15 Best Watches Under 50 Dollars For Men: (2023 Guide & Reviews)

By Emma Watson

In a smart age where smart screens finished the main purpose of owning a watch, there watches still at just like a fashionable piece for any cupboard. Watches are something that is priceless and lasts a very long time but But we know that never need to break the bank to make ourselves great.

Here we have few best watches under 50 dollars for men to contest your cupboard. If you have used these watches and have recently witnessed condensation in this timepiece, you can read my guide to take off condensation from your wristwatches.

Which Is The Best Watches Under 50 Dollars For Men?

Here we have some latest Best Watches Under 50 Dollars For Outdoor Activities those specially designed for men. Every man can easily buy at an affordable price and can wear at every party. Even these are best for outdoor activities.

15- Casio (Model: MDV106-AV): (Best CASIO Watches Under 50 )

Casio watch

We start our list with the cheap and latest Analog watch in the world, it comes with a stylish black leather band. Even Its came with a black dial with a date window at 3 o’clock which is a huge advantage of yourself.  

This watch is water-resistant for up to 600 feet ratings that is the best fit for outdoor operations. If you can finding a cheap watches under 50 dollars that can withstand the outdoor fighting then it’s choice especially for you.

14- Tekton (Model: T101): (Best Tekton Watches Under $50)


Tekton is an outstanding design in every way Since it made by hand. Even the watch face is made from natural bamboo with its band made from leather.

These features cause made a simple yet stylish watch that timepiece demand is increasing day by day. Consequently, minimalists choose this watch.

Also, we have the latest post about wooden watch brands those better for you. I hope our post complete your all queries about wooden watches.

13- Lucien Piccard (Model: LP-10153-RG-0)

Lucien Piccard

The Lucien Piccard is a most prominent watch, it comes with three sub-dials and water-resistant up to 165 feet features. This is a very cheap watch that will be every person get easily at an affordable budget.

If can you doing finding an inexpensive water-resistant watch then it’s best for you and that will compliment your cupboard. It is best known as a casual.

12- US Polo Association Watch: (Best US Polo Watches Under 50)

US Polo Association Watch

US polo watch is related to the class of classy watches because It is best for every occasion. Also, if compare its fashionable leather straps other expensive watches then it’s perfect and better.

Every person easily gets timepiece at an affordable price range. Hence US peoples use this timepiece because peoples can wear a watch with every attire.  

11- Casio (Model: MQ24-1E)


The Casio invents the beautiful cheap timepiece for men. If you doing find a fashionable watch piece for cupboard, then it best Casio watch for you because it has a 3 hand and better as known an Analog watch.

Likewise, the Casio watch is an affordable price range that you can wear with every attire. Also, the main feature it’s water-resistant.

10- Timex (Model: TW2R82100)

The Timex casual watch made from stainless steel and comes with a stitched leather strap. Although it’s water-resistant for up to 100 feet rating but not suitable for bathing and swimming because water-resistant rating very low.  

In the same way, it’s better for outdoor activities, if you can do find a watch at affordable price range then the Versatile watch best for you.

9- Timex Unisex Weekender: (Best Timex Watches Under 50)

Timex Unisex Weekender

Its design is unique in every way because its Analog watch face made from silver and come with a wide variety of straps. These features make a cheap wristwatch a classic, stylish look plus the allow to change straps to fit in every occasion.

08- Timex Expedition Acadia: (Best Timex Watches Under $50)

Timex Expedition Acadia

The Timex Expedition Acadia model is famous and ideal. It comes with buckle closure and a nylon band. Also, it’s water resistance for up to 165 feet rating which is huge.

Hence if can you doing finding an exquisite watch under $50 then it is another best choice for you.

07- Fanmis Luxury Watch: (Best Fanmis Watches Under 50)

Fanmis Luxury Watch

Fanmis Luxury Watch features among the best watches under $50 for clearly causes because it comes come with a two-tone stainless steel case and a mineral dial window which is better than another timepiece.

The watch is best for outdoors, every person gets timepiece at an affordable price and wears with every attire.

06- Casio Men’s Watch: (Best Casio Watches Under 50)

Casio Men’s Watch

It’s designed is unique in every way since it’s perfect for performance and casual use and come with many varieties of styles.

The feature of this watch is a segmented resin band with adjustable buckle closure, it’s water-resistant for up to 330 feet rating but not best for the diver. It’s perfect for swimmers because of black waterproof watch face colour is distinct.

05- Invicta 8932 Pro Diver: (Best Invicta Watches Under 50)

Invicta 8932 Pro Diver

The Invicta Pro Diver is the paradigm watch for a day in the great outdoors and best for a black-tie affair, even the company focused only for the diver. Its cheap wristwatch made from stainless steel fold-over clasp and comes with white digits and blackface.  

The casual watch under $50 is water-resistant for up to 660 feet rating that is the better rating from another timepiece. Also, it is known for the best waterproof watches for men at a lower price range.

04- Timex Expedition: (Best Watches Under $50)

Timex Expedition

The Timex watch is ideal from other timepieces because it comes with 16 different combination coloured and bands.

It means much latest variety of styles are available to you and the main feature the casual watch is water-resistant for up to 165 feet rating which is best from Timex TW2R82100.

03- Casio G-Shock: (Best Casio Watches Under 50)

Casio G-Shock

If you are finding a digital watches for men below $50 then Casio G-Shock best choice for you. Many features include, it comes with a countdown timer, a shock-resistant and a 24-hour stopwatch.

Even this timepiece best for swimmers and divers, It is water-resistant for up to 660 feet rating. In best digital watches for men under $50 find more rare feature those best for you.

02- CakCity Watch: (Best CakCity Watches Under 50)

CakCity Watch

The CakCity is a silver and black model which is the best replacement for sports watches. Those peoples who run and swim It is very beneficial for them and also the best choice for them.

In the same way, those who are finding cheap sports watches, So these are the best for them and definitely buy this watch.

01-Timex Expedition Rugged Metal Watch

Timex Expedition Rugged Metal Watch

If you constantly search metal watches then Timex Expedition Rugged Metal Watch good choice for you. This watch gives an outstanding looking watch under $50 that came with a date at three o’clock, a genuine metal strap and a durable metallic case.

So, this is specially designed for construction workers at an affordable price budget.

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

1). Whats a good watch for a man?

Casio, Lucien Piccard, Timex and Fanmis are the most famous watches for men. All these are good for men because these come with latest features and fantastic look. Even they have luminous dial and affordable price.

2). What is the #1 watch in the world for men?

Most of the men wear an apple, Casio and Seiko watch because they have extraordinary features. Like they have smart features( connects your smartphone via wireless or Bluetooth). Also, these come with affordable prices range with many extra features.

3). How important is a watch for a man?

Many men wear three kinds of accessories to decorate their hands, a nice watch is one of them. A watch enhances the attraction of your dressing look. Even men wear a watch for outdoor activities, parties and sports. If men’s do not wear watches on hands then they feel some missing in the dress.

Also, we have a post about the best sports watches for men, I hope our post helps you to get more knowledge.

4). Can a man wear a woman’s watch?

Yes, men can wear women watches because in the markets most of the watchmakers make most of the watches for unisex. In the smart age, you can not explain the difference between men and women watches.


These men’s best watches under $50 are a perfect choice. Also, It’s available at an affordable price, you can get one of them and which is best for you. Also, You must read about Best men’s watches under $100

Are you using any of these watches? let us know and share your thoughts about best watches under 50 dollars for men.

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