Best Fitbit for Kids & Teenagers – Guide and Reviews 2021

Best Fitbit for kids is a smart way to grow your kids. A Fitbit wristband turns your life towards the competition, by using the advanced technology that is valued so greatly in computers.

Wearable Fitbit challenges each day that records each step and gets the goal to reached fitness. These are the world’s top active trackers and also a great inspiration for trying new sports like cycling, running, and swimming.

The topmost importance of Fitbits to all kids look cool and smart! In our article, our team worked hard and spent many days to find out the Best Fitbits for kids.

They offer you a huge choice out there, with brief details, we listed just a few which our researcher believed that they are worth purchasing. All the listed below Fitbit kids watches are on top according to

Best Fitbit for Kids & Youth

There are all those Fitbits for Kids and Youth that our researching team recommend over all others. Now, let’s move towards the favourites and we will inform you that why our team thinks that listed below is great & picks the best one.

10- Fitbit Ace – Best Fitbit for Kids

Fitbit Ace

Well, we started and tells about the great Fitbit Ace. According to our team, the top and newest addition are Fitbit Ace. The best and advanced deal with technology products.

Technology improving that nothing completed without me and it improves at such a high rate. It means that you get these and invest money here and get your kids to grow. Here, are shortly we give details about it.

Fitbit Ace is the most selling product because this is perfect for kids ages 7 and up. Here, are new family account features are added by advance tech. It means that parents control the whole information and also the control of the device.

Long Battery life

The Fitbit Ace has to long battery life, it’s up to 5 days and you have no need to charge in 5 days. That’s perfect for a long adventure. According to our researcher having a small screen increasing the long battery life.

What about the Qualities?

Fitbit is designed to the developed interest of youth and kids for exercises. It records the steps and the time of activity that you have done and also gives you achievement rewards when you reached a specific goal.

The Fitbit Ace is designed under advance tech. Also, introduced the Fitbit app by using this parent monitored the activity of child’s. It offers kids to challenge their friends with Fitbits that who does the most exercise.

Any family member sees the activities and achievements, and the app allows kids to track their rewards. The advanced technology gives you different opportunities to grow up your child in this modern world.

It’s durable but not waterproof, hence it showerproof and the band material is the same as that bands which are using for adults watches. The screen is concise and clear even its size of the screen is not to large.

Its screen shows you the goal progress, time and date it also displays messages.

Leading Glance

  • Long Battery Life up to 5 days
  • Family account
  • Allows parents to monitor
  • Winning badges for motivation
  • Activity and Tracking

General View            

The perfect Fitbit for kids is Ace. It is the perfect choice for kids and an excellent way that lead kids towards modern technology. The most reasonable Fitbit according to budget in the market.

09- Fitbit Alta HR– Perfect for Youth

Fitbit Alta HR

At this time at the whole globe Teenagers and Youth are leading towards a smart world. The Fitbit Alta HR is the best wearable wrist fitness tracker and also most purchasable on Amazon.  Teenagers like this most while Fitbit Ace is top pick for kids.

Most of the youth and teenagers pick this for exercise because this is made up for them. This is a joyful and active choice for all. Teenagers always prefer this because it looks slim and smart always beautiful.

The Alta HR fitness activity tracker is much advance. Tech of Alta HR is amazing it has a heart which is built in it that tells you about your fitness and also monetized this.

You can select work intensity and also choose the best zone for exercise. By this, you can finalize the whole time period for exercise according to your power. It is helpful if you would want to be brave in your physical life.

The functionality of heat monitoring is wonderful. It allows you to monitor your sleep, work, exercise and by following this you become a disciple person. You also find out the sleeping and exercise by the best Alta HR Fitbit.

There is also a silent alarm. It does not disturb you just vibrates gently by which you can wake up early. The device also counts your steps, losing fats, and distance and activity minutes.

By this hot Fitbit, you can notes that how much you have daily activity. That really amazing.

Long Battery life

The Fitbit Alta HR has long battery life, it’s up to 7 days that’s enough. You enjoy this whole weak without the headache of charging it. Enjoy your journey with Alta HR. However, heavy use of the heart a little bit drains the battery.

Leading Glance

  • Long Battery life up to 7 days
  • Perfect for Teenagers
  • Automatic tracking
  • Messages, Call, Calendar on display
  • Pure heart tracking
  • Vibrating Alarms
  • Water Resistance

General View            

The Fitbit Alta HR fitness tracker is strong to hit! Perfect choice for perfect teenagers that never compromise on there’s fitness. According to our team research, we recommend this for teenagers.

08- Fitbit Flex 2 – Perfect for Swimmers

Fitbit Flex 2

The fully waterproof ultra-thin fitness tracker. Wearable Fitbit Flex 2 is perfect for swimmers. Fully waterproof without any headache of water resistance.

A slim and ultra-thin tracker that’s mean you can wear it as a bracelet, bands and pendants. This is completely removable from the strap and this separates it from the crowd.

This fitness tracker tells you how much are you powerful by tracks your distance, and calories which you burned during exercise. It also knows your activity which you engages and by tech, they automatically track your efforts.

When this is near to you and connect with your smartphone it shows you messages, calls by blinking lights. It has no display screen but having lights is amazing you have never taken this aside.

Leading Glance

  • Ultra-Slim
  • Fully Water Proof
  • Long battery life up to 7 days
  • Swimming tracking
  • Sleeping tracker
  • Sedentary reminder
  • Auto exercise recombination

General View

The perfect picks for the keen swimmers, and those swimmers who always wear Fitbit under the depth of water. This Fitbit is really for smart users.

07- Fitbit Charge 3

Fitbit Charge 3

The Fitbit Charge 3 is an advanced tracker in the budget. A tracker who allows you to make your personal plans for health. By using this you can make a more reliable and advance fitness schedule.

OLED displays show you high-quality display and increase the functionality of the Fitbit Charge 3.

Wearable Fitbit with displays OLED screen touch with the personal guided. The best heart pulse recorder that also you know about your heart beat speed by this smart fitness tracker.

The best and top-level tracker that allows you to track your burned calories, also steps, activity time and many more. This work like as intelligent smartwatches.

Display of OLED offers you different functionality according to your need you show notifications like text, calls, calendar, weather updates and also even make payments.

Long Battery Life

The Fitbit Charge 3 gives you 7 days backup of battery that’s really amazing. By the help of long life you enjoyed a long adventure of a whole weak.

Gaps between the smartwatch and wristband increase the cuteness of Charge 3 Fitbit. Looks more beautiful and charming.

Leading Glance

  • Big OLED display
  • Smart Track exercise
  • Long battery life up to 7 days
  • Up to 1 ATM Water resistance

General View

The Fitbit Charge 3 is advanced than a just fitness tracker. Its looks cute and in the budget. Perfect for those who want more functionality.

06- Fitbit Versa 

Fitbit Versa

The Fitbit Versa is similar like as a digital smartwatch. In the Fitbit addition, this is a new thing which is completely like a smartwatch.

Fully furnished with beautiful edges. It shows you Date, Time, and many notifications on the display. The advanced feature Fitbit which you picks without any headache. Pure Pulse tracking heat rate by which you recognize your heart beat.

NFC built-in by which you store more than 300 songs in this advanced feature Fitbit. It best for females because this is functionalized according to the females but also suggested for males.

Many females health trackers are in it and mostly those features who are mostly liked by the females. You choose this for your girlfriend, as a gift. This is really amazing with additional features.

Long Battery Life

The Fitbit Versa has OLED display screen like as digital smartwatch. But compare to digital watches it has long life. Up to 4 days it has battery life. That is enough while it has display big.

Leading Glance

  • Up to 4 days Long battery life
  • GPS connection
  • Auto exercise recognition
  • Store more than 300+ songs using built-in NFC
  • Real heat rate tracking

General View             

Fitbit Versa offering you all the features of the smartwatch. A tracer of fitness that has huge functionality of like as a watch.

05- Fitbit Zip

Fitbit Zip

The Fitbit Zip is a zero activity tracker with up to 6 months of battery life without the need of recharging. There is a 3V coin battery in it which you just replace when he is dead. Simply change it like you can change the watch coin.

This fitness tracker is a pedometer that records the steps of your daily activity. You can choose this if you don’t like to wear on your wrist. Simply you place this in your pocket and catch in your hand.

If you want to give Fitbit to young or teenagers than we suggest you select anyone either this. I sync automatically with tablets, phones, computers, also gives notification when goals are met.

It is 3.5 cm x 2.7 cm x 1 cm round about the size of a watch. You can clip on your shirt otherwise placed it into the pocket. This is not for kids and teenagers because they lose things, but best for all those who would not like to wear watches.

Long Battery Life       

The Fitbit Zip has up to 6 months of battery life. You would amaze after listening about his long battery life. You simply change battery coin when he is dead like a watch coin. Anyone be easily changed this.

Leading Glance

  • Good Pedometer
  • Up to 6 months-long battery life
  • Water-resistant to rain and splashes
  • Replaceable battery

General View

The Fitbit Zip is an amazing alternative for all those peoples who don’t like and wear watches.

04- Fitbit Flex

Fitbit Flex

The Fitbit for kids according to our team research is Fitbit Flex. Made according to the activity of kids. The soft strips with rubber-made activity.

The display is according to the kid’s requirements. LED lights blink on the display of this Fitbit. Its capacity of water resistance is 1 ATM, but we would not recommend this for swimming.

Very fashionable also the bands are changeable. You can purchase beautiful spare bands according to your taste. Wear fashionable always and look handsome.

Long Battery Life

The Fitbit Flex has a long battery life up to 10 days battery backup. So, you would not be tensed if you pick this for your kids. Once you charged this then you no need to recharge this in 10 days. That’s really made up for the kids.  It’s overall amazing.

Leading Glance

  • Sleeping track automatic
  • Silent vibrating alarm
  • Up to 1 ATM water resistance
  • 10 days of battery lifetime
  • LED lights

General View

The first restatement of the Flex model. This is nice and good for kids and cheap according to budget.

03- Fitbit Charge – Perfect for Small Wrist

Fitbit Charge

The Fitbit Alta is slick and slim. It has a swappable band design finalized this for perfect fashion, those who wore worry about it don’t about its fashion. Now, its the latest one.

This looks like as a Fitbit Ace, beautiful and charming with different changeable bands.  All the bands are so cheap you can easily purchase them.

It offers you to track your overall activity without sleep tracking. Without any manual action, its smart track technology helps its users in activities.

The vibrating alarm which you called the silent alarm and also a sedentary reminder.

 Long Battery Life

The Fitbit Alta has long lasting battery life. It has 5 days of battery timing. You can easily enjoy a long journey with this charming Fitbit.

Listing Glance

  • 5 days long battery life
  • Auto exercise recognition
  • Water-resistant
  • Notifications of calls, text, and calendar
  • Silent alarm

02- Fitbit Charge HR

Fitbit Charge HR

The Fitbit Charge HR is updated and advances then Charge and Charge 2. This is released among the Charge 2 and Change. Available, at Amazon you can easily purchase this from the given link below easily.

New additions in this model is the heartbeat counter and tracker sensor that’s rate heat pulse. This is really wearable Fitbit. Trackers allow you to recognize exercise and track them accurately.

The Charge HR withstand rain, water splashes, and dust but never face swimming or bathing.

Long Battery Life

The Fitbit Charge HR has 5 days of battery backup time. You enjoy life with this. It is really wearable Fitbit.

Listing Glance

  • Call alerts
  • Auto sleeping tracking
  • Continuous heart rate
  • Up to 5 days of battery life

01- Fitbit One

Fitbit One

Fitbit one is like as the Fitbit Zip we detailed it in this article. The clip-style Fitbit which is more expensive as compare to others. But most users believe that it is more reliable than the wrist style but these are adults, not teenagers or kids.

You can be easily clipped this in your clothes or you should hold this in your hand. This device monitor and having more features. It doesn’t recognize sleeping automatically. You need to set this manually.

Long Battery Life

It has long battery life you doesn’t need this to charge every day. Fitbit One has 14 days of battery backup. So, enjoy your fitness with Fitbit One.

Listing Glance 

  • Battery up to 14 days
  • Silent vibrating alarm
  • Water-resistant rain and splashes
  • Clipped in cloths

Is Fitbit Legal for All ages?             

The Fitbit tracker is amazing technology for every age those who would take care of their health physically. US Federal Law did not give permission for those kids who are under 12 expect the new Fitbit Ace.

This is due to that have personal information and kids have doesn’t know about the personal facts.

But, you would not take a headache for that we have listed the set up of a family account guidance. So, you kept your date easily under your control.

We clearly share our team research on Fitbit. Now, you are able to select a perfect Fitbit easily for kids and youth. We always try to improve our content and convey this in an easy manner.

Listed a comment if you would like our article, and suggest your opinion in a comment, we will back to you soon.

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