Best Watches For Firefighters In 2021 (9 Affordable Reviews)

Daily, the firefighters help needy peoples for the well-being of society. Always firefighters ready to fill an entire needs.

Almost all firefighters use the fire helmet and all other apparatus in among that causes also a high-quality durable watch and better for firefighters.

The world’s fastest job is for firefighters who are always ready to help in every condition. In these conditions, they need such a watch that can easily withstand water, heat and many other conditions.

So you choosing the best watches firefighter, It meets all these features. It means this timepiece protects from in water, heat and more dangerous attacks while there is no harm in that.

Best Watches for Firefighters in 2021

In Firefighters watches range many latest models come like a Sinn EMZ 7 and the Aquaforce firefighters model. These models packed from expensive models features.

The main feature is water-resistant of makes them ideal from other watches. It comes with different varieties of styles and colours that make models much special.

Below is a list of our best watches for firefighters, In which we have described each according to its features and price.

We discuss which watch you should choose as firefighters and What are the points we have to look at before the choose?. In the same way, we have a curated list on how to pick the best watches under $50 and watches for firefighters.

Let’s move on according to our list!

See our comparison table below!





Casio G-Shock MudMaster

Digital compass, Temperature readings, Countdown timer, 200 M water resistance

Marathon Tritium Search and Rescue

multiple colors, 300M water resistance, Stainless Steel

Aquaforce Firefighter Watch

Durable polyurethane strap, 200M water Resistance, 2 year warranty

Fireman Storm Chaser Pro

Genuine Leather strap, 100 M water resistance, Durable body

Sinn EZM 7

Magnetic Field Protection up to 80,000 A/m, Sapphire crystal glass, scratch-resistant

Samsung Galaxy SM

Multiple built-in sensor, heart rate monitor, water resistant up to 50 meters

SUUNTO 7 GPS Sports Smart Watch

Moon phase calendar, sunrise alert, weather trend alert

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch

Track your location, compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones.

Suunto Spartan Sport Smartwatch

100m water resistance, durable color touch screen

09- Casio G-Shock MudMaster

Casio G-Shock MudMaster

We began to explain a new watch from our list with many latest features to make the work firefighters easier. Peoples knows that MudMaster series from Casio is known for better.

When you are purchasing a G-Shock MudMaster, you are paying with many features like it is water-resistant up to 200 meters rating, a compass, a thermometer sensor and minerals glass. Also, it comes with well-designed straps made from the material.

The best G-Shock watch for firefighters is better. In the same way, if you love Casio and tank built rugged watches then you going the wrong way. so If you pick in these outdoor activities MudMaster series then it’s perfect for you.

Leading Glance

  • These watches built to endure intense weather conditions.
  • The Casio G-shock built to manage outdoor activities since it inbuilt thermometer.
  • It is mud resistant mean it’s protected from mud and handle hard terrains.
  • Casio G-Shock is specially designed to take a beating because it is water-resistant up to 200 meters rating.

08- Marathon Tritium Search and Rescue

Marathon Tritium

The Marathon TSAR is just like a luxury watch with a luxury price point since most of the luxuries features include. Although the company makes stainless steel case timepiece for search and rescue divers but watches specially designed for firefighters.

It is water-resistant down to 1000 feet/300-meter rating. Rather made from a hypo-allergic 316L surgical grade stainless steel. Synthetic anti-reflective sapphire is known as a crystal that protects sturdy inner workings is.

The clock face is illuminated with tritium gas tubes rather would which retains light for 25 years. That’s mean it glow during the day and at night.

07- Aquaforce Firefighter Watch

Aquaforce Firefighter Watch

At the end of reviews, we take the Aquaforce Firefighter Watch that it is a unique design and comes with at different varieties of styles. although these first watches do not fall into the category of luxuries watches reviews, it still, even so, it works perfectly with fire safety features.

Similarly, it is a water-resistant rating of 300 meters and comes with an ABC case these features it makes better from other watches.

06- Fireman Storm Chaser Pro

When you think about to tritium-equipped watch for firefighters then you know that these talk about Fireman Storm Chaser Pro because it comes with many features.

The best wristwatch for firefighters is a unique design and comes at 42 mm in diameter. Also, Combined with the chronograph, You can use the telemeter on the bazel to calculate how far the storm is.

In addition to this clock time measurement system, Fireman Storm Chaser Pro CM3090C-S1J-WH and the Fireman Storm Chaser Pro CM3090C-L1J-BK are the head watch for the firefighting environs.

These are many astounding features of the timepiece such as it’s water-resistant up to 100-meter rating, shock resistance, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and tritium tubes on the hands.

Even it includes indices that is a perfect thing to makes better from other watches. It comes with genuine leather straps that are a good thing.

Leading Glance

  • Comes with a great leather strap.
  • Built to endure every intense weather condition.
  • It’s water-resistant up to 100 meters rating.

05- Sinn EZM 7

Sinn EZM 7

It features a colour-coded bezel Which offers a wind pattern for people to read off the relevant duration when using respiratory devices. You can easily read time and set the captive bezel with wearing gloves on hand.

Sinn made many timepieces, includes much of features like changes in temperature, tanks to prevent: penetration of water and dust and the influence of magnetic forces.

It comes with luminous indices that make ensure legibility in the dark mode and this watch is especially for firefighters. While it has a unique and great design.

Leading Glance

  • Comes with dual timezone functionality and Magnetic field protection.
  • Captive protection bezel
  • Its made from submarine steel.

Best Smartwatch for Firefighters

Here we have a few Best Smartwatch for Firefighters that is very important to wear for you. They have many smart features such as connects your smartphone via wireless or Bluetooth. Also, they have a touchscreen, water resistance, scratch resistance, and comfortable straps. So we discuss below best smartwatches for firefighters in detail.

The 4 best smartwatches for firefighters are:

  • Samsung Galaxy SM
  • Suunto Traverse Alpha
  • Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch
  • Suunto Spartan Sport Smartwatch

04- Samsung Galaxy SM-R800NZSAXAR Watch Smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy is one of the best smartwatches for firefighters because a lot of features included and comes at an affordable price.

A firefighter can do anything for saves other peoples lives let them take care of their own lives.

So firefighter wears the best Samsung Galaxy smartwatch those will be beneficial for you. It can withstand every hard situation because it is water and shock-resistant.

You can easily use and if you go to another place then it traces your location because it has a GPS tracker. Even The Samsung Watch is easy to wear and comes with a comfortable strap.

Also, it has a built-in health tracking system, Bluetooth connection. You can connect via wireless or Bluetooth your smartphone for getting some important information.

The best wrist watch for firefighter comes with a lithium battery, while you can stay connected for the day on a single charge. In the same way, you can connect iOS smartphones and Android via Bluetooth connection which is a huge feature of this smartwatch.

These are the things also comes with a watch such as 2 sizes additional strap, Travel Adaptor, Quick Start Guide, User Manual and most important is Wireless charging Dock.

03- SUUNTO 7 GPS Sports Smart Watch

SUUNTO 7 GPS Sports Smart Watch

It is the best smartwatch for firefighters on the market since it comes with many features includes a great battery life of 14 days and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Even it is water-resistant up to 100 meters rating which is best but not better another watches.

Rather its comes with nylon straps, Which prevents heat from entering the body.

The main feature is built-in GPS and GLONASS systems that is an advantage fully for tracking your any path without wasting time. While it timepiece is rugged for firefighting since it comes with a barometer, digital compass for thorough outdoor activities and an altimeter.

02- Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch

Today Samsung took a high position in the smart technology industry, you would be shocked to know that this company produces many tough and latest smart technology watches. While you can wear for outdoor activities and firefighting.

The Samsung Gear 3 is one of the best smartwatches, a firefighter can easily afford at a reasonable price range and carry along every day and every time.  

while remaining very resistant to water, mud and shock, It provides a good 8-hour battery service and that is proud of it.

It connects Without interruption to IOS and Android smartphones since gives you access to smart notifications. These watches better for firefighter because you can access to different watch faces and possibility to change the bands as well.

01- Suunto Spartan Sport Smartwatch

Suunto Spartan Sport Smartwatch

The Suunto Spartan is one of those smartwatches, it comes with different features including support for activity tracking, GPS/GLONASS navigation, step count and also a heart rate monitor.

The watch is water-resistant up to 100 meters rating, even comes with more feature a digital compass, altimeter, and a barometer.

In addition to its resistance to water, it is mud resistant and a rugged clock as good. Also, this watch screen is bright, crisp and responsive.  

How to select the best watch for firefighters

Every shift is erratic according to the status of the firefighter. pick a better watch for firefighter be a very hard work since you have to take into thoughts their hard working conditions.

Mud Resistant

As a firefighter When you purchase a watch then you see this watch can do work rescue operations to catastrophic mudslides and rescue. Find watches with such features


A compass used in every watches(including firefighter watches) for easy navigation. If this feature is an added in watch then better for you which is a great advantage.


When shopping of the watch for firefighting, look out for those that are which helps to read time during at night or in the dark. It’s able to show time at night or in the dark.

Water Resistance

Firefighter deals every time extreme weather conditions and water in conditions that causes you would want to use water-resistant watches. So it’s water-resistant up to 100 meters rating.

With this in mind, You need a watch that can withstand water. If you want to high water-resistant rating and takes interest in dive watches, We have a good guide on dive watches for you.

Shock Resistance                    

When purchasing for the best watches for firefighters, first you look that is a shock-resistant.

In every day a firefighter face many difficulties, include a fire they need to extinguish, Or an emergency for a sick person, Many accidents that require medical attention.

These watches are shock-resistant will withstand all activities.

Type of Straps

Anything made of metal or thermal conductors can be very dangerous to wear in a firefighting environment for life. Also, avoid synthetic strap-like nylon because it is more dangerous for life.

Use the resign straps since it is better for your skin and withstand survivable temperatures. Its strap good though its low-end choice as well.


A barometer using for reading the current air pressure, which is a hugely useful feature in fighting fires. Also, it helps firefighter when it comes to fighting the fire.

Brand and Warranty

When it comes to investing in firefighting watches, you should ask a question from brands what watch do work well for a long term of time. Even these brands made many watches though it still Is it a good investment and that pass the quality test?

Before investment, check out if a warranty of the clock exists then you choose since it is a good selection for you.

However, when shopping for the best watches for firefighters, what all the special features include this product then pick this clock.

Best Firefighter Watch Brands

Once it comes to select the best watches for firefighters, Many brands stand in the industry because a lot of brands makes watches, bands, and more things which cause before investing check it all brands. While every brand makes a different product and different clock quality.

Sinn Spezialuhren

Sinn Spezialuhren GmbH brand sells the firefighter watches and divers. Also, it sells pilot watches which is better for the pilot. This company situated in Frankfurt am Main.

In 1993 this company makes the quality firefighter watches. It makes good quality watches to maintain the company’s name since its better for you.

The company have won many awards around the globe because it makes timepiece from better material. Also, won awards including Goldene Unruh awards in Germany.

The Ball

The ball is one of the great company also makes many watches for firefighters. These make timepiece from the name of the Fireman model which is much prominent and famous in the industry.

While the ball company rank at a high position and makes a clock from the pure material. In the globe, most of the peoples wear these timepieces and its comfortable for your wrist.


The Casio is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of mechanical watches and made from the stainless steel. The Mudmaster G-Shock brands are very popular among the firefighters since they make them with the same material and affordable price range. 

Also, fits the sensors on the clock face. Casio is one of the best affordable watch brands

Even the Casio company makes the best watches for firefighters at a reasonable range and pure material. We also know that the Casio known for many niches includes digital cameras, calculator and electronic keyboard.

The company has been making watches for the last 50 years that cause It has a good position in the industry.

Best Watches for Firefighter – FAQs

Can firefighters wear Apple watches?

Yes, the firefighters can wear the best apple watches and smartwatches without any worries. Although the Apple brand comes with a high price these watches were not designed for the durability needs of a firefighter. Even it is not scratch-resistant that is a big drawback of this apple brand.

What watch do firefighters wear?

Sinn Spezialuhren, The Ball, and Casio that are the biggest watch brands those firefighters can wear. These brands make better timepieces, comes with a reasonable price range, latest features and classic design.

What is the firefighter motto?

The Firefighters wants to appear in every place where peoples can need some help. Since they would want to fill every people need that’s the reason they went to every place where who called can you help me. So Firefighters motto is to meet the needs of the people.


When shopping for the best watches for firefighters, a lot of options available will you look at since many brands make different types of watch for a firefighter.

At the end of reviews, We are telling you that who what works for others cannot work for you. That’s why we’ve outlined some important tips that can help you make that choice.

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