How To Wind an Automatic Watch? Expert Tips for Beginner's

How To Wind an Automatic Watch? Expert Tips for Beginner’s

No!! I mean, Yes!!

Aaah, this is the question that peoples are asking on different forums like Reddit and Quora. I Observed that people are very confused just right now, How To Wind an Automatic Watch?.

Well, We are writing this to clear the confusion on this question.

But, For the first time in the event that you just purchased an automatic watch, you could have learned that your watch is not powered first thing. In order to run, you will have to give it power.

However, not at all like a quartz watch, which utilizes a battery to power it, an automatic watch is batteryless, and it needs to be wound.

Moreover, you can wind your mechanical watch with the help of two or three different ways.

How To Wind an Automatic Watch

Automatic Movement

For winding your automatic watch, the first method is through motion. On the rear of the movement, each automatic watch has a weight that rotates and powers the watch when it moves.

In the watch, this makes the rotor to spin, activating, and tightening the mainspring.

It conveys power to the other pieces and internal functions of your watch movement, as the mainspring starts to unwind slowly.

The watch will get a bit of charge, regardless of whether the watch is on your wrist, or assuming you give it a shake.

Remember, this only applies definitely to an automatic watch, and not all mechanical watches are automatic.

Yet, you can likewise give it a firm shake for 30 seconds to a 60 seconds, to jumpstart it, usually, wearing your automatic watch over the course of the day is sufficient to keep it powered.

Manual Hand Winding

By pushing the crown as far as possible in, and rotating it forward, for 30 to 40 revolutions, most automatic watches can be wound in this way.

The watches that do winding are extremely helpful for keeping your watch powered even when you are not wearing it while not all automatic watches can wind it.

Goodness no doubt, and do not stress over winding it to an extreme as you cannot overwind an automatic watch.

How to manual hand-wind an Automatic Watch

Obviously, assuming that your automatic watch has hand-winding, not all automatic watches do, you can likewise wind it manually.

  • Toward the case, push the crown all the way.  Push it all the way to the left if the crown is on the right side of the watch.
  • Rotate the crown forward. However, you should feel a small “opposition”. Also, this is normal. So, it is natural to feel this as you are tightening the mainspring and activating the gears of the watch.
  • Repeat rotating the crown 30 to 40 times, or until the power-reserve is filled. For how much you need to rotate a crown to wind your watch completely although there is no set rule, generally 30 to 40 full rotations should be sufficient to at least get you through the day.

Watch Winder

For winding your watch, the third technique is with a gadget called a watch winder.

However, a watch winder is basically a little watch box that spins and rotates your watch continually, winding it all the while.

Truth be told, you do not have to wind it yourself, regardless of whether you have not worn just a tad and the main genuine benefit of a watch winder is that it keeps the watch wound 24/7.

So, on a watch winder, many watch gatherers enjoy the curiosity of seeing their watch showed and spinning.

When Do You Need to Wind Your Automatic Watch?

However, each mechanical and automatic watch has a “power reserve” rating. By either winding it, or wearing it, this is how much time the watch can run on a full charge.

A committed complication that shows the power-reserve right on the watch dial, some watches even have a power reserve indicator.

Moreover, you will have to wind it whenever before the power reserve is depleted if you have any desire to keep your watch running.

Nonetheless, some more excellent and more costly watch movements can have a power hold of more than 50 hours and even more but most watches have basically a 24-hour power reserve.

On an everyday premise, wearing the watch consistently should commonly wind your watch sufficient on its own with the assistance of the automatic movement.

Can All Automatic Watches Be Wound?

Through motion that is wearing it on your wrists, all automatic watches can be wound.

By rotating the crown, not all automatic watches can be manually wound. On the watches with “hand-winding”, this is just accessible, and is great to have, yet not a need.

However, numerous modern watches are incorporating movements with handwinding capacity, not all watches do.

Can You Overwind An Automatic Watch?

No, you cannot over wind an automatic watch.

To avoid this, they have mechanisms set up, and hand-winding your automatic watch past its maximum power reserve will just not power the watch any further.

In no way, it will harm the watch. However, you can overwind a mechanical watch that does not have an automatic mechanism. Between a mechanical and automatic watch, this is one of the vital contrasts.

Manual Mechanical VS Automatic Watches

While wearing them on your wrist, or moving, automatic watches wind automatically. Assuming that they have hand-winding, they can likewise sometimes be wound manually, however they do not constantly.

By rotating the crown forward 30 to 40 times, manual mechanical watches must be wound manually.

When on your wrist, or in motion, they do not wind automatically. On a manual mechanical watch, a watch winder will have no impact.


It is simple to wind your automatic watch.

Simply by spinning the crown forward 30 to 40 times, giving your watch a firm shake, wearing it for several hours, or placing it in a watch-winder, your automatic watch can be wound no issue.

Try not to get automatic watches confused with manual watches, nonetheless, and remember that not all automatic watches can be wound by revolving the crown.

Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs

1. Is it OK to wind an automatic watch?

When it cannot be wound anymore, automatic watches are intended to stop powering the mainspring.

To over-wind an automatic watch, it is not feasible.

It is essential to keep your watch fully wound if you want to enjoy maximum power, assuming that you have a manual watch.

2. How long does it take to wind an automatic watch?

Normally the principle is 40 turns. However, automatic watches have a slip mechanism that avoids overwinding.

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