How to Store Automatic Watches? 6 Expert Tips

How to Store Automatic Watches? 6 Expert Tips

How cheerful I was the point at which I got my first automatic watch and I can still recall it.

However, at that point as my assortment develops, the query of how to store automatic watches not being worn came up.

On this question, I did some exploration and here are the responses that I got.

How to keep automatic watches that is not being worn? The query arises and the best option for the automatic watches that are not being worn is to store in a devoted watch box or storage space.

In the event that you want to keep it running, a watch winder can likewise be utilized to store the watch.

However, I will go through these two choices and why my first proposal is to store it in a box, in this article.

Moreover, there are a few prescribed procedures that you can do to guarantee your watch assortment is protected from harm and prying hands.

How to Store Automatic Watches

How to Store Automatic Watches?

There are six best ways To Keep Your Automatic Watch When You Don’t Wear It.

So let’s do it now.

You’ll Find Here

1. Keep your Automatic Watch in a Storage Case

The most ideal way to store an unused automatic watch is in a box as I would see it. Adequately sure, you may be enticed to purchase an extravagant watch winder, yet it is honestly not the most ideal choice, essentially for the vast majority.

In its original box or get a devoted watch box, you can either store the watch and this is my number one choice.

The most ideal way to store your watches is a watch or storage box on the grounds that you do not need them to be leaving out in the open.

Additionally, using a dedicated watch box will allow you to store it securely and carry an inner serenity to you.

From being in direct sunlight, it will likewise keep the watch that can untidiness up with your watch dial or leather strap.

Furthermore, the box can likewise act as security against electronic things lying around in your home.

The one of the normal issues that causes the watch to lose its exactness because the electronic things are famous for having the option to magnetize automatic watches.

As means to keep the humidity out from the box, you should likewise put a silica gel into the watch.

Over the long run, this will guarantee the watch is not being presented to humidity entrance.

The additional significance of picking a decent quality watch box is that this is the case that you will open consistently.

2. Store your Automatic Watch in Watch Winder

Certainly a watch winder is not required by everyone. A watch winder is certifiably not a decent method to store your watches for a large portion of you people.

On the gears by keeping it running, you might be putting more stress and it is ideal to simply allow it to wind down and store it in a watch box.

Also, the watches winders are more costly and in order to run require either electrical supply or a battery. However, watch winder has its purposes.

When you have a watch with exceptional inconveniences, it proves to be useful, for example, moon phage and interminable schedule.

Therefore, to keep these watches when not in utilized, watch winder is the most ideal way.

In order to do its work, it will keep the watches from stopped by consistently revolving it and allowing the self-winding mechanism.

3. Keep your expensive Automatic Watch in Safe

If you have a costly watch, then, at that point, you should think about its safety.

Yet, additionally your jewelry and abundance cash, just in the event your watch is broken in, it is a decent choice to store your watches.

From those looters that broke into your watch, envision the loathsomeness of having your lifetime watch assortment being taken away. This is certainly something awful can happen to any watch lovers.

Moreover, you ought to think about one assuming that your watch assortment is very expensive and you need additional safety against burglary while I do not personally has a protected box.

As the vast majority of them are made of metal, simply remember to store your watch inside a box prior to placing it into the safe.

In order to allow your valuable automatic watch to have direct contact with any metal right, you truly do not have any desire.

4. Store your very Expensive Automatic Watch in Bank Storage Box

Ultimately, in a bank store box, you can likewise store your watch.

To guard your watch, particularly for a pricey, restricted version watches from the holy trinity watchmakers, this is the most effective way.

However, particularly on the off chance that you mean to keep the watch as an investment, you can store it temporarily while going for a long vacation or even forever.

Sufficiently genuine, you will not get the luxury to look at your timepieces consistently however essentially you can have a piece of mind that your costly watch is concealed securely.

5. Save your Automatic Watch in a Cigar Humidor

From the moisture and temperature, cigar humidors are intended to shield stogies, the two of which can be harming to your watch.

This is a well-known choice for guarding your automatic watches whether you want a speedy storage choice or you just like the appearance of a humidor.

6. Utilize a watch roll to travel with your Automatic Watches

With the help of an adaptable material like leather or soft cloth, a watch roll is prepared. In the pouch, place your watches, then, at that point, roll it up so they are cushioned by the cloth.

However, you should leave your watches in them all the time as watch rolls are ideal for packaging in a bag or overnight sack, yet a portion of the pouches are so great.

Approaches to store your Automatic Watches securely

1. Store your Automatic Watches Face up

The crystals can become scratched, dulled, or even broke in the event that you place them face down, even in an extravagant case.

The face must always be upwards whether your watches are lying flat or enfolded over a holder.

2. Store your Automatic Watches at some gaps

In the box assuming you place your watches so that they are touching one another, they can be certainly damaged.

However, you must leave essentially at a gap of 0.5 in or 1.3 cm between the watches so they do not knock against one another.

In order to hold each watch entirely, you should utilize a case or tray with dividers.

3. Store your Automatic Watches by using Silica Gel

In your watch, the humidity and condensation can make the oil to coagulate, harming the gears inside.

To keep in the box with your watches, you can either buy silica gel packets, or you can simply reuse the packets that come in food and electronic bundles. At craft stores, home improvement stores, or on the internet, you can buy silica gel.

4. Store your Watches by removing the Batteries

However, the quartz watches have batteries, and these batteries can erode and leak, causing irretrievable harm to your watch over the time.

Moreover, you must eliminate the battery before you place the watch in storage box to ensure this does not occur.

For this purpose, remove the back with a little screwdriver to remove the battery from the watch, then, at that point, pop the battery out of its compartment.

In the event that you cannot remove the battery from its compartment, take your watch to a jeweler and request that they do it before you place the watch in the storage box.

5. Store your Automatic Watches by keeping all of your paperwork in protective bags

All of the original packing will incredibly raise the worth of your sale assuming that you decide to resell your watches.

For this purpose, save the original box, seal all of the paperwork in a plastic sack, and place it at certain place that it will not be bothered.

Separate the paperwork into a singular sack for each watch assuming that you have many watches, so it will be not difficult to track down.

6. Take out your Automatic Watches Infrequently

It is beneficial to infrequently take out the watches to wind the watch while storing manual and automatic watches.

In order to forestall inurement, you should get the lubrication to flow through the watch. Additionally, the solar watches get advantage from receiving sunlight to charge.

Servicing of Stored Watches

They must be serviced at the suggested intervals to remain fully functional, even though the stored watches experience less wear.

The lubrication will toughen over time as the mechanical watches are not moving when being stored.

Whenever a watch is stored, you cannot disregard the requirement for an appropriate service. The watches must be serviced by the timetable of the producer.

Watch manufactures Service interval
Rolex 10 years
Omega 5 to 8 years
Seiko 3 years
Patek Philippe 5 years
Orient 3 to 5 years
Longines 4 to 5 years
Certina 3 to 4 years

Would you pull out the crown when storing the Automatic Watch?

However, I do not prescribe to pull out the crown for all of these storing choices. To stop the movement, certain persons even watch stores did this, keep their watches by pulling out the crown.

After pushing in the crown as there is still some power reserve in it, this will empower the watch to run quickly.

As the crown is the weakest connection as far as humidity entrance security of the watch, I think this exercise is risky.

The possibilities expands simply by taking out the crown for extensive period of time that there will be humidity saturating the watch and which is certainly not something to be thankful for.


The most proficient method to keep automatic watch when you do not wear it, I trust this article is useful to you.

Frequently Asked Question or FAQs

1. Is it OK to store an automatic watch?

There is no need to take worry. Whether it stopped a few hours ago, or a few weeks ago, your watch movement is secure.

2. How do you store an automatic watch long term?

In a temperature controlled case similar as safe deposit box or in a protected home safe, the watches should be stored preferably.

3. Do you have to wear an automatic watch every day? 

As it has a power reserve that can keep it running even without being worn, therefore automatic watch does not need to be worn every day.

4. How long can an automatic watch run without being worn?

Till its power reserve is fully dwindling, an automatic watch will run, which depends on the movement normally is 38 to 50 hours for a fully charged watch.

5. Is it bad to let your automatic watch stopped? 

In permitting automatic watch stop when being stored, there is no bad consequence. In fact, to decrease wear and tear of the movement, permitting it stop is one of the most decent ways.

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