Best Smartwatches for Small Wrist: (2024 Guide & Reviews)

by Emma Watson

Best Smartwatches for Small Wrist: (2024 Guide & Reviews)

The luxury smartwatch has become popular in the market. Everyone wants to wear on the wrist and access important notifications and track your fitness stats straight from your wrist.

Many of the models can perform a different trick including enabling the user to surf the internet and improve your overall health by monitoring your heart rate. Even, they can track your location using the in-built GPS feature.

If you think that a smartwatch is just another geeky accessory, then you are wrong because this is an interesting device. Kids, Teenagers, and every age peoples can enjoy this device.

In this guide, I set out to find the best smartwatches for small wrist, because I know how hard it is to find the perfect size watches for your small wrist. Many teenagers ( boys or girl) and especially for women It is difficult to buy a smartwatch for your wrist.

It is true that watches look great on a small wrist, for which reason smartwatches are available in the market in a lot of wide range of sizes, designs, finishes, well made and Stylish.

So, our reviews will be beneficial for you if you are searching for the best small smartwatch for women or men.

Why Can’t I Find a Small Smartwatch?

Generally, You should have no problem finding a smartwatch that fits your wrist. Not so with smartwatches, however. Because smartwatch shows a lot of information that reason they have a big screen.

Screen size is the main factor for a small wrist. Most watchmakers make large screens so that it is not difficult for consumers to see any information. Due to this factor you can’t I Find a Small Smartwatch.

How to select the best smartwatches for small wrist?

Typically, if you have a small wrist, you must want to wear a smaller watch that fits on your wrist completely. Here Our guide will help you choose the smaller watch.

The diameter of a Watch case

A watch case diameter is the most noticeable factor. Generally, men’s watches range from 38mm to 46mm and women’s watch ranges below 38mm.

you use the dollar bill for measuring your wrist size. Almost dollar bill is of 6 inches and also your wrist is 6-7 inches. You will guess you are a small to medium wrist size. Small to medium diameter means your wrist size range is 42mm, 40mm, and 38mm.

The thickness of Watch Case

The thickness of the case depends on the diameter of the case. As a general rule, as the case diameter increases or decreases the case thickness does the same.

The case thickness on 38mm-42mm case diameter is almost 7mm thick. If the watch thickness increases to about 9mm for 44mm then also its case increased. The watch must fit on your wrist and measurements are very important.

Watch details and visibility

In the watch components hour and seconds hands, the numbers, changer, lug size, and the pusher Play an important role. If these components’ thickness is large, you can view all details clearly, while if you have a smaller wrist, these components might cause the watch to appear out of proportion.

Width of watch band

For a well-proportioned watch, the bandwidth is the basic part of your watch case diameter. If you want to wear a 40mm watch, then bandwidth should be about 20mm.

According to your style, if you want to purchase a smartwatch with a wider bandwidth, You must use this watch for a larger wrist.

The material of Watch Band

For a beauty look always go for leather bands, because metal watchbands are very heavier and larger. While the leather watchband is very lightweight and stylish.

In the advanced world, most of the companies are still struggling to make their flagship technologies. These devices come packed with sports features and every latest feature. As time changes, Technology is on the rise. Like here are some of the best smartwatch for small wrist:

Which is the Best Smartwatches for Small Wrists?

Here are my recommended top 10 Best Smartwatches for Small Wrists:-

10- Apple Watch 3 (38 or 42 mm): (Best Apple Smartwatch for Small Wrist)

Best Apple watches

Apple is one of the luxury watch brands in the world. Apple offers a wide range of smartwatches that series start from 1 through 5. They come with a Nike variant and larger wrist sizes (40 and 44 mm).

This smartwatch has the same feature as an Apple Watch 3 that would be comfortable for a small wrist. Most of the time peoples wear 42mm variant watches as compare to larger wrist.

According to specification, it should be fit on your small wrist. It allows you to change the strap quickly and easily.

This is a great smart device, in general, it comes with packed features such as GPS, Siri, receive phone calls, texts, as well as use social media. you can easily use it for tracking fitness and receive any type of notification.

Overall, Apple is a good smart device and fits your every need.

09- LG Android Smart Watch (37.9 mm): (Best LG Smartwatch for Small Wrist)

LG Android Smart Watch

LG Android Smart Watch is the best for Small Size. Although the rectangular display enhances the beauty, it’s taller than other devices on this list.

The LG android is well known for its “thinnest smartwatch”, while this is a very lightweight and smart device.

Most of the peoples like this model because it would be best for small wrist and has an adjustable wrist band that is really for you.

Nevertheless, it is a high-quality smart device that has a long-lasting battery with a GPS location tracker. If you want to use this watch for hunting that would be the best choice for you.

It offers the ability to text and call peoples or listens to every type of music. Easy to use and get a lot of smart features at an affordable price range.

Overall, it’s a great choice if you are interested in a luxury smartwatch with a rectangular display.

08- Samsung Galaxy Watch Active (39.5 / 40mm): (Best Samsung Smartwatch for Small Wrist)

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

If you are an android user, you know very well Samsung is one of the high-quality brands in the market. what interesting about the Samsung Galaxy is that it’s a round watch and small. In the smartwatches world, it takes a high position due to its high quality and latest features.

If you are seeing the best sports watches, from our point of view it is a good choice for you. This 40 mm smartwatch great for you on a run or while swimming. It has a workout tracking feature from which you can easily measure the heart rate.

Many of the consumers like it due to the “perfect for small wrists” that is fits on your wrist. It offers GPS and Quick access notification, sends texts, receives calls, etc.

Samsung Galaxy smartwatch has launched the Active 2, with improved sleep-tracking analysis. Also, the smaller Active 2 is best for your skinny wrist.

In this model, Samsung improves sensors and LTE Which makes it a flagship device.
Although the downfall is This drains the battery faster (mainly because of the LTE), but otherwise, it is a good option for an affordable budget.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Active series is best for athletes and those who want to wear a small wrist.

07- Garmin – Vivoactive 4S Smartwatch (40 mm/ 45 mm): (Best Garmin Smartwatch for Small Wrist)

Garmin - Vivoactive 4S Smartwatch

In the smartwatch manufacturing industry, German is one of the biggest names due to its high quality and affordable budget.

Everyone wants to wear the Vivoactive model because it has a gorgeous white-rose design. In every market, you can easily buy at an affordable budget with a flagship look.

The Vivoactive 4S Smartwatch can download a Spotify playlist. Also, you can use it for GPS location, tracking activity, and track runs. The battery is not long-lasting, but otherwise, it’s a great watch.

Now for the size…

This smartwatch comes with 40mm that is perfectly fine for a smaller wrist. Some consumers also have a complaint the smartwatch is somewhat heavy and large which reason It can break quickly.

Best for a smaller wrist, some say, although but the device is very heavy and weak battery life that is the biggest downfall of this device. According to an affordable budget, it is the best choice for a smaller wrist.

06- Fossil Women’s Gen 4 Venture HR (40 mm): (Best Fossil Smartwatch for Small Wrist)

Fossil Women's watches

What’s interesting about the Fossil is that it’s a small round watch. This elegant 40 mm device is perfect for every activity ( Indoor or outdoor). If you are seeing the best durable watches for outdoor activities that are the best option for you those come with 13 different strap variants.

Best for Elegant…

You can wear it for every important meeting. Whatever the occasion, women’s or men’s, it has got you covered.

Most customers noted it’s an excellent fit for smaller wrists. But The strap is a bit heavier than the dial. In that case, you will need more straps, the good thing is it allows you to change straps quickly.

This small round watch is packed with a lot of features one might require from a smart device: fitness tracker, GPS, calling, texting and alarms and notifications, music.

It has covered all things due to quality and a lot of features. Perfect for the smaller wrists.

Many users also ask are fossil watches good? The answer is that it is a very good brand and perfect for a smaller and larger wrist. Also, it’s a great choice for small to medium-sized wrists.

05- Skagen Falster 2 (40 mm): (Best Skagen Smartwatch for Small Wrist)

kagen Falster 2

Although I was read to love the Skagen Falster 2 after reading about it because it covered every user need. It has every feature which your require.

The design is very flagship buy some user have complained that this is not perfect for wear all day.

The display is very elegant and looks like men’s watches. I think the main issue is a large design that not fit on your wrist. But otherwise for the smaller wrist is best. It’s specially designed for women’s skinny wrists.

The battery is very weak Which many people have complained about that is a disadvantage of the watch.

Now for the size…

There are mixed reviews about the size, with some consumers saying it is a good fit watch for the seemingly medium-sized wrist. But otherwise, some complaining, This is a tiny bit big for their small wrist.

Overal than that, this smartwatch has many advanced features such as heart rate, fitness tracker, GPS, notifications, etc. In the smart age, these features are very beneficial for everyone. So, If you want our consent, you must pick this smartwatch for a smaller wrist.

04- Movado Connect 2.0 (40 mm): (Best Movado Smartwatch for Small Wrist)

Movado Connect 2.0 (40 mm)

If you are seeing the best expensive smartwatch for small wrists, the 40mm smartwatch is perfectly fine for you.

According to this device’s face and style, it is a little bit on the expensive side. this is a flagship model on this list.

Its main attraction seems to be a stylish design that makes it better than other devices. The Movado is the latest model on this list that comes with modern technologies. Several consumers also call this is a traditional smartwatch.

Also, few users face problems such as the battery seems to drain pretty quickly, trouble with the speakers. Otherwise, this is a great option that comes with all the usual smartwatch functions.

Before selecting this watch you must consider the fancy (but light) leather strap that is better for 40mm wrist. I will guaranty you, it’s a good watch for thin wrists while It costs a little high.

03- Fitbit – Ionic Smartwatch: (Best Fitit for Small Wrist)

Fitbit - Ionic Smartwatch

If you are seeing the best smartwatches for a small wrist, you can’t ignore the Fitbit smartwatch. Can you review it?

Many customers confused to pick Fitbit because they can’t measure the right size. The actual size of the Fitbit model is closest to 42 mm, which may be large for a small wrist.

Depending on the size, The Fitbit has a lot of variant with two different straps size that is good for a small and larger wrist. The Strap is not too heavy, which is very comfortable for your skinny wrist.

Fitbit is also best for both wrists ( small or large). Even you can wear for outdoor activities like hunting and hiking. We have few best hiking watches if you like hiking must read my article first.

Overall, As a smart device, it has many necessary features such as fitness tracking, heart rate, etc. Its design and feature make it a good device, which is the need for everyone.

02- Fitbit Versa: (Best Fitbit for Small Wrist)

Fitbit Versa

Fitbit Versa is one of the best options for smaller wrist and better looking. Due to its high quality and affordable price, it becomes the most famous model in the watch market.

There are many models in the market but before select should know every detail of the model. Be sure to read the essentials I have mentioned above to choose any watch.

The Fitbit Versa has many features that make it better than other models. It comes with two variants, one is a small 140-180mm version and the second is the larger 180-220mm.

Fitbit is a lightweight model and comfortable. It has a play store, in which you can easily download the apps free. Also, you can tracking activity including sleep tracking and continuous heart rate tracking. There are 15 exercise modes available on the watch. For females, it has a workout tracking feature. The battery lasts almost up to 4 days.

The smartwatch is water-resistant up to 50M. If you are a fan of android and want to get access to every smart feature, I prefer to choose the Fitbit Versa smartwatch for you.

01Amazfit Bip: (Best Amazfit Smartwatch for Small Wrist)

Amazfit Bip

Bip is a model that meets your every need, While it is one of Amazfit’s premier line of wearables that track all activity. Also, you can easily buy it because it comes with many features and an affordable budget.

There are a lot of smart features to keep you productive and organized. In our list, Bip is the latest model for you.
The main feature of this model range of options and colors to go with any outfit. You can easily wear for all day because it’s weight only 32g.

Built-in GPS, GLONASS, barometer, 3-axis accelerometer, compass, and optical heart rate monitor are the best features of this watch. These things make an attractive device, While It has all the things that a consumer needs.

So, Amazefit Bip is the best smartwatch that is perfect for a small wrist.


I have spent much of my golden time searching for the best smartwatches for small Wrist. According to my research, I have listed all the smartwatches above which are of good quality and perfect for every wrist. Some the best of best watches I also listed below which I really suggest.

The Garmin smartwatch is my overall favourite for small wrist because it has many functions, cute design, comfortable, affordable, and beneficial for everyone.

The LG Android SmartWatch is also a mind-blowing option, while if you are looking for a smart and handsome watch, choosing this. Due to every way ( features, durability, looking, etc) it is best for you.

And lastly, my favourite option for you is the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. Already people know that Samsung is well known for its durability, pure material, and affordability.

But in the end, It’s up to you which model you like for your small wrist. Before selecting must considering my choices because I have given you options keeping everything in mind. If you have any questions about my choice, just tell me in the section box.

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