Are Timex Watches Good? Timex Watch Review

Are Timex Watches Good? Timex Watch Review

The wristwatch that is made of durable materials runs on refined and exact timekeeping, and expenses essentially a few hundred dollars is considered as a quality watch.

Everything beneath that standard is the finish of conversation.  

In light of the fact that there is a massive attention for them, the Timex brand has a long history of filling the market with very reasonable watches.

Therefore, Are Timex Watches Good in the terms of quality?

In this Timex watch audit, that is the query and we will attempt to combine with a watertight reaction.

Be that as it may, it is important to investigate the long history of the organization for a superior comprehension of the business approach they have executed prior to covering every one of the fundamental features in characterizing the quality levels of the Timex brand.

Are Timex Watches Good? Timex Watch Review

Are Timex Watches Good

Timex History

Since the year 1854, Timex has been around beginning. From Waterbury, Connecticut, an area well known for brass, the organization traces its foundations.

However, Timex has remained consistent with its way of thinking of making reasonable timekeepers and watches since the absolute starting point.

It is composed that the organization creates a reasonable pocket watch, which at the time cost one dollar when a five pounds of sweets costs 35 cents, in a captivating story distributed on the brand’s site.

By the turn of the century, the organization sold north of 6,000,000 of these watches.

Around the year 1901, this occurred. Though, at around 1914, the organization began moving to watches with straps.

The organization is considered as one of the greatest watch brands today, what followed that have made the company were effective ideas, the Mickey Mouse designs, the V-conic a reasonable, top notch efficiently manufactured watch movement, the Timex Ironman that is the world’s first sports watch, and the popular Timex Indiglo light.

Where are Timex Watches made?

In the Netherlands, the Timex group has its principal headquarters but today, it has various worldwide organizations in India, the Philippines, and the United States.

In the US and Germany, the technology of Timex items is created, yet are made in various nations, for example, the previously mentioned three, as well as France, Hong Kong, and China.

Timex Reputation

The one of the most outstanding reasonable and affordable watch brands a man can purchase is the Timex.

In the watch industry, their simplistic yet durable items have astounded the majority for decades, acquiring a high reputation.

In their creation, very few watch makers who depend so intensely on Southeast Asia can flaunt with that kind of reputation.

In the year 2008, the verification of affirmation is clearly displayed in a four-year agreement that made Timex the Official Timekeeper of the New York Marathon.

They have turned into the watches of ComplexCon most currently, a music and attire occasion occurring yearly in Long Beach, LA.

Timex Watch Quality

From the resin that is a composite mix of high-impact plastic, the huge numbers of watches are made.

However, the resin is as yet a material that endures long with proper maintenance, and it does not have the durability of stainless steel.

The main benefit for the material is the weight, fitting great for sports-related exercises.

The Timex watches utilize the brass that is another famous material.

Once more, it is not quite as trustworthy and lighthearted as stainless steel, however it is sufficiently fair to function for many years. The better quality lines, for example, Marlin and American Documents, utilize stainless steel cases.

However, the most widespread material in excellent pieces in the industry is the alloy.

For dial covering in their less expensive end watches, Timex utilizes acrylic glass, though more strong mineral glass is accessible in costlier models.

Moreover, from resin, fabric, silicone, and leather, the bands are normally made. In the costlier assortments, once more, the stainless steel is accessible.

Furthermore, basically from China and Southeast Asia, watch movements come.

However, the Timex has had the option to utilize trustworthy and exact quartz developments regardless of the ordinary quality issues with movements coming from that area of the planet.

About the life span of batteries and the exactness of quartz that the watches offer, most of proprietors are excited.

The quartz movement you will find from the watch begins from Switzerland with the current presentation of the US made American Documents line.

Also, the various better quality watches accompany Chinese Seagull automatic and hand-wound machineries too, other than the quartz movement.

Timex Feature Indiglo

As a backlight of the dial, Indiglo is a patented feature that gives Timex watches an electroluminescent panel.

These watches were created by Austin Innovations Inc, and are owned by Timex’s Indiglo Corporation and also derived from the word “indigo”.

In the year 1992, this technology was presented. It was made for the brand’s Ironman line at first, and it was ultimately applied in the majority of the Casio watches sold today.

How much is a Timex Watch?

For under $100, the huge majority of Timex watches are accessible. However, the least expensive resin case watches cost between $30 and $50.

Moreover, chronograph-included watches have a sticker price of $50 to $100.

Further, the automatic and hand-wound lines can cost $200 to $300, while the priciest assortment with Swiss quartz movements, the American Documents, is valued at $500.

Are Timex Watches Good Quality?

In order to address this central issue, we can investigate surveys by real Timex clients. However, this conversation, for example, features the reasonableness and durability of Timex watches.

Moreover, which is exceptionally amazing considering their entirely reasonable sticker prices as numerous clients share how their Timex pieces keep going long.

On this page, the great audits feature how their Timex pieces persevere through years of utilization and still tell time impeccably.

On the other hand, another conversation has a Timex client featuring the brand’s greatness as far as design, technology, and cost calling attention to that to keep the costs low, a portion of the brand’s watches utilize other materials that are less expensive to polish and shape.

Further, the brand has commonly great audits.

Since in order to browse, Timex has many models, everybody has a most loved a basic internet based look for the “best Timex watches” will lead you to surveys that include different amazing models and costs.

Furthermore, this article, let its readers to know that it is feasible to have a “traditionally styled watch without all the money and snobbish eminence that accompanies it”, then continues to count a few magnificent models of the Expedition, Waterbury, and Easy Reader assortments.

Without a doubt, Timex keeps on taking a licking and continue to ticking.

  1. Timex Watch Collections

Without any additional investigating the immense assortments the brand brings to the table, the Timex watch survey would be imperfect.

Specifications Timex Ironman Timex Expedition Timex Weekender Timex Marlin
Type of Watch Modern sports watch Outdoor activities watch Daily casual wear watch Mechanical movements with sleek 1960s design watch
Dial window material type Acrylic Mineral Mineral Acrylic
Display Type Digital Analog Analog Analog
Case material Resin Brass Brass Stainless Steel
Case diameter 44 millimeters 42 millimeters 40 millimeters 40 millimeters
Case Thickness 12 millimeters 12 millimeters 9 millimeters 13.25 millimeters
Band width 18 millimeters 21 millimeters 20 millimeters 19.8 millimeters
Bezel material Resin Brass Brass Acrylic/Stainless steel
Calendar Day-Date-Month Date Date Date
Weight 1.6 Ounces 2.72 Ounces 2.08 Ounces 3.53 Ounces
Movement Quartz Quartz Quartz Automatic
Water resistant depth 100 Meters 100 Meters 30 Meters 30 Meters
Suitable For Suitable for snorkeling, as well as swimming, but not diving Suitable for snorkeling, as well as swimming, but not diving Withstands splashes or brief immersion in water, but not suitable for swimming or bathing Withstands splashes or brief immersion in water, but not suitable for swimming or bathing

Timex Warranty Policy

For a time period of one year from the first buy date, the Timex watches are warranted against manufacturing flaws. However, for the watch to be overhauled, the receipt for verification of buying is compulsory.

When purchased from certified retailers, then watches are only serviced.


The items of Timex are of top notch while considering the price tag that Timex sells its wristwear.

While selling them underneath the normal market cost relatively a very few brands can give such elevated standards.

The amazingly popular electroluminescent Indiglo of Timex is the toping of the cake, counting the inventiveness of the brand.

However, we trust this Timex watch article has given you certainty that Timex watches are not only great however for such reasonable rates is also astonishing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

2. Is Timex a good brand?

Sure, Timex is a good brand. The one of the best affordable watch brands that you can buy right now is Timex. Moreover, to suit almost everybody, they deal an extensive variety of watches.

2. Are Timex watches worth?

The worth of most Timex watches is comparatively small.

3. Do Timex watches last?

About five to ten years, a Timex watch will last, however that can be extended with proper care. Inside the watch, the lifespan of the battery is two to five years, contingent on how frequently you use the Indiglo Light, a Timex watch feature.

4. Is Timex a luxury brand?

Nope, Timex is not a luxury brand. But, Timex is an inexpensive watch brand.

5. Where are Timex watches made?

From the Philippines, to China, India, Hong Kong, and probably more places also, the Timex watches are created all over the planet.

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