes a free return policy 
6). Fitbit is reasonably priced. 
7). Constructed using Lightweight Materials

Which device gives better health rate tracking?

Fitbit’s tracking features are better, but Bellabeat’s products often focus more on empowering and informing customers to take charge of their own health by giving them vibration-haptic feedback.

4). What is the battery timing of both Bellabeat and Fitbit?

Because its battery lasts longer, the Bellabear can go up to ten days without being charged. The Fitbit, on the other hand, only works for 4–7 days before it needs to be charged again.

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