Are Citizen Watches Good? Citizen Watch Review

by Emma Watson

Are Citizen Watches Good? Citizen Watch Review

With the advancement in technology, many Japanese watches have amazed people. These watches have stunned people with their best qualities including quartz movement, solar technology, shock resistance, and multi-brand technology. These are the basic qualities, and there are more to view.

Many brands are famous in the Japanese industry and the most famous and durable brand is Citizen. This brand has an unorthodox name with its origin.

The best thing about these watches is that these watches are considered to be the best watches in terms of technology. With the advancement in technology, these watches have become the most attractive watches in the world.

But what are the basic defining factors which define the quality standards of these watches? In this article, we are going to give you a detailed analysis of these standards.

History of Citizen Watches


Before Citizen, there was the Shokosha Watch Research Institute which was founded in 1918, in Tokyo, Japan, by a famous jeweller known as Kamekichi Yamazaki.

At that time there was a widespread consumption of imported watches and from this idea, Mr. Yamazaki decided to produce such watches which would be less expensive than the imports.

In 1924, after a lot of experiences, he invented a mechanical pocket watch called Citizen. The name of the watch was suggested by the then-mayor of Tokyo, Shinpei Goto. The basic idea behind the name was to represent the availability of timepieces for all citizens.

In the new decade, there was an invention of a new company known as Citizen Watch Co. The brand has become very famous in the eyes of the public and it all happened with the help of Swiss and Japanese investors. After World War II, there was a period of hard times for brands.

Only Citizen was the brand that accompanied the international opportunities and it developed its technologies. Due to this reason, it is still surviving today.

The Parashock was the first invention of the Citizen with a shock-resistance system. It happened in 1956. In order to attract the audience and to check the reliability of the watch, one person dropped it from a helicopter in front of the eyes of thousands of spectators.

The best thing was that the brand raised its importance and maintained the public’s confidence in it.

In 1966, Citizen developed Japan’s first electronic watch. Moreover, in 1970, Citizen produced the world’s first titanium watch which became the leader of manufacturing such watches.

In the same year, there was an invention of the first-ever-solar-powered analog quartz watch. Later, this became the brand’s trademark.

By the end of 1986, Citizen became the largest producer of wristwatches in the world. The brand maintained this title for more than ten years.

At that time, it also introduced the world’s first multi-band atomic timekeeping watch and it became the pioneer of this field. The accuracy of these timepieces is to one second in one hundred thousand years.

One of the most famous innovation called Eco-Drive technology was launched in 1995. With solar technology, the watches became more famous and durable because the watches began to have endless batteries. Nowadays, the Eco-Drive watch is the synonym of Citizen.

In the next years, there was a great innovation. Bulova Watch Company was bought in 2008, and the Swiss Frederique Constant Group was bought in 2016. These transactions made Citizen the most famous brand in the world.

Citizen Brand Review

Now, we have talked about the brilliant achievements of citizen. It is time to have an analysis of the Citizen watch review.

Where Are Citizen Watches Made?

By knowing the place where these watches are made, we can analyze the importance of the watches. With the knowledge of the places where these watches are made, it is easy to have a knowledge of the brilliant and bad watches.

The origin of all Citizen brand watches is in Japan. Citizen has become the most vertically integrated manufacturers in the world. There are various machines which manufacture the parts of the watches.

There is one exception that is the independent Campanola collection. It is the place where the timekeeping modules are produced by a Swiss company called La Joux Perret and it is owned by Citizen.

Some secondary parts which have a little importance are made in place somewhere else than Japan.

When we talk about the origins of the watch movements then we can have knowledge about Miyota which is the prime supplier. The reason behind this is quite simple which is that the world-famous caliber manufacturer belongs to the Citizen Watch Co.

There is also a Citizen’s factory in Iida which is capable of manufacturing one complete quartz movement every second. We can also say that the same plant played an important role during the quartz revolution in the 1970s.

When we compare to typical timepieces, then we will have a knowledge that the higher-end watches from the Citizen Chronomaster line are hand-assembled by Meisters and Super Meisters. They have studies the art of watchmaking for many decades. The interesting thing is that these watches are sold only in Japan and the surrounding areas, but these cost a fortune too.

Citizen Watch Technologies

From several years of existence, Citizen has progressed in developing technological miracles. The most famous and recognized are listed below.

1) Eco-Drive Technology

In 1970, when there was an oil crisis then this raised awareness of people about alternative sources of clean energy.

Then the company responded to the challenge by producing the world’s first light-powered watch in 1976. In the later years, the technology became to be known as Eco-Drive.

The interesting thing of this innovation was that it could convert any light into energy to power a watch. It can store the surplus on a power cell.

The watches also have a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which is charged by an amorphous silicon photocell located behind the dial. Once it is fully charged, then the solar-powered watch can run for months without the need for a light source.

There are some models which have an Insufficient Charge Warning and these alert the wearer of Insufficient light sources by moving the secondhand in 2-second intervals.

There is also an option of Power Saving Function which stops the hands to save energy when the watch is left in the dark. It is a claim by Citizen that some of their best rechargeable batteries can last up-to 40 years.

2) Atomic Timekeeping

In 1993, when there was an introduction of multi-band radio-controlled watches then Citizen became a pioneer in this field. The best thing of Atomic watch is that it receives signals from radio transmitters and adjusts time several times at night. The accuracy of these watches is one second in thousands of years.

In the first radio-controlled watch from Citizen, there was an antenna running vertically across the dial. The basic design was due to the interferences from metal parts which influenced weak radio signals entering the receiving circuit.

In the next innovation, the antenna moved from the dial to the side of the watch, and the current technology of hidden receiver under the full metal case cam out in 2003.

3) Satellite Wave

An innovation that was derived from atomic timekeeping is Satellite Wave Technology. When there is such a situation that a multi-band timepiece depends on the distance from the transmitter and it would not be able to switch between all the timezones, the satellite has such a quality that it can receive timely updates anywhere in the world. It does not matter where you are located.

The history of the invention of this technology by Citizen is in 2011. The best thing is that the watches receive time reception in three seconds, and it is one of the fastest results on the market. It is interesting to know that all the time-zones in the world are covered.

4) Super Titanium

Citizen is the pioneer of titanium wristwear, and it is the most reliable and affordable titanium watch brand around the world. The brand has been able to exploit the features of the metal to its limits. The interesting thing is that the Super Titanium is five times harder and 40% lighter than stainless steel.

When the watches are treated with Duratect which is Citizen’s proprietary surface-hardening technology, there can be a production of scratch-resistant, lightweight, hypoallergenic, and rust-resistant wrist-wear.

5) Quartz Technology

Quartz Technology

The brand is also famous due to the most accurate quartz timepieces in the world. Many years ago, the Citizen Chronomaster CTQ57-0954 was considered as the most accurate watch with a rating of +/-5 seconds a year.

After some years, in 2018, they was an introduction of the prototype Caliber 0100 in a sapphire glass which had an unprecedented accuracy of +/-1 second a year. It set a new record.

Although, the brand is not an innovator of quartz movement, but it has taken the role of increasing the technology to the highest heights possible.

Citizen Watch Quality

There is no doubt that the technologies that citizens provides are the best technologies in the world. When we talk about their prices, then it is beyond the shadow of a doubt that these watches are really costly in terms of their qualities. But only innovations cannot measure their importance, we have to consider the materials and movements as well.

Watch Materials

Mostlt watch cases are of titanium, but there are also some cases of stainless steel. There is no doubt that titanium provides a super quality in terms of reliability, but stainless steel also provides the durability a high-quality watch requires.

Sapphire crystal and mineral crystal are also used in dial coverings. You can also find sapphire in the pricier models and mineral glass in affordable watches. Different brands are made from stainless steel, rubber, leather, and fabric.

Watch Movements

By having Miyota company, which is the powerhouse in movement manufacturing, Citizen can produce the highest quality and reliability standards. All the most famous and durable quartz movements have become the quality of Citizen. The most important are the A660 and Caliber 0100, but it does not mean that the other movements are not of high quality.

There are some modest mechanisms that may not provide the highest accuracy, but they still provide the quality and durability which is expected from a highly reliable timepiece carrying such movement.

The most emphasis is placed on Eco-Drive quartz movements. There are also some watches that have an automatic self-winding mechanism as well.

Citizen Reputation

From several years, Citizen has achieved a high quality of success and reputation. The major achievements are in terms of the watch technologies. We have Eco-Drive watches which are the most recognized solar-powered timepieces in the world.

These provide ultimate convenience for buyers as well as reliability. It is the quality of a Citizen Eco-Drive wristwatch to last for more than 20 years.

The best quality of titanium watches is that they are lightweight and ultra-durable, while the atomic precision watches have an ability to adjust to the correct time and time-zone in the shortest possible time. Both the brands: Citizen and Seiko, are the most famous and highly recognized brands in the industry.

With the battle between both the brands, these both have achieved the better results in terms of their technology and achievements.

There is also a new rival named Casion, and it is still not clear that which brand occupies the first place. Citizen is also famous for being the official timekeeper of the US Open tennis championship from 1993 to 2017.

In addition, there have been sponsorships with the Japanese watch brand from Manchester United football club and Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team.

How Much Does a Citizen Watch Cost?

As there is a variety of Citizen watch, so you can find watches ranging from $300 to $600 and so on. The better the quality and technology, the higher the price.

The best thing about Eco-Drive watches is that these are available in all price categories. But on the other hand the prices of Super Titanium or Satellite Wave technologies are higher. The most famous and durable watches with the previously described technologies are priced between $1,000-$2,000.

So, Are Citizen Watches Good?

Yes, all the Citizen watches are very good and durable in terms of their quality. The technology provides the utmost convenience and the prices are genuinely affordable which make the brand one of the best affordable watch companies in the world.

The partnerships with the various international brands in the world how their important. It also shows the worldwide acceptance of the brand.

As the brand is investing a high amount into research and development, we can say that the high-quality standards will not fade away in the coming years.

Citizen Watches

This review would not be complete if we do not look into the collections of the brand. In this article, we are also going to explain to you the best Citizen watches which are famous and durable nowadays.

1) Citizen Promaster

Citizen Promaster

It is the most prestigious collection from the Citizen brand. It comprises Air, Land, Sea, and Racing lines. Due to its wide selection of wristwear for numerous walks of life, the brand is individuality in its own.

These watches possess ISO standards to depths of 200m to 1,000m. These are also powered by light. We can say that these are the most diving watches which are available below $500.

Some Aviation watches including the Navyhawk and the Skyhawk come with atomic time and chronograph function.

These also come with the Land series which offer shock-resistance timepieces with Super Titanium coating. The Racing line also provides a stopwatch function and a tachymeter in its wristwear.

There are also some automatic watches, but these are minimum in numbers.

2) Citizen World Chronograph A-T

Citizen World Chronograph A-T

It is the basic collection for accuracy chasers and regular international travellers. It best quality is that it is capable of adjusting the watch in various time zones. There is also a stopwatch that can measure intervals to 1/20 second precision, along with a rotating inner slide rule bezel for measurement unit conversions.

The faces of World series watches also look rich in detail which gives a luxurious impression. The combination of stainless steel cases with classy bands complements the luxuriousness. This watch is available for as little as $200-$500.

3) Citizen PCAT

Citizen PCAT

It is another line of wristwear with atomic timekeeping. PCAT stands for Perpetual Chrono Atomic Time, so it features a chronograph function that measures in 1-second intervals for up to 60 minutes.

There is also a perpetual calendar that never needs manual adjustments. The combination of Eco-Drive movement with atomic timekeeping provides accurate time.

4) Citizen Satellite Wave

Citizen Satellite Wave

These watches are capable of receiving timekeeping signals in an astonishing three seconds. These are covered with ion-plated stainless steel and sapphire crystal.

An inner dial circle features 27 major cities in different time zones, while the small circle shows weekdays. There is a guarantee to 10 ATM of water resistance which is perfect for snorkelling, swimming, and showering.

5) Citizen Corso

Citizen Corso

These watches represent the classic style of the brand. Simple Analog watches come with amazing Eco-Drive quartz movement.

The best thing about these watches is that these are perfect for business wear which presents well-mannered apparel. There is also a prevalence of stainless steel cases and mineral crystals.

6) Citizen Chandler

Citizen Chandler

The interesting thing about Citizen watches is that they are employed in the military. This watch is basically for this field. It offers simple yer practical military-inspired timepieces. These are also the most affordable watches from Citizen.

It looks amazing with readable numbers and luminous indices. There is also a combination of fabric and leather straps that sit comfortably to the wrist. It is also interesting to know that Eco-Drive solar technology powers the watches.

7) Citizen Brycen

Citizen Brycen

It comes in various colours and mostly use leather straps. It is also interesting to know that the glass is of mineral crystal, and watch hands glow in the dark.

There is also the 1/5-second precision stopwatch along with a tachymeter or a bezel on the outer circle for time measurements.

8) Citizen Drive

Citizen Drive

It contains a variety of watches ranging from traditional styles to sportier timepieces. When we talk about sports, then a chronograph functions with a tachymeter comes in lap timing and distance and speed measuring. The best thing is that the protrusive pushers add volume, while colourful dials bring out the flashy nature of the watches. There is also an Analog face with three hands which are powered by solar energy. Water-resistance is up to 10 ATM.

Citizen’s Warranty Policy

We have explained many reasons of the brand’s popularity. Now, we are going to talk about the warranty policy. There is an astonishing five-year limited warranty. It entails automatic and quartz watches in the world.

Some countries are the USA, Canada, the UK, and Australia. In the EU, except for the British Islands, there warranty is for two years. You must make sure that the warranty policy is not changed because the warranty policy tends to change over time.

Where To Buy Citizen Watches?

As the brand is very famous, so you will not find it difficult to purchase the watch. There are numerous online stores which is the best way of purchasing. Amazon has the most extensive selection of Citizen watches at the lowest prices. There is another option of Citizen’s homepage, and there you will find some information on the watches.

Conclusion: Citizen Watch Review

After reading the entire article, you must have an idea about the Citizen brand. There are innovative timepieces with the latest technologies. This brand is also the pioneer of solar-powered technology and atomic timekeeping. We have tried our best to give you a detailed analysis of the Citizen brand, and now it is your choice to choose.

All the watches are good for different purposes. You need to make sure that which qualities you need and which watch fulfils the requirements.

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