How to Remove a Stubborn Watch Back | A Thorough Explanation

How to Remove a Stubborn Watch Back | A Thorough Explanation

There are some technical tools to remove the watch back. It might be difficult to remove the a stubborn watch back. Some household things can do this work effectively including your thumbnail, a razor blade, a rubber band, or a set of scissors. But using these rough methods will make your watch rough, so it is better if you take it to an expert who will remove the watch back in an effective manner.

Nowadays, there is a fashion of having a fix watch back. But it will create problems for you when you have to replace the battery or repair something indoors.

In these days, the watches do not have any notch, elevated lip-gloss, or pry area. There is a height gap between the backplate and the case. It is also possible to exploit this gap to open stools without back notches.

How to Remove a Stubborn Watch Back?

How to Remove a Stubborn Watch Back

For any watch, you just need a few things to do this work including a six-inch woodworker’s clamp, a sharp penknife, a sheet of fabric, and a table.

You can also desire a clamp which has cushioned endings, but anyb clap is going to do. You have to be very careful that you do not break the timepiece. If you do not own a razor blade, then a little kitchen knife may work effectively.

After wrapping the fabric around three sides, you can put it inside the clamp onto your desk. You also want the timepiece located perpendicular to the clamp and dining table together with the exposed side upward.

You have to tight the clamp around it so that you do not violate the crystal. There must be enough space so that the timepiece cover to come off.

You do so by insering the border against the split between the back. Pust down the blade with the palm of the hands. After this happened, you can remove the cover in the clamp and apply the knife to open the lid.

Types of watch Backs

It is always a tricky job but it takes time. There are different types of watch back opener and watch back removal tool available in the market. But you have to pick the right one, as we have also discussed some of these as well.

There will be notched for about the borders of this watch in a twist-off “Waterproof” watch. There are different tools which can be used to start a watch back.

Pressure fit watch back:

It is an entirely easy, and it should be smooth and plain on the cover when you are finished. Many timepieces with this kind have a little dent or top on either side or between the lugs where you could set your knife. This type of watch cover cannot be shut with your palms

Four screws watch back:

We are now going to discuss how to open a screw-back watch. It is a sleek black that is held in place using four screws. these gadgets can be produced from any material ranging from metal instances to plastic or plastic cases to several more kinds of substances.

Opening the Back of a Watch

Opening the Back of a Watch

You can follow the following methods to open the back of a watch.

1) Using Thumbnail

Some cover can be opened by prying open a simple hinge at behind. But some can be opened using your thumbnail. If the cover does not have any screws, then this method can be used.

Although, you have an ability to use different claws, but your thumbnail is generally the best and most powerful tool. The hinge will appear to be a little indentation acroess the border of this timepiece cover.

While you are working, do not place it down. You have to keep it on your hand so that you can move it while prying it open. You have toinsert thumbnail under the opening hinge and lift. You must make sure that your nail must face the cover of this gadget.

You have to lift gradually to prevent bending. If this does not work, then you should avoid using your thumbnail so that you do not hurt. This is the best option if you have healthy fingernails. if the hinger is tight, then a flat razor blade may get the job also done. You can set the razor blade’s edge in through the hinge opening and then lift till it is pried off.

2) Using a Rubber Ball

You have to pick a rubberized ball that is both tacky and squishy so that it could latch on your timepiece cover. Stress balls may function as a more affordable alternative. You have to make sure that you prevent rubber balls produced from tough materials.

The ball must be soft and flexible so that it can hold the lower side. A new tannish ball using duct tape till fully coated can be used. The duct tape glue is quite tacky.

Moreover, the tennis ball provides you with something hold on. You can also put it onto a level surface which will permit you operate more smoothly and economically.

If the timepiece is expensive, you can decide on a towel for the lookout. It is a possibility that most gadgets will loosen if turned counterclockwise and twist when flipped from the opposite way. You have to make sure that the cover’s screws should be reduced.

Make sure you are twisting fast and securely to maintain the rubber ball grip company. Make sure that you twist the cover together with your palms at the same counterclockwise movement before it along with the screws come off. Try to maintain the case and screws in a secure place so that you do not lose them.

3) Using Scissors:

If your cover is screwed on tightly, then rubber balls may not offer enough traction. This method is most enough to accomplish your timepiece’s screws and turn them off as a technical screwdriver could.

You have to put the eye on a level surface which will make it possible for you to function safely while managing the scissors.

If the watch is expensive, then you can place a soft towel to break as you take the screws out. These notches also indicate the areas of the screws. You must make sure that the scissor is set securely so that you do not lose the grip.

4) Using Press:

It is an easy way to remove watch back. It is also accompanied by a range of different sized nylon bits which will be utilized to create certain that the tool matches the situation properly. With this method, there would be less chance of breaking up the crystal.

If the crystal is cracked, then it will probably lead to damage of the crystal. The instance presses have a recess to the crystal. So the strain is applied to either side of this case rather than a crystal.

You can also replace the watch back without a press. This can be done when the crystal is facing and is not carrying any drive when you push the cover on behind. You have to be very careful, because when this is applied then it might break the crystal worse.

Watch Back Removal Tool:

There are different cover openers for multiple types. They can be differentiated as the case openers and observe openers. You have to be very careful as not to scrape.

An opener can be useful in different situations. But the most important is when you would like to confirm the state of motion, but also when you wish just to respect it, support it, control it, change the battery life, or even just inspect it.

You also need to note the notches in which a tool would suit to take out the situation. There are also screw cases that seem something similar to a massive nut with lands or sides for something such as a wrench to catch.

There can be used the same tools for the two. This is also the way to start to open it without any notches. The ball is quite soft enough to mash and traction closely. Many times the watch instance can be opened without any difficulty.

You have to press the ball to the back of the situation while pressing the front along with another hand.

There will be a need of a larger tool if this does not work. There are lots of tips. The first and third party hints may be used to start an eye case with notches from the other side. The fourth is with sides or lands.


The above-mentioned steps can help you eliminate the cover of your own. You can also change the battery along with the surface, or perform any troubleshooting.

However, these approaches may violate the backplate. It becomes difficult to place it because your palm cannot offer sufficient pressure.

If this is the case, then you require a case pressure tool but it is very costly option. The best way is to visit a watchmaker and have them fix the view and replace the battery.

We have tried our best to explain to you the best methods to remove the back of the watch. Now, it is all up-to you which method you like the most.

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