How to Measure Your Wrist Size Properly With 5 Easiest Methods

How to Measure Your Wrist Size Properly With 5 Easiest Methods

When we talk about sales and purchases of watches, fit bits and the other material we put down on our hand. The first question that brings to mind is that what is the size of the Wrist and which one size is best for our Wrist.

Here we will discuss all these problems and their solutions which the customers should know before they made buying of watches and bracelets.

In this article, we will talk about different wrist measuring methods like wrist measuring by measuring tape or without it how to measure wrist size if we have no any kind of tape.

How to Measure Wrist Size by Using Measuring Tape

How to Measure Wrist Size by Using Measuring Tape

How to Measure Your Wrist Size Properly

Different ways are in the whole marketplace by using anyone be easily measure the wrist size. The top best way which is basically used by mostly shop keepers is Measuring Tape.

The measuring tape is invented in 1829 by James Chester man in England. After that, it is designed much time. There are different types of measuring tape.

About which we discuss. It is basically a flexible ruler that is made of some kind of cloth material, plastic or fibreglass. This is soft fabric flexible piece that is designed to take measurements of the wrist and body.

It also includes the number that is used for measuring purposes, maximum its length is from 15 to 50 feet , and the length is measured in inches.

If you want to measure your wrist size in the correct order then follow any step which we mention here. These methods are finalized by our researchers.

1). Open your Hand and Bring it up in front of you

In the very first step for measuring the accurate size of the wrist. You must have open your hand and place it in front of you. If you have a big wrist size and you want a perfect and sleek size for bristle or for watch.

Place your hand straight and avoid to shake it. Do not move your hand inward (as you move for to see the time) if you want to get the perfect match of wrist size.

Follow these steps very carefully if you have a small or large wrist. If you do so like you move your hand in wrong direction might be possible you will get an incorrect measurement of your wrist.

That’s why place your hand and note down the accurate measurement of the cuff be careful.

2). Pick up the End of the Tape and Put it Down on Your Wrist

According to our researcher and analytics, this is the second step to find out the accurate size. First of all, you have a measuring tape. Open this and will pick up the end of the measuring tape.

Now put down on your wrist middle point. Would you know why we place this in middle? Because of this is the accurate starting point for taking measurements.

If you can start from any other point. We have shorty according to research that it wouldn’t give you accuracy. If you do so surely you can measure the correct size and also can note down the reading easily.

This is a too easy and amazing technique.

3). Fold the Measuring Tap on Your Wrist

The very next step is from centre of the wrist start to fold measuring tape tightly. Then you will turn down the tape on your wrist. Press the tape peacefully but a little bit tight.

After that you can easily read the measurements of your wrist. Look briefly while turning down the tape in this way that there should be no space between the measurement tape and in the wrist.

If there is any space you will get wrong reading of your wrist and you retry this step. These are the very basis three steps of measuring wrist size by using measurement tape.

We hope that all these steps which we listed are informative and helpful for users.

Measuring of Wrist Size Without Measuring Tape

Measuring of Wrist Size Without Measuring Tape

By chance or by any mistake this is common in the whole world that you haven’t find out the right thing for the purpose that you do. So, that why everyone takes a second opinion to solve the problem.

In this method, we will discuss how to measure wrist size without measuring tape? If you do not have any kind of measuring tape so what would you do?

This is not a headache simply you use mind or any equipment you have in your use. Do not worry about it just take a long breath and think that how to solve the issue.

As you heard that if one door is closed God open a hundred doors. Similarly, there are many other methods to measure wrist size. Read this with attention to solve your problem if you haven’t any measuring tape.

Wrist Size Measurement By Using String Piece

Wrist Size Measurement By Using String Piece

In this method of measurement, you have to follow the same steps that we have been discussing in the wrist measuring by measuring tape method. Piece of the string is the same as a piece of cloths and it will surely give you the correct reading as it is elastic and modifiable.

So, take a string piece and place this on your wrist centre like as we listed above in the start of the article. Tightly rape this on wrist and pinpoints the starting and ending point of the string. This shortly gives you the right sizing.

How to Measure Wrist Size By Using a Garden Twist Tie Method

How to Measure Wrist Size By Using a Garden Twist Tie Method
How to Measure Wrist Size

Garden twist tie does not commonly use the method of wrist measuring, but this is also an available choice for you if you do not have any kind of measuring tape.

This method is a little bit risky, so be care full while using this kind of method. You should also have a bit knowing that this is not very adjustable measuring method as it is different from other and sometimes it give slightly different or wrong readings of measurement.

So, you just need more satisfaction and attention to use garden twist tie method.

Measuring Wrist Size by Using Sheet of Paper

Measuring Wrist Size by Using Sheet of Paper

If you do not have any measuring tape or any other kind of measuring method do not panic. Here we will discuss how to measure wrist size by using any kind of paper.

In this method, you need one piece of paper, a ruler and a pen. Simply, first of all, collect these three things. It is confirmed that all three pieces of equipment are available at anywhere.

Now the main thing you need is to follow all these steps one by one which we listed below. We have shorty that by follow all these steps you must finalize the size of wrist easily.

Just follow the step to take the right size of wrist. Let’s move towards the steps to quantification wrist.

In the very first step take a paper and cut this minimum size according to your wrist first look.

Simply rape the cutting piece of paper on your wrist. Also, remember that start from the middle of wrist.

The second step is too easy. Take pen and mark a point on the starting point of the wrist where you place paper according to the first step.

After folding paper on the wrist. Now, mark on the last point of the paper when you confirm that this size is confirmed.

Take off the paper from wrist. After that use any kind of ruler (plastic or metal) for the purpose to measure the reading of your wrist size from the paper you have already marked.

This is also a very flexible and easy way of measuring wrist size. We have listed this because this way is too easy and you easily find the exact size of the wrist.


In the given article we listed unique and informative ways to solve a problem which is mostly faced by many people. This problem is measuring the size of wrist.

This is why? Because you need to take perfect size for perfect bracelet, watch belts, and many more. By following all these steps you easily take the exact figure of wrist size.

You have found out the solution of your problem here about watches. Always, remember that read and follow the unique and valuable data. This is a way of increasing your knowledge and information.

Give your feedback if you find this article help full for you.

Watch Made by Metal:

If you use the watch made by metal bracelets you must use the size that is slightly large then your wrist size, this is because if you use tight size might be possible it will harm or damage your wrist.

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