8 Best Watches for Nurses: (2024 Guide & Reviews)

by Emma Watson

8 Best Watches for Nurses: (2024 Guide & Reviews)

If you are seeking the best watches for nurses? Nurses do a lot of work during their shifts at work. Different tasks are tracking patients’ vitals, charting, med time and there is a lot of work going on during the day.

With all of these in mind, they will need clocks to do good work. Even With these tasks in mind, we provide a handcrafted list of top nurse watches.

Hopefully, it can help accomplish all these tasks as a nurse. In the same way, if you are searching a good gift for a nurse then a nurse watch is a great idea.  

With a lot of various variety of watches in the supermarkets. It is very difficult to work to choose great watches that every nurse wants to put on.

In short, we have eight types of watches for nurses without your time-wasting. We have described each one in terms of its benefits, pros and cons, and features.

Which of The Best Watches for Nurses?

Here we’ve got a few Best Watches for Nurses that are specially designed for nurses because they require a fantastic watch. So that check the blood pressure, heart rate and much more.

Also, we discuss below Best Watches for Nurses with a Second Hand in detail.

08- Prestige Medical Nurse Glow Watch: (Best Watches for Nurses)

Best Watches for Nurses - Prestige Medical Nurse Glow Watch

  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with simple designs
  • Slim and lightweight, comfortable for wrist
  • Not suitable for a large wrist
  • There is a risk of glass breaking

The Prestige Medical Nurse watch is best for people with slender wrists. It comes with a military time dial and it luminous in the dark which is best for the night shift. The timepiece lens is made from glass.

Water Resistance 50 meters
Band Material Leather
Movement Quartz
Dial Mineral
Case Material Stainless Steel
Case Thickness 8mm
Case Diameter 38mm

On the dial white with red, and black numbers is very nice, it best for easy to read. It comes with many features which are the large dial, water-resistant and with a band made of leather. Even it has a red second hand for easy readability.

07- Timex Women’s Weekender: (Best Timex Watches for Nurses)

Timex Women’s Weekender

  • Has a Military time format
  • made from high quality
  • Comes with comfortable straps
  • Durable and powerful clock
  • Easily read time and change straps
  • The straps stain very easily
  • Comes with Nylon bands those not easy to clean

The Timex Women’s Weekender made from high quality and it is affordable. Also, this clock comes with five latest distinct colours, providing a variety of designs. Even it dial has 24-hours military time, those you read very easily. 

Water Resistance 30.2 meters
Band Material Leather
Movement Japanese Quartz
Dial Mineral
Case Material Brass
Case Thickness 8mm
Case Diameter 31mm

For night shift, It has an Indiglo light-up watch dial. It is water-resistant which causes it can withstand splashes or brief immersion in water, Although not best for swimming and bathing.

Timex is one of the best watch brands under the $100 line. Its clocks are very durable, reliable, and come with an iconic Indiglo backlight.

06- VAVC Scrub Medical Watch: (Best Medical Watches for Nurses)

VAVC Scrub Medical Watch

This watch is designed according to medical professionals in mind. This scrub is one of the best watches for nurses with the latest features and a large wrist. These come with many features, latest colures and designs.

Water Resistance 50 meters
Band Material Leather
Movement Japanese Quartz
Dial Hardlex
Case Material Stainless Steel
Case Thickness 8.5mm
Case Diameter 40mm
  • Luminous second hand
  • Has a big dial that easy to read numbers
  • Feels better and classy on the wrist
  • Not good for a small wrist

This timepiece dial is very Luminous that is large enough and easy to read. Even it has a red second hand that is best for dial because it sees distinctly and increases the readability.

The watch made from stainless steel material which comes with leather straps. In this waterproof and sturdier case, The latter is considered better because the leather is still enough for the profession. 

Also, it can withstand splashes of water because it has water-resistant for up to 50 meters rating.

Overall, if you want a watch for a nurse with a distinct second hand, it is especially for you and a better choice for the nurse.

05- Speidel Medical Scrub Watch: (Best Speidel Watches for Nurses)

Speidel Medical Scrub Watch


  • Has an electroluminescent dial
  • For a night shift, it has a backlight function
  • Easy to read in the dark
  • Comes with a silicone wristband


  • Not a sweeping second hand!
  • The watch glow does not last longer

The Spiedel Medical Scrub Glow watch is one of the best watches for nurse because it is another great timepiece with the 24-hours military time display. As a nurse, you can easily read the time.

Water Resistance 50 meters
Band Material Silicone
Movement Japanese Quartz
Dial colour White
Case Material Stainless Steel
Case Thickness 9.2mm
Case Diameter 38mm

You remember that this red second hand is very distinct over the white dial. The most important thing of this model is when using the second hand for vial readings looks very pretty.

It made from stainless steel that’s why it comes with easy to clean super soft silicone band. Also, this model comes with a stainless steel case. The superb timepiece is water-resistant for up to 50 meters.

The major highlight of this watch is its dial very luminous. It comes with an electroluminescent dial which is the main feature of this clock. Even you can easily read in the dark and its hands also luminous.

Best Smart Watch for Male and Female Nurses

We have some latest Best Smart Watch for Male and Female Nurses that need in hospitals to check blood pressure and heart rate.

For Nurses(Male & Female) are very beneficial because it can help to manage time and gives the medication to the patient at the right interval.

04- Apple Watch for Nurses: (Best Apple SmartWatches for Nurses)

Apple Watch Series 5

  • Better for wrist(Strong and comfortable)
  • Always on Display feature
  • Comes with 32GB of space and a large range of apps
  • Very expensive
  • It does not work on older iPhone

Though on the pricey side, this smartwatch made from high-quality material. It is specially designed to satisfy the users in every way possible. The Apple Watch is the best solid wristwatch on the planet

Water Resistance Swimproof
Band Material Aluminium or Stainless Steel
Fall Detection Yes
Features Electrical and optical heart sensors, ECG app  etc
Processor 64-bit dual-core S5 processor
Case Thickness 10.7mm
Case Diameter 40mm, 44mm

This model comes with a larger screen display that increases readability. It’s easy to rechargeable and easy to use. Has a great dial that looks better on your wrist.

Most of the latest features include those that make better from other models. It has an iTunes store, nurses can easily use the many apps to extend the usability of the watch.

Also, you can download the many apps related to healthcare. Like a Nursing Central app.

In addition to showing the time, it has the ability to track personal vitals. It has many latest features related to health like an activity tracker for workouts and the heart rate monitor.

Also, you can use it as a sports watch. Since it is one of the best sports watches.

03- Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch (Best Fitbit for Nurses)

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

  • Battery lasts longer
  • It is water-resistant
  • Easy to recharge
  • Easy to clean up
  • Comes with a comfortable wrist strap
  • The glass may be prone to Often scratches easily

With the advancement in technology, smartwatch demand are increasing day by day because it has many latest features included. In every profession these timepieces needs.

It is an ideal watch to monitor health since it has an on tracking their resting heart rate or RHR and heart rate detector or monitor that helps to measure the heart rate.

In the same way, it comes with newcomer features among which are: tracking calories you burned, tracking their resting heart rate or RHR, Features messaging and call functions, and recording workouts and sports activities.

For taking a patient’s pulse, you will use the Analog timepiece display. It even, it shows the time secondhand and shows with many health features. It has a battery lifespan of up to 5 days and is easy to recharge.

Also, it easy to clean up.

Best Fob/Lapel Watches

We discuss below Best Fob/Lapel Watches because it is very beneficial for nurses. Even it comes with a beautiful hang that’s why The nurse can hang it with her shirt.

So provides a shortlist of best Fob/Lapel watches those we discuss below in detail.

02- Nurse Medical Clip-On Watch: (Best Fob Watches)

Nurse Medical Clip-On Watch 

  • Has a second hand
  • Comes with a security pin
  • Luminous in the dark
  • Easy to clean
  • It does not bright lasts longer

If you are searching for a unique nurse pocket watch, then it is the best choice for you. You can easily purchase a variant of 3 colorful watches for the same price.

Water Resistance No
Special Feature Luminous
Movement Japanese Quartz
Case Material Silicon Rubber
Fall Detection Yes
Case Thickness 10mm
Case Diameter 39.8mm

It made from a silicone material that is easy to clean. Also, this dob watch is durable that’s why it can withstand splashes of water although not suitable for swimming, bathing or diving.

The fob timepiece works according to the quartz movement. Likewise, the dial is legible and elegant. Even you can easily read in the dark which is better for the night shift. It has a security pin that makes it easy to attach to the nurse uniform.

01- WIOR Nurse Lapel Pin Watch: (Best WIOR Watches for Nurses)

Best Watches for Nurses - IOR Nurse Lapel Pin Watch

  • Easy to clean
  • Survives alcohol wipes
  • classy design
  • suitable for unisex
  • Comes at affordable price
  • Is not a durable
  • Too heavy

This fob watch is perfect for a nurse who does not wear wristwatches. The timepiece is water-resistant and protects from many daily activities like touching the water although not a perfect for bathing, swimming, or diving.

Water Resistance No
Display Analog
Movement Quartz
Case Material TAlloy
Case Thickness 10mm
Case Diameter 33mm

Made from an alloy means you can easily clean. It has luminous hands and red second hand those looks very elegant. It comes with a diameter of 33mm and strong straps.

How to Choose the Best Watch for nurses in 2023 (Buying Guide)

Watches come with many latest, new varieties and different brands. Likewise, the nurse timepiece also comes with these features. Before shopping, you require to consider to some latest features. Luckily we have you covered.


As a nurse, one activity you do is wash your hands frequently, so it requires a water resistance watch. However, You want to take the watch off your wrist. Likewise, use a water-resistant timepiece and avoid dropping the watch while repeatedly handling liquids.

Military Time

If you are searching for a good time format watch, so you pick up the military time format timepiece. Some nurses want to fill out a chart in military format, so this watch has the ability to fill your out chart according to military time format.


In the nursing field, every time you contact with liquids that’s why is need washing your hands frequently. Later you want to dry it quickly so, think about resin, silicone, rubber.

If you want to use the best material then go for and use. The main reason for the material is easy to clean and dry off faster.

For instance, a silicon band better than a leather band because it is comfortable for your wrist, even they are easy to clean and dry off faster. Although the leather band takes a lot of time for clean and dry off.

Size and Legibility

For a nurse, the type of watch is very necessary. Using a watch that those feel better on the wrist and easy to readable. Choose a watch that makes you feel lighter and has a larger dial.

Backlight or Glow-in-the-dark

A watch with a backlight feature is very necessary for nurses because it makes an easier job during a night shift. You can easily read in the dark.

So these timepieces are better for your choice if you have to push a button to activate a backlight then it looks very luminous.

Even it very glows in the dark, so our top priority you take these timepieces and enjoy life without any worries.


As a nurse, How much should you spend on a medical watch? because our guide always considers your budget. Even we have a lot of top watches for nurses at affordable prices.

You should use affordable watches because it is best for all types of watches. Every latest feature is included.

Significant Reasons Nurses Wear Watches

Timekeeping is of the most important of nursing jobs. many hospitals have a clock fixed on the wall from which you can easily see the time. but still, in certain circumstances, you would not follow them.

For instance, when you take care to the patient then if you use the best watches for nurses so better for you. Similarly, these timepieces can help to make jobs easier. In the same way, why do nurses wear watches?

Scheduling and Administering medication

While when nurse administers medication to their patients then these best medical watches can help them. It helps to track intervals between medications. Similarly, the nurse knows how often the medicine should be given at perfect time intervals.

With medication administered, the nurse should use these timepieces and gives the medication at the right time. If patients take good medication at proper time intervals then they feel better and Can recover quickly.

Tracking and recording vitals

Counting heartbeats and breathing is a vital task of a nurse that it needs a timepiece for a duty. So as a nurse, you can choose the best medical watches that can help tracked and record accurately vital tasks.

The main question of the nurse is the accuracy of the time.

In the same way, a nurse wears a personal watch then you know the importance of the best watches for nurses.

Similarly, a nurse can find out about her patient’s current health condition, so it comes with the latest features.

Documentation and Lab Charting

Medical documentation and lab charting are most necessary, often nurse requires a great timepiece for accurate time and date records of treatments, tests, and assessments.

Because it has many smart features includes, it keeps accurate time, is water-resistant and more. You must choose for casual and formal activities which can help in every work.

With the patient’s personal interactions, it may be used very best at proper time intervals. You can easily give medication to a patient at proper time intervals.

Important Types of Nurse Watches

There are a lot of types of watches available in the markets although we talk about some special best watches for nurses. These are important for nurse because it requires for every time(night and day shifts).

Fob or Lapel Watch

Nurse likes lightweight watches, those better look on the wrist. They wear this timepiece in the pocket of the uniform. Although in some hospitals watches wear on the wrist is very Necessary.

In circumstances, you can use the best lapel watches for the nurse. These are best for the wrist and it can hang from the pocket of the uniform.

Now, when you picked up to read it face the right way because it is luminous and readable.

Analog/Digital Watch

For nurse a lot of opinions to wear the best watches. Some are Analog and digital timepieces. The Analog models come with the traditional second hand that is very useful for work.

On the other hand, the digital model comes with a military time format that is useful for filling out charts.

Whatever watch if you want to use for works our choice is better for you. Also, some nurse likes fob watches but we recommend you use those comfortable for your wrist.

Smart Watch

The notification system is better for nurses because when nurses doing work and some things are forgotten, so these timepieces are required for remembering. It has an alarm system to get reminders of any type.

While smartwatches do not have any traditional second hand because it made for many works at the same time. Even it can measure the seconds and enhance the readability.

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

1). What is a nursing watch?

For professional nurses, nursing watches are necessary for the job. Nurses doing many works like it measure pulse rate or taking blood pressure. So, It is very important to have Accurate timekeeping to give medicine to the patients as well as to treat them on time.

2). Can nurses use Apple watches?

the best apple watches are best for nurses because a lot of features are included in smartwatches. Even you can easily measure the blood pressure and pulse rate.

Much professional healthcare use this timepiece and recipe notifications and messages on their wrist. Also, you give the medication to the patient at proper time intervals.

3). Why do nurses wear a watch?

There are three main reasons why nurses wear watches. As a nurse, you can use to ensure patient medication at proper time intervals.

In the same way, you can measure the pulse rate and take blood pressure. These timepieces are easy to wear on your wrist and also easy to clean.


The best watches for nurses will make an easier job and life though you prefer to pick the right choice. All smartwatches reviewed in the post upper hand can help to choose the best watch with features.

As a nurse, you can wear it for keeping healthy.

Our mentioned list is not definitive because it gives you a clue about what kind of watch to wear as a nurse. If you are a nurse then share your unique thoughts about nurse watches in the comments section what kind of watch you wear?

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