Best Wooden Watches Brands – 11 Top Brands 2022 Reviews

Best Wooden Watches Brands – 11 Top Brands 2023 Reviews

Today best wooden watches brands are increasingly popular in current years. Most of the companies are starting to watch business that focuses on natural and supportable materials. Even companies want to allow customers to have a smart timepiece with decrease the negative influence on the environs.

The Wooden timepiece is the most friendly Aside from being environment, uses the hypoallergenic material which is the best for allergic to stainless steel. Changes in temperature have no effect on clocks, as materials like wood and bamboo are not negative impact by temperature changes.

Now we talk about a few watch brands that are famous in the markets. Even we will talk about the material and introduce the companies, as well as talking about some advocacies and partner organizations.

Which Is The Best Wooden Watches Brands?

We have a few best wooden watches brands that you need to know about them. All brands come with the newest features and fantastic look. So that you get a lot of advantages from these watches. We discuss below in detail.



In 2011 it became this company, these two friends impressed to see Central American travelling wood. Today It becomes the most famous wood watch brand and sunglasses that focus on obligation and continuity.

Since 2017 Kerbholz Company has also donated almost 10% of its sales to an organization because it invests money in different projects that earn money and promote our materials, recycling. Even helps to protect the environment. Similarly, they support our different projects such as the Ocean Clean-up.

In this brand, many unique and better designs are available for unisex, it cost $200 and below while the materials that use on one side from the wood include metal, stone, and acetate.

10-Jord- Best Wooden Watches Brands


This is an American company’s brand. It specializes in the handmade wooden timepiece. Although it produces a wide array of designs for unisex.

According to our point of view, looking at the article, you will know that it takes motivation from classic watch designs while integrating original and unique. Jord brand is for people who own Apple watches, its price range starts from $180 to end $615.

09-Lux Woods

Lux Woods

These watches are made by hand, also make use of sustainable materials. According to this brand website, all products make use of scrap wood pieces. Similarly, They need shoppers to supply timber because they have to plant trees. There are two partners of brands Feed the Children and Plant a Billion.

The lux woods brand also sells the apple watch bands, rings, and more products. Here see the latest collection.



This brand is best known for an attractive minimalist design. it’s based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Vejrhoj makes the latest design from the use of natural hardwood and stainless steel. Even it combines durability and sustainability.

If you are interested in these watches of Nordic or Scandinavian design, this is for the brand up only. Recently the company has just been introduced in 2014. Later it teamed up with Danish designer Bo Bonfils to make many new nautic collections, here you can explore.

Here see the latest collection for unisex and see why the company has received many prizes?. American customers can search for the newest watch design at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

07-Original Grain

Original Grain

These watches made from wood and steel that highlight all features. In our list many luxuries watch available, starting price from $189 to $2999. If you can afford this original grain brand then invest for a famous and superiority timepiece.

Likewise, it produces watches for US baseball teams. You find watches for more devoted teams such as Mets, Red Sox, and Giants which is best things for peoples.

This brand partner with an organization in Senegal (Trees for The Future) original grain helps people who have sold their trees also, it provides feed. Consequently, it is the most famous wood brand in the world.

06-Treehut Bamboo

Treehut Bamboo

Treehut Bamboo is a small company it’s like a small family. According to suggestion search for all things around the globe but this product best for another product because its made by natural materials and personalization.

Its brand web is designed in such a way that the customer can make a custom purchase, also it can provide every good material, size, price point. The main thing, its brand price starts from $100 and ends $200 which is an affordable budget for unisex while almost 17 different collections available to choose from.

05-Bobo Bird

Bobo Bird

Bobo Bird is a combination of Japanese movement and Chinese craftsmanship. The company uses all materials made from reclaimed wood and natural.

This brand cost low, if you want to find the affordable and best wooden watches brands then I prefer this brand. Here find an affordable price range timepiece like the Zebrawood watch. Bobo Bird brand owners say, our company all over the globe exceeds almost 60 million.

The main thing this brand best known for sells watches to unisex. Also, it sells wallets, sunglasses, and apple watch brands.



Plantwear is a famous brand that made from wooden and glasses. Still it all products made by hand in Europe and use household and outlandish hardwoods.

Its price range starts from $199 to end $320. The company has many latest designs for selection like modern chronographs and more. Even its company many other products such as wooden necklaces, leather chokers, and bracelets.

The wood gets from FSC- certified source those use, though the company every month contributes 50 trees to Nature Conservancy foundation.

03- Holzkern


Holzkern brand based in Austria, which is run by young professional persons. The company introduces in 2015 and increasingly famous day by day.

Many different sizes are available for wrist in this brand from 45mm to 36mm unisex. There are more than 300 models in its catalogue, you will have many designs to select from.

The brand makes watches from wood from different parts of the world, though it uses also stone and metal. For watch sold, peoples donate $1 to help fund reforestation in Nicaragua, Even Provide employment to these people who have “reduced physical, sensory, or mental capabilities“.

02- We Wood

We Wood

It is an Italian watch company that focuses on making different wood types of watches. Even it focused on artificial material and other products. They collaborate from many environmental organizations and start process recycles wood, which focused only made things from good wood material.

We wood company just like a previous company we have featured above because it also plants many trees for making watches and sold. According to our website’s point of view, the company has already planted trees at least 604, 475 trees all our around the globe, while In 2010 started this project.

01- Analog Watch Co.

Analog Watch Co.

The main thing that you will find the Analog watch co. the website then you see the one-note about trees. According to the company website, they have planted trees almost tens thousand. They plant a tree for every watch they buy.

Also, Analog watch Co. use of marble to built on their watches. It will help to protect communities from the influence of energy development and crystal.

If you can buy the best wooden watches to protect to help the environment. Although see these brands and select for your family. Aside from wooden watches collection for unisex, Analog watch Co. also has other products like straps, phone cases, cuffs, and wallets.

Best Wooden Watches Brands- FAQs

Are Wooden Watches durable?

Wooden watches are very durable and beautiful, even they are environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. For bamboo watches, the material comes from sustainable forests that are huge news of this brand. Consequently, wooden watches are durable and extraordinary.

What are the best wood watches?

Jord, WeWood, Lux Woods and Original Grain watches are the best wooden watches. These are useable and comes with the latest features. The good news is, the material for all models comes from pure sustainable forests.

Are Wooden watches waterproof?

Frankly, the wooden watches are not waterproof because wood is an organic medium. Although watchmakers use the casework for wooden and use oil on the wood. so that Maintain the lustre of the wood. Simply these are not waterproof.


Wooden watches are best for those who find eco-friendly and affordable timepieces. These timepieces are not alternative luxuries things but it looks better than other products. Also, I mention above all watch brands, Now, you are able to select a watch for family members and friends in an affordable budget.

Today, the best wooden watches brands introduced in new styles increasingly that would see only wooden brands. When all the ingredients are found, you will be amazed because it looks so beautiful.

Our point of view about watch brands will help you to choose the best watch for yourself. Even you choose the best watchmaker that will your predilection and prefer to pick up the best thing. Briefly, read the given article and choose according to your taste.

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