Types of Watch Glass | Sapphire Crystal vs Acrylic vs Mineral

Types of Watch Glass | Sapphire Crystal vs Acrylic vs Mineral

When people made sales and purchases of the watches they have to suffer as they do not know much about the different qualities of the watches. And they could not make good decisions about the watch material.

In this article, we will discuss regarding different types of watch Glass and the other material. There are several types of watch Glass and later in this article, we will discuss one by one.

When we talk about watch Glass the first question that brings to mind is that basically what is Glass?

How it is mad? And From Which Material We Made These Glasses?

Here the proper definition of Glass is that it is a non-crystalline basically transparent amorphous solid which is made by rapid cooling of the molten form.

Basically, Glasses are made by some kind of substance and other different materials. As the Glasses are non-crystalline and transparent so they can be shaped into any colour and size.

The artists and the designer can turn the Glass into a desire shape and design. Some types of Glasses may naturally occur.

Glasses are mostly used in Windowpane, tableware and optics. Glass only melts at very high temperatures approximately 1400 degrees C to 1600 degrees C.

There are many other types in which Acrylic Watch Glass, Mineral Crystal Watch Glass are also considered the best Watch Glasses. Now we discuss each type one by one in detail.

Types of Watch Glass

When it comes to watches, the crystal, or watch glass, is a crucial element that protects the watch face and allows you to see the time.

In this article, we will explore the different types of watch glass and their features, to help you choose the best option for your needs. The most common types of watch glass include mineral glass, sapphire glass, acrylic glass, dome glass, and anti-reflective glass.

Each type has its own pros and cons, and the right choice will depend on your personal preferences and the intended use of the watch.

1). Sapphire Crystal Watch Glass:

Sapphire Crystal Glass

When we share our ideas regarding watch Glasses the first Watch Glass that hit into our mind is Sapphire Crystal Glass which is considered as one of the best and the top of the line of popular Watch Glasses.

When a seller or a customer made purchases of Watch of Sapphire Crystal Glass then it’s mean that he has a good and expensive taste of Watches. Because Watch that has Sapphire Crystal Glass is known as high-quality watch Glass and available verity nowadays.

Sapphire Crystal Glass is made by synthetic Sapphire not original Sapphire. To find the original and pure Sapphire is overly hard that is why we use Synthetic Sapphire.

Mainly Sapphire is a precious gemstone consisting of Aluminum oxide with trace amounts of elements like iron, titanium, chromium and magnesium.

Originally it has a blue colour but the artists and the designer can colour it in different styles.

Natural fancy Sapphire also come in yellow, purple, orange and green colours. We cannot scratch Sapphire very easily because it is made of very hard material which is scratch-resistant and impossible to scratch it.

It look beautiful and adorable in its shape and only possible to scratch it by using extra hard material like a diamond.

This is the very expensive kind of Watch Glass but still highly recommended by the user of Watch as it is remarkable in its standard and made the user wrist adorable and expensive.

Along with all these qualities These Glasses have some disadvantages like being very costly at price and can also be crack by some hard material like heavy metal and due to this Glass of Watch can be shattered and turn into pieces.

2). Acrylic Watch Glass:

Sapphire Crystal Glass

Another type of Watch Glass is known as Acrylic Watch Glass. This kind of Glass is not very popular and famous because of its material.

Basically, It is not made by original Glass but manufactured by Plastic.

Plastic is a material that is either naturally occur or synthetic that can turn into any shape when it is soft. Basically plastic use polymer as the main source for manufacturing of itself.

We use Acrylic which is a plastic material in the manufacturing of Acrylic Watch Glass. As plastic is very cheap and have low cost in the same manner when we use this material in Acrylic Watch Glass it reduces its cost.

Manufacturing charges of Acrylic Watch Glass very low and its quality is down in the market.

These watches are made by some kind of plastic material, so they have a low weight and small size.

We can found these watches on the common store vary easily. If you are looking for the a lightweight and the low price watch you can buy Acrylic Watch Glass.

Main advantage of using this Glass is that it has low price and can be found very easily in any market.

Along with all these qualities it has also some drawbacks like that it can easily be scratched, you do not need any kind of hard material to scratch it just if you hit it on the ground it will get scratch ETC.

Due to all these bad qualities, it is considered the lowest type of Watch Glass and not most commonly used by the people.

3). Mineral Crystal Watch Glass:

Mineral Crystal Glass

Most common type of Watch Glass that is used by the watch user is Mineral Crystal Glass. If you want to buy a watch that is medium in price and quality then you can buy this type of watch without any trouble.

These Glasses are made by silica and are known as mineral Crystal Glass which are scratch-resistant.

These are not complete scratch resistant but can be damaged and scratches by some kind of hard material like diamond and other metal.

Mineral crystal glass are covered with Anti- Reflecting ( AR Coating ) Coating also known as anti – Glare coating which help the watch user to read out the figure very easily without any reflection of light.

This coating protects user eyes from the light reflection and on this basis of advantage, it is considered as the best Watch Glass and use by many people.

Its main disadvantage is that it can be scratched more easily then Acrylic Watch Glass but along with this it has many more benefits.

The biggest benefit of using this type of Watch Glass is that as it uses AR coating so it provides its user easy way of reading figure without any interference of light.


In this watch glass guide, there are three different types of watch glass which names are sapphire crystal, acrylic, and mineral crystal. Every material has specific features which attract the audience attention.

So it depends on the user of the watch glass how he chose, so be careful while choosing Watch Glass.

So, If you are happy with my guide, then please share your feelings with me in the section box.

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