Which Wrist Should you Wear your Watch on? Left or Right

Which Wrist Should you Wear your Watch on? Left or Right

Most of the times there are certain general rules which must be followed because these are the dominant rules. The general rule, in this case, is that people should wear their watch on the non-dominant hand(Left). But the question will come Which wrist should you wear your watch on? Left or Right and which wrist to wear a watch.

Make sure that this rule is applicable to both men and women. If we do some data calculation then we come to know that 70-95% of people are right-handed and their dominant hand is also right hand.

It means that their non-dominant hand is left hand and people should wear their watch on their non-dominant hand: Left hand. Now it means that the statement, “Most people should wear their watch on their right hand” is true. So people must wear their watch on their right hand.

There must have arisen a question in your mind that why we should wear our watch on the left hand? The answer is that when you do your daily tasks then you should not feel irritation on the right hand by the watch.

So you can do your daily tasks easily. If you are doing some work in the dryer and you say “Hello” to someone then you have to wave your right hand. There is a possibility that the watch on the right hand might get scratched or knocked into something.

Why do people wear watches on their right hand?

We can mention the four reasons which clearly explain why you need to wear a watch on your right hand.

  • You’re left-handed
  • You just don’t care about “rules” that have arbitrary origins
  • Utility
  • Comfort

Let’s take a look at some other factors:

Traditionally, Which wrist Do Watches go on? Left Or Right Wrist?

Which wrist Do Watches go on

The keyword in the statement is “traditionally”. Tradition is an ambiguous word. We have described clearly the ideas about this above. The choice is yours because you yourself wear a watch and it looks better on which hand, you know better than us. We described how it is your choice to choose or not. I choose the tradition because it does protect my watch.

Tradition might be changed with the passage of time and some traditions are transient such as feudalism, human sacrifices and subsistence agriculture. We, most of the times, follow our history. We get into the history and develop our mind according to the historical -perspective.

According to Heidegger, we accept our thrown state into the history which means we are inclined towards history and we dive into history where we are conditioned to accept the given state. This state provides the proper framework to view reality.

But here is the point, if we dive into some hundred years forward or back then the ‘truths’ might seem “transient traditions.” Now, we have discussed our main point and now move towards the second main point:

Traditions may be dictatorial, and there is no “One True Answer”

Most of the time people follow authorized works and sources. As people follow the sources like the Bible or news headlines as the famous works how to think and what to believe.

Basically, there is nothing wrong in that. But keep in mind that when you read these sources then be sure and ask yourself whether you like these sources find them trusted because most of the people think them trusted.

There are several benefits of traditions and one of them is that you don’t need to focus on the decision that which option you should choose. You are given certain options and you just need to follow them.

The answer, “wear your watch on your non-dominant side” is a good answer. It is a proved tradition and you should focus on it and get started following it. To discuss or think further is of no benefit because the topic and answer are settled.

The one point is that traditions might get changed with the passage of time and may not be settled in the new period. The tradition which we described is from 1900 and it is 100 years back. You should surprise that why should we follow this tradition? You are right and this question leads us to the nest point or level of the article.

Which functions of the watch determine which wrist to wear it on?

Now let’s focus on the basics of the watch: if you need to interact with the watch (setting the time, rotating the crown, operating the chronograph, turning the bezel, etc.), then you are going to interact with your dominant hand because the watch is on your non-dominant hand. This is a true case for most of the 99% watches.

If you feel comfortable, when you interact with the watch with your non-dominant hand then you can follow this reason. The exceptions are always there. You need to follow whatever you like.

Which Wrist Should You Wear Your Watch On?

Which wrist should you wear your watch on

The size and weight of the watches vary from watch to watch. Some watch is too heavy for the wrist that you have to wear the watch on the other wrist after wearing the whole day or some times.

When you wear on the other wrist then you feel that the watch looks different from the previous viewing angle. Then you put the watch on the previous position. So, You must wear a watch on your left hand.

So, it means that there is no humiliation when you change the wrists because you are doing it to dive the boredom out and feel comfortable. You might feel relief for sometimes.

What are the Rules that Allow Men and Women to Wear Watches on the Same Side?

The choices of men and women are different from each other. You need to follow your inner voice. There is no difference whether you are man or woman, male or female. You should do whatever attracts you and whatever you like.

You have full right to follow this advice or reject the advice. Most of the women are succumbed to follow the new order instead of questioning and rejecting the new order.

They feel happy to follow the new order. Men are not of that kind. The tradition, “Non-dominant hand” may seem attractive to women but it is of the same origin and source.

Which Wrist Should you Wear your Watch on – FAQs

Does it matter what hand you wear your watch on?

Most of the time peoples see the time on the left hand because it is a traditional method. Also, the general rule of thumb is to wear a watch on your left hand. So, if you’re right-handed, even then must wear on the left hand.

What does wearing a watch on the right wrist mean?

If you are left-handed it makes perfect sense to wear a watch on your non-dominant hand. Wearing a watch on the right hand indicates a fire extinguisher. So this is the main reason peoples wear a watch on the left hand.

Which wrist Do you wear a watch on if you are left-handed?

Typically, peoples wear watches on the left hand because it is a traditional method. Also, the Traditional watches are designed with the crown, this means wear watches on left-handed is the best way.

Is wearing a watch bad for your wrist?

No, wearing a watch for your wrist is not bad because when you wear a wristwatch on your wrist, it enhances the beauty of your wrist. The main reason is The nerve controls sensations in the hand and easily measure the B.P.

Which hand do females wear watches?

Mostly, watches are designed o be worn on the Left-hand. This rue applies both females and males. So, females wear watches on the left hand.


We have given a complete detail of wearing the watch on which hand. But we have just described that the choice is yours! There are different cultures and traditions all over the world.

We are curious about sharing your ideas about your culture and history. We will be delighted to know about the young history of wearing the watch on the wrist. We will love to read your comments on this topic.

In the same way, you must tell me in the comment box Which wrist should you wear your watch on? and which wrist to wear a watch? Surely I will complete your all queries about wearing watches.

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