Is Fossil A Good Watch Brand? Fossil Watch Review

With so many options around, choosing a watch has become quite difficult now. Seeing the number of brands and models, it becomes a headache to choose which one suits your personality.

After a lot of time spending to decide, the one brand that popped up at the top is Fossil. With a lot of reviews and high ratings, Fossil topped the list. That made it easier to choose which brand to go for.

The affordable factor is the main point where Fossil watches take the lead. Though it cannot compete with other famous brands like Swiss or Japanese ones, it is still the best one for the people who are looking for economical watches.

Diffident designs especially the flamboyant skeleton watches are a good option to go for. However, the main question is that Is Fossil a good watch brand? Or Is it worth the money? Let us find out below.

The Origin of Fossil Watches:

Being an American company, Fossil caught the eyes of its customers due to its stylish and catchy designs while staying light on your pocket. Back in the 80s, the addiction for wristwatches was quite high. Some people who could afford went for reliable brands like Swiss.

Some spent their time to find out the economical ones while compromising on reliability. After the launch in 1984, Fossil made it easier for people who liked affordable watches with attractive designs.

You can say Fossil is a trendsetter of the modern fashionable watches we see today. By the time, Fossil went on to become the legend of fashionable wristwear.

Apart from that, the company also manufactures jewellery, wallets and many other leather items. Despite that, their main source of income is still these watches.

Is Fossil A Good Watch Brand?

Fossil and its Subsidiaries

As a whole, the Fossil Group consisted to many famous watches brands. Fossil is the leader in designing and manufacturing some unique articles for the likes of Zodiac, Skagen Denmark, Misfit, Relic, WSI and Michele Watches.

Recently they added Misfit to their circle, which cost them around $260 Million. By this significant addition, they stepped into the world of manufacturing smartwatches, which is a remarkable achievement.

Competing for the likes of Apple and Samsung, its never easy to survive in the smartwatch market but Fossil was able to do it so.

Apart from the subsidiaries, Fossil also has the official license to design and manufacture watches for some famous brands like Armani Exchange, Emporio, Diesel, Puma, DKNY, Michael Kors and Burberry.

For example, one of the famous models of Diesel by the name “Only the Brave” was originally designed, manufactured and distributed by Fossil.

Overview of Fossil’s History

Overview of Fossil’s History

Former owner of Ticket Brokerage Business; Tom Kartsotis laid the foundation of the company in 1984. He clicked the idea of launching the watches company when he saw his brother importing fashionable watches from far away just to sell at their place.

The idea proved to be a big success as Fossil is now a globally recognized brand in terms of unique watches.

Soon after the launch, Tom Kartsotis recruited a Hong Kong-based manufacturer and ordered the first batch of watches on an immediate basis. The sales got a massive boost when the company hired Lynne Stafford as their designer.

The intensity of sales was so much that the company had to introduce a budgeted series of watches under the brand name Replica. The series targeted the customers looking out for cheaper and economical yet fashionable watches.

Besides that, they also started manufacturing leather wallets, handbags and belts under Replica brand name.

To cater the needs of fashion freaks, Fossil collaborated with the famous designer Philippe Starck who was reputed to be an expert in designing ultra-modern watches. The collaboration proved to be a big success that took the company to new heights.

As the 21st Century came up, Fossil extended its popularity to the Swiss world after taking over the Swiss brands Michele Watch and Zodiac.

Back in 2012, Fossil grabbed the Danish company, Skagen, for a whopping $237 Million. The production line progressed further when they launched Swiss Line watches in 2013 with its manufacturing assembly based in Switzerland.

Recently, Fossil took over the brand Misfit that made them manufacture diversified designs in the smartwatches market. One can imagine their success rate when they won the Fashion Tech Collection of the Year award back in 2016.

In real, the word Fossil was the nickname of Kartostis’ father. They used to call him by this name. This is possibly the best and the most beautiful tribute and dedication to their father.

Who could have imagined that just simple watch importers would become one of the biggest successes in history?

It is all their hard work and dedication leading them to these much heights of glory. Next time someone questions you; Is Fossil a good watch brand? Simply tell them their history.

Main Point of Attention: Is Fossil A Good Watch Brand?

Let us come to our main point; Is Fossil a good watch brand?

There should not be any doubts about the quality of Fossil watches but as everyone has different opinions; we will try to be honest here and share unbiased opinions to let people know better about the brand.

Many people will disagree and will not recommend it to others but the stats do not lie. People can. Let us discuss in detail about the quality, material and durability of Fossil watches.

Where Are The Manufacturing Facilities of Fossil Watches?

Where Are The Manufacturing Facilities of Fossil Watches?

As it is revealed from their history, Fossil initially started its production from Hong Kong where first batch of watches was assembled. The strong trust relation with the Asians until now has been the main backbone of the company. Besides that, their manufacturing facilities are not only limited to Asia.

By the time when Fossil went on to acquire various brands and companies, their production facilities spread over to almost all of the major regions of the globe. With their subsidiaries having different manufacturing spots, it became an easy one for the Fossil Group to serve all parts of the world.

For the information, the High-End watches and timepieces by Fossil are usually manufactured in Switzerland, UK, Germany and Japan. Contrary to that, cheaper and economical watches are made in China. Therefore, you can say all of their watches are manufactured internationally.

Material, Quality And Movements

Material, Quality And Movements

The quality of material in a watch is another factor that helps a customer in deciding whether to buy it or not. Mainly, Fossil uses three kinds of material in their watches namely Stainless Steel, Top-Grain Leather and Silicon.

Out of all these the most durable and reliable one is Stainless Steel that is easy to repair if damaged. Minor scratches compromising the looks of the watch can be repaired easily.

On the other hand, Silicon watches are also worth of buying but the most prominent material is Top-Grain Leather that is indeed their speciality as they also manufacture leather products like Wallets etc.

So one can say easily trust their leather quality seeing their production line.

Talking about the movement, Fossil Line uses both Mechanical and Quartz. In most of the cheaper and economical watches, Fossil uses Chinese Mechanical Movement but they are not reliable in the longer run.

This makes a customer think about Is Fossil a good watch brand. By that time, mechanical watches depreciate faster than the Quartz ones. However, the accuracy of the Automatic Mechanical Watches is somewhat an appreciable factor.

In terms of Quartz movement, Fossil uses an affordable and globally recognized Japanese movement in their watches. Contrary to the mechanical ones, their models with the Quartz movement use the famous Swiss mechanism and yes, they are expensive.

Fossil made another innovation to their watches when they introduced their very own movement called the Twist.

The Twist movement uses the same Swiss mechanism but the difference is that the Second’s hand operates on the motion of the person wearing it. You can say it is an Automatic one.

There must be no doubts about the quality of material and movement of the Fossil watches. Their quality perfectly meets the expectations.

However, it would be insane if anyone expects the company to use expensive movement worth hundreds of dollars in their cheaper and economical watches. Nevertheless, that factor does not affect the quality of their watches, as it properly meets the expectations.

Customer Feedback:

Customer Feedback

Looking at the reviews and opinions of the users, Fossil has mostly positive views. As there are both kinds of positive and negative reviews, so one can expect anything. Nevertheless, most of them are positive ones.

The looks and charm of Fossil watches has impressed and attracted most of people. The modern approach to designs and innovative mechanism has been the main factors in driving the company forwards.

Adding to that, their collaboration with famous brands has added more sugar to their sweet success.

One drawback affecting the company’s reputation is the claim about reliability. Some people claimed the company to have substandard material in metal-based straps.

Some of them had problems with the accuracy of their mechanical watches claiming the Second’s hand to be malfunctioning in their Twist based mechanism series.

On the other side, most of the people with positive reviews claimed their watches to last for at least 10 to 15 years. They were more than satisfied with the quality of Fossil watches. It is a simple rule; “You Get What You Pay For”.

Comparing the quality and reliability of a $100-$200 model with a $1000-$2000 one is actually an insane and foolish act. In addition, fashion addicts actually know the true meaning of a Good Watch.

They know the creativeness of the Fossil line by the fact that they are providing the customers with satisfying quality as per the money paid.

Fossil’s Reputation:

Probably the most recognized and valued fashionable watches brand out there; Fossil’s reputation speaks for itself. Among all the other brands, Fossil is the most versatile one catering to every customer’s fashion demands.

In most of the reviews, this is observed that Fossil is best suitable for the young people who prefer watches with modern and alluring designs rather than going for the quality.

Without any doubt, Quality is a factor that convinces people to go for bigger brands. Especially the likes of Citizen and Seiko are famous for their high-end quality watches but they lack ultra-modern designs.

On the other hand, Fossil has eye-catching designs but its reliability in terms of quality cannot be trusted blindfold. But they are improving their quality as the time is passing by.

To clear any doubts regarding the Chinese production, this is indeed a global fact now that the likes of European and Japanese Wristwear brands are importing most of their manufacturing parts for the watches from China.

Parts like Dials, Cases and Sapphire Glasses are imported from China by most of the international brands you know.

The trend is going to increase by the time. So next time you have any doubts about Chinese material, just go through these facts. It will help you clear your doubts.

Personal Opinion: Is Fossil A Good Watch Brand?

Seeing and assessing all the factors regarding quality and design, one can easily say that Fossil is a good watch brand. In fact, it is the best to choose in terms of fashionable watches.

Fossil is precisely doing it by providing ultra-modern designed watches with decent quality that lasts for years.

In many cases, the quality of a watch is determined by the price where it is sold. For example, a Fossil watch worth $100-$300 will be a good choice.

Many people will disagree as some bigger brands are providing much better quality in this price range; but their designs are not on Fossil’s level. This is the point where Fossil takes the lead.

After going through all the facts, one can easily say fashion addicted people will always go for the Fossil watches neglecting the renowned brands regardless of how much quality they provide.

I think now you have a better idea regarding which one to go for.

After detailed descriptions and reviews, now let us have a look at what Fossil has to offer to his customers.

Review: Fossil Watches Collection

To the date, Fossil featured various categories like Causal, Minimalist, Smart Watches, and Chronograph etc. Let us discuss in detail below:

Fossil Townsman:

Fossil Townsman

Fossil’s most famous watches line, the Townsman features a brown genuine leather strap with Chronograph having a 3-Hand Dial. Roman Numeric is used in the dial to give it a unique look combining the looks of modern and vintage designs.

Adding to that, the Townsman series is equipped with both of the Quartz and Automatic Movement. The Twist feature we discussed above, is beautifully used by the company to make it even more attractive to the customers.

While many models in the Townsman watches possess a skeleton-based theme, they are an attraction for the youngsters. Especially their watches based on Tourbillion design are another interesting thing to look over.

Fossil Minimalist:

Fossil Minimalist

The Fossil Minimalist is an eye-catching and simple graceful looking watch. The perfect dress watch is eye-catching with a sleek design and a readable dial. The lather of the minimalist line is of brown colour with gray sleek dial.

Cross-cutting characteristics which prevalent the stainless steel straps.  These watches come with the 5ATM resistance of water.

All of these are comes for the best dress robe. The standard size of the watch is taken by the best researchers and producers of minimalist line. Also, this sleek brown leather belt watch has 44mm measurements with a standard size of dial.

As everyone has different sizes so check the wrist size guide to choose an appropriate size for your wrist.

Fossil Smartwatches

Fossil Smartwatches

The Fossil introduced the new hybrid and genuine watches in the marketplace. A huge collection of fossils are in the whole globe are available with brand new designs which are affordable and valuable for your wrist.

Three pusher smartwatches are also introduced by the fossil which you wear gently. The functionality of these watches is GPS, heart rate checking, and also uncountable functionality for everyday needs.

These watches are compatible for Android phones and iPhones. If you are looking towards the Fossil smartwatches then this is amazing. You just need to pick best one according to your taste and which one you like.

Hybrid models also come in this generation of watches which makes you for purchase. The dial of watch is monochrome, and e-ink technology is used in this watch.  Interchangeable leather straps are of fine quality which is generally made from leather.

Fossil FB-Line

Fossil FB-Line

The FB-line of fossils consists of their models. These are all different and have different functionality. Fb-03, Fb-02, FB-01 are the three models which are introduced in the Fossil FB-line.

Will you inspire from simplicity?

These watches give you the right appearance of a diving watch. Water resistance of all FB-line models are more than 100m, which is more than 330 ft. This is also perfect for swimming, bathing and in the harsh weather.

The glowing and fine quality watch makes your wrist valuable. Being in the dark region makes a big shine for users. Best ticker watch with high dive resistance.

Fossil Grant

Fossil Grant

The chronograph functionality watches Fossil Grant is sleek and wonderful watch our whole marketplace of this price. Different pushers are used in the watch which measures accurate seconds, minutes, and hours.

With the high-level water resistance at 5 ATM resistance which is roundabout equivalent to the quartz. Stainless steel case with brown leather strips which is removable.

The face of the watch is blue with stainless steel silver combination. The fine quality of leather is used to make the watch luxurious. Compatible for all over the year.

How much do Fossil Watch Cost?

In the run of the marketplace, one thing which is under viewed by the developers is the price. This is the main factor behind the sale of products.

For this reason, Fossil makes a fine quality watch within the budget and the prices as compared to other watches is too low. The cheapest watch is around $50.

We think that this is reasonable and everyone be easily purchase this for making her wrist beautiful. Causal and smartwatches are little bit expensive but affordable watches.

The price range is affordable with different styles and models. So this is best for the users to purchase the best one Fossil Watch for their wrist.

General Features & Warranty

Fossil watches are of the best and unique quality. If you look for a warranty then this is great. Two years of long warranty are given for the different models.

General feedback is responsive and graceful this attract many new users towards the Fossil watches.

The gesture of the watch is graceful. It comes with the brand step. This kind of packing is made anyone wonderful and you gifted it to your loved ones.


The whole information is listed in the article above with detail. As, the ranging speed of business of watches in the whole marketplace. Fossil has become one of the best running brands in the whole market.

Overall this is being a luxury watch that makes your personality graceful.

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