Why Do Wrist Watches Stop Working When I Wear Them | Most Important Guide

Why Do Wrist Watches Stop Working When I Wear Them | Most Important Guide

Wristwatches are something which we wear on our wrists for the measurement of time. Different watches are coming with different styles sin the market. Each watch is different from the other in its style and function.

From the different watches, there are watches with luxurious style and price and some are available with medium style and price.

From the prices of the watches, it is estimated that we are wearing prices around the wrists and not watches. With the innovation in technology, various watches are coming in the market at various prices. The best thing about watches is their consistent movement.

Whenever a person is moving around, the watch keeps its direct in the same place. There are straps, and mostly straps come from the materials like leather, metal and bracelets. All the watches are different from others in terms of their functions and styles.

Why Do Wrist Watches Stop Working When I Wear Them?

When we spend a lot of money on a watch and it stops working then it might disappoint us. Their function is directly linked with their prices. So, it is mandatory to consult different sources before buying any product. Nowadays, watches are becoming more and more famous due to their prices and functions along with styles.

Sometimes, when you wear a new watch then it might stop working. After two or three days, there might occur a problem. But you realize that it is a battery problem and you replace the battery. When the battery is replaced then it might again stop working.

Why Is This Happening?

All these products are fashion products and these go well with all men and women. It is quite clear that some watches stop working and the reasons are hidden from the owners.

Even the users cannot find the real problems behind this except battery problem. But one thing must be kept in mind that everything is possible. It is easy to find the reasons behind this problem and these reasons are very simple.

One simple reason behind this problem is a person’s sweat. When your sweat touches the watch then it’s seals light get Problem.

During this process, the second item will turn into irreparable products. So, you have to change the watch continuously.

6 Basic Reasons Why You Watch Stops Working?

Basic Reasons Why You Watch Stops Working

There are different reasons behind this problem. All the reasons may vary from person to person ND watch to watch.

Different persons treat in a different way with watches, and these watches become problematic by the way they are used with. Now, let’s talk about the six main reasons.

1) High electricity on your body

There are some rare occasions which happen to these kinds of watches. But the most common reason behind this problem is the electricity on your body. It is very natural that every human in this world has some kind of electricity on his body and this electricity is not much noticeable.

These electricity levels are not visible in our eyes and these sometimes cause problems for watches not working properly.

The level of electricity varies from person to person, and some persons have very high level of electricity running on their bodies. This level causes problems especially for batteries and batteries do no work properly. These levels also cause problems in the functions of the batteries.

Those who have some high level of electricity on their bodies can have bad effects on the functions of the batteries. But if you have a normal electricity level then there will not be basic effects on the functions of the battery. All will run smoothly.

Until the battery is thoroughly drained, a person with typical electricity level can use the watch smoothly. But who are not in this range will not be able to do this. This is a theory that scientists talks about on various occasions, but it is not very much widespread.

2) High Avidity Skin

In this case, there are some people who have a very high acidity level on their skin. Those people carry this level of acidity throughout their life. With a product’s material of leather, this level cannot affect the product’s functions. This can also cause some irritation skin problems. All the watches without genuine leather will not survive more than two or three days.

The solution to this problem is that if your skin is acidic then you should use pocket watches. These watches will survive the most in acidic conditions. And you must bear in mind that all brands will be suffered through this acidic level of the body.

3) Overly sweat problems

These products are very sensitive and their functions must be performed in the dry atmosphere. If the atmosphere is not dry then their functions will be affected the most. Some people have very high sweat problems and thus might affect the function of the watches.

The main problem of sweat this that it touches the main and basic parts of the watch and these parts might get problems. With the contact of watches with sweat, your watch might get problems. And after that, the various parts of the watch will not work properly and smoothly.

4) Physically Damage

Most watches are more likely to get damages. The reason is quite simple. As human beings, it is necessary to do some works while wearing the watch on our wrist.

So when a watch comes into contact with physical activities then the watch might get smashed and damages. When a product comes into contact with physical objects, then it might get problems and damages. By having physical damages, the watches cannot work properly.

5) Hereditary Problems

Some people have in there genes to not care much about watches. Some people use the watches in a very violent way and they make the watch together problems. When the watches get problems then their internal and external structure light get problems.

6) Poor manufacturing states

Before purchasing such products, it is necessary to keep an eye on all the sensitive parts of the watch. All the parts are not visible to eyes, and it is necessary to check all that parts of the watch.

If any part is not working properly or is not set up properly then you may get problems while wearing watch.

When a part is disconnected from the main place, then it might stop working properly. All the parts will not properly and smoothly.

How to Fix a Watch that has Stopped Working?

How to Fix a Watch that has Stopped Working

The very basic reason behind this problem is the failure of working of battery properly. When a watch stops working, you should get a technician’s help. He will guide you in the proper direction. When the watches get this problem then the solution is to replace the battery.

Dust might also affect the working of the watch. It is mandatory that you clean watch’s parts properly so that the dust is properly removed.

When there is a moist on the face, consider drying it before you see it. The most important sign of battery failure is when the hands are skipping time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Can the body’s chemistry stop a watch?

Yes. If a person’s body has acidic strength, then this might affect the function of watch. When there is a sweat then it also affects the function for the watch. You need to be very careful about these situations

2) Can the Human Body Drain the Battery?

Yes. Some people have very high electricity levels on their bodies. Their electricity levels cannot affect the function of the body. If you are a person with a moderate electricity level then the battery can last until it gets drain but those having a high level of electricity can affect the function of the batteries most.

3) Why Does My Body Drain Watch Batteries?

There are two basic reasons behind this. One is the high electricity level, and the other is the high acidic level. Some people have high acidic level causing batteries to drain fast.

4) Why do Watches Lose Time When I Wear Them?

It happens due to several reasons. Sometimes the high electricity level can absorb the watch’s energy and it stops working. But there is not a specific reason behind the phenomenon.

5) Can your Body Affect your Watch?

If your body has a high magnetic force, it can interrupt the normal functioning of the watch’s parts. The answer to this question depends upon the level of electricity and magnetic force in the human’s body.

You should be very careful while using the watch and try to keep the watch away from any physical contact.


There are not any hard and fast formulas to determine the reasons behind the watch’s working not smoothly. It is found that the main and basic reason behind this problem is almost battery failure. But there are various reasons behind the phenomenon.

The other reasons include magnetic level, acidic strength, and electricity level on the body. Whenever the watch stops working, you should check all that parts and repaired it with different techniques. Thank-you

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