Watch Size Chart - Find Your Perfect Size

Watch Size Chart – Find Your Perfect Size

Basically, with the watches the size matters. After reading this article you will recognize very well about what is the watch size chart.

On a man’s huge wrist, a little wristwatch looks odd, as does excessively enormous one on a slim wrist.

For the end goal of timekeeping, watches are not generally utilized only yet for an assortment of functions in our daily life.

Moreover, for supplementing a whole appearance presumably is the most significant of them.

The one of few accessories that men can gladly wear is the watch and in this way should look tastefully fitted.

Further, you will find from this post will direct you in picking the right size for your wrist by the watch size chart and the other fundamental suggestions.

Why Sizes Matter?

It is regardless of whether we like it, extents are all over. In general the human psyche will acknowledge relative visuals and reject disproportional.

As the cars do not come for mid-class houses with 20-feet entryways, cars do not accompany 30’’ tires.

Furthermore, they are viewed as off-kilter, and oftentimes even wrong on the off chance that they do.

To a watch, a similar mentality applies where the extent of appropriateness is significantly smaller because of its little size.

Therefore that is the reason size matters.

Watch Size Chart

In view of the 70% wrist’s cross-section rule, we can frame a watch size chart pointing the most appropriate case measurements for each normal wrist.

Wrist Circumference Suitable Case Size
5.5 in / 14 cm 34 mm 36 mm 38 mm
6.0 in / 15.2 cm 36 mm 38 mm 40 mm
6.5 in / 16.5 cm 38 mm 40 mm 42 mm
7.0 in / 17.8 cm 40 mm 42 mm 44 mm
7.5 in / 19 cm 42 mm 44 mm 46 mm
8.0 in / 20.3 cm 44 mm 46 mm 48 mm

Watch Case Diameter

The clearest and perceptible component of extent is case diameter.

The range of men’s watches commonly from 38mm to 46mm.

The cases of watch greater than 46mm begins to turn out to be excessively enormous and is generally held for casual or showy outfits.

The cases of watch less than 38mm are inclining toward the size of ladies watches.

Therefore, measure your wrist in order to how do you have any idea what size works for you.

Watch Case Thickness

To the case diameter, the case thickness is periodically straightforwardly associated. It was seen that a more slender case was of better quality a while ago when mechanical watches were ruling the market.

With electronic watches entering the market as well as quartz designs, this is not true anymore.

The common principle is, the thickness also increases or decreases as the diameter of the case increments or reduces.

However, you will see around 7 mm in thickness ordinarily for 38mm to 42mm width. Also, the Slim watches are usually 7-8 mm in depth.

The thickness rises to around 9mm when you get up to 44mm and more.

Watch Band Width

Watch Band Width

About half of its case diameter, a fine proportional watch has a band width.

The width ought to be about 20mm in width assuming that you wear a 40mm watch.

Moreover, you might need to wear a watch with a more extensive band width contingent upon your style inclination.

Further, you might incline towards more extensive bands on the off chance that you have bigger wrists.

Also, you can figure out what the width of the band will be founded on the lug width if you are just looking for cases and need to choose a band later.

Watch Band Material

Watch Band Width

A slimmer look to your watch will be given by leather bands.

Even one a similar size as a leather band, a metal watchband as a result of the nature of metal will always seem bigger and heavier.

On the off chance that you have smaller wrists this is a significant thought.

For men with bigger wrists, metal bands will introduce the presence of a bigger watch and making it an essential decision.

Watch Details

Check out at the size of the parts on the watch to wrap things up. However, it implies notice the numbers, the hours, and second hands.

Also, look at the size of lug, the pusher, and changer. It gives the delusion of a bigger watch as these parts grow in size and thickness.

With the smaller wrists, this can cause watches on men give off an impression of being out of proportion, particularly joined with any of the components referenced previously.

To notice with the parts the significant thing is the manner by which they play into further components of the watch.

It will look uneven assuming you have a 38mm to 40mm watch and the numbers are immense.

Also on the other hand, something could appear to be not quite right also in the event that you have a 9mm thick watch with a 46mm case diameter and thin hour hands.


Generally, above medium in size, well-balanced in concerning case diameter and thickness, and with bands in agreement with the case is the right wristwatch.

It is difficult to single out the all in all if no set standards in describing the ideal size.

Nevertheless, you can get a sign of which of the diameters could suit you the most with the guidance of the watch size chart.

Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs

1. What watch size is right for my wrist?

All things considered, you need a smaller watch assuming that you have a smaller wrist.

Moreover, you need a bigger watch assuming you have a bigger wrist.

2. How do I Measure my wrist for a Watch?

Around the region of your wrist you had for the most part wear your watch, wrap a measuring tape.

Also, you can utilize a dollar note in the event that you do not have a measuring tape. Current US Paper Currencies are 6 inches long.

To find out the circumference of your wrist, wrap the dollar note around your wrist.

6-7 inches wrist circumference: A small to medium you have wrist. Search for small to medium diameter watch cases that are 38mm, 40mm, and 42mm.

7.5 to 8 inches wrist circumference:  A large you have wrist. Search for watch cases with a diameter of 44mm, and 46mm.

3. How do I know my watch size?

Within the range to find your perfect size, use your wrist size.

Select a small or medium watch with a diameter of 38mm, 40mm, or 42mm if your wrist is between 14cm and 18cm.

Moreover, choose a larger case such as one that is 44 to 46mm if your wrist is 18cm and above.

4. What is an average wrist size for a woman?

An average wrist size for a woman is between 6.5 inches and 7.5 inches.

5. Is 42mm watch too small for a man?

For the most men, the average watch case size is around 40mm to 42mm that is the medium.

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