Are Bvlgari Watches Worth The Money?

by Emma Watson

Are Bvlgari Watches Worth The Money?

Italian high-end label in the realm of fashion, BVLGARI is a well-known brand. The company dates back to the 1880s, when Sotirios Voulgaris, the company’s founder and namesake, founded his first store in the Balkans. Bulgari is known for selling a variety of high-end things, including jewellery, handbags, accessories, and perfumes, to name a few.

The company is also known for making high-end timepieces with innovative Italian designs and dependable Swiss movements.

Bvlgari combined its jewellery-making expertise with inventiveness in watch design, resulting in opulent and unique aesthetics, in the decades that followed its successful jewellery industry. The brand’s earliest watch designs were groundbreaking, and celebrities flocked to see them.

Bvlgari was renowned as the “jeweller to the stars” and the world’s elite, with celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Ingrid Bergman, and Grace Kelly among its devotees. 

History of Bvlgari watches

The company was recognized for selling silver pieces with flora patterns and Byzantine and Islamic art styles throughout its early years. Sotirios drew influence from several genres of art as the designs changed throughout the decades.

When Sotirios went away, his sons Giorgio and Costantino took over the firm. Bulgari started making watches in 1982, according to an article on Time and Watches.

Bulgari Time S.A. established a facility in Neuchatel, Switzerland, to design and manufacture all of its timepieces. The legendary Serpenti timepieces were first debuted in the late 1940s.

This is a line of bracelet watches that is still popular today; we’ll go over it in more detail in the following section Sotirios’ great-grandson Paolo Bulgari leads the company, which is still run by his family.

Are Bvlgari Watches Worth The Money?

Bvlgari watches are worth your money and purchase because they manufacture attractive and fashionable watches that also shatter horological records. Watches by Bvlgari include precious stones in unique designs. In every manner, Bvlgari timepieces epitomize luxury.

We recognize that persuading you to appreciate the brand’s value isn’t easy. So, we’ve covered some of the reasons why we believe Bvlgari timepieces are worth their money. Continue reading to learn more.

Why Are Bvlgari Watches So Expensive? Reasons.

Despite its beginnings as a jewellery company, this company has not forgotten about watches. Bvlgari watches have improved their ability to compete well with other high-end timepieces on the market.

1). Styles & Designs That Are Unique

Styles & Designs That Are Unique

The ancient city of Rome has inspired Bvlgari since 1884. This is confirmed by the official spelling of the firm’s name. Bvlgari jewellery is created in a variety of styles that pay respect to the city of Rome. The designs of Bvlgari timepieces also incorporate a Roman influence.

Their Serpenti timepieces are based on Greek and Roman serpent mythology. Siotirio Bulgari, a Greek goldsmith who founded Bvlgari in Rome, was the company’s founder. Bvlgari has drawn inspiration from the Eternal City since the company’s inception.

2). Motion

Bvlgari employed ETA, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and Vacheron Constantin movements when they initially started creating watches. It wasn’t until 2010 that Bvlgari began to make its own motions. The business, on the other hand, did not begin tiny.

In the same year, Bvlgari released their first mechanical movement, which they designed, constructed, and manufactured. Bvlgari’s in-house movements have wowed the fashion world since 2010. They’ve even broken the record for the smallest and lightest Timepiece. The thickness of the Timepiece was 1.95 millimetres.

3). Artistry

It’s one thing to have eye-catching designs. The designs, however, would be worthless without accurate manufacturing. By producing different elements in separate factories, Bvlgari ensures flawless artistry.

Bvlgari watches are also made by the top watchmakers in the world. At the moment, the firm employs around 350 people in its watchmaking operations.

To assure perfection, all Bvlgari watches are constructed by hand. The parts, on the other hand, are manufactured using cutting-edge technology. The attention to detail that goes into the final product makes this watch well worth the money.

4). Expertise in Watchmaking

While Bvlgari’s designs incorporate motifs from Rome’s Old Town, its watchmaking ability is among the finest in the world. Experts from all over the world work for the company as well. Their watchmaking highlights their acquisitions of companies like Daniel Roth and Gerald Genta.

5). The Way of Life

Why Are Bvlgari Watches So Expensive

Luxury is a way of life, not just a price tag. Not all ostensibly high-end companies provide you access to the lifestyle you desire. That’s something a Bvlgari watch can help you with.

Many films have included Bvlgari masterpieces, which have been worn on Academy red carpets and at film festivals. The link between Bvlgari and the film industry is undeniable. This connection is also available to purchasers of their timepieces.

Collections of Bulgari Timepieces

Collections of Bulgari Timepieces

Bulgari’s most well-known collections for men and women are listed below. The official website of the brand allows you to learn more about each collection.

1). Bulgari Serpenti Collection

Over the years, Bulgari’s Serpenti collection has grown in popularity. This beautiful line of jewellery and watches was first introduced in the 1940s. The remarkable Serpenti watch (ref. 102726) is one of the collection’s highlights, with an 18kt rose gold case, a green dial, and an adaptable double spiral strap in green leather.

Interchangeable and personal wrap-around straps are available. This quartz 27mm model has a drop casing and is water-resistant to 50 metres. The Serpenti Sedutorri, a “tribute to the warmth and glory of gold,” is the most recent Serpenti watch line.

2). Bvlgari Collection

In 1975, the watch that would later become the Bvlgari watch collection was given to the company’s top 100 customers as a gift. This limited-edition model featured a digital watch with a bezel engraved with “Bvlgari Roma.”

The watch was intended to be a present, but it became so popular that the brand decided to utilise it as a prototype for a collection, which became known as Bvlgari Bvlgari.

These timepieces were inspired by old coins with Roman historical designs, and they rapidly became popular, and they remain so now.

According to an article on the company’s history, after its release, this became the company’s best-selling watch. The Bvlgari Solotempo watch, which pays respect to the original model and features a mechanical movement, is one of the most popular watches from this series.

This is a 41mm stainless steel watch with a black leather bracelet (which may be swapped for a black rubber strap), a glass case back, and the characteristic bezel etched with the brand’s double text and emblem, which is inspired by the lettering on Roman coins.

3). Octo Collection

Bulgari’s Octo series includes a cutting-edge design. The Octo line of watches features octagonal-shaped dials and features Italian design and high-quality Swiss craftsmanship. The Octo Finissimo, the world’s slimmest self-winding watch with a chronograph and a GMT function, is one of the most popular models from this series.

The Octo Finissimo Automatic (ref. 103077) watch is not inexpensive, costing €15,900 (about $17,150). It sports a small seconds display at 7 o’clock, as well as a translucent case back that allows you to see the mechanical movement (the watch has up to 60 hours of power reserve).

4). The Divas’ Fantasy Collection

Bulgari’s Divas’ Dream series is a line of watches that exemplifies the brand’s ability to combine aesthetics with utility. The Divas’ Dream Watch (ref. 103139), a 22mm watch with a natural peacock feather dial and a beige alligator band, is one of the newest versions.

The 18kt rose gold bezel is adorned with diamonds, as are the links. This watch, like others by Bulgari, was inspired by Italian design in this case, the mosaics of Caracalla’s Roman baths.

The Divas’ Dream watch has a black lacquered dial and is a simpler, but equally gorgeous variant. A black alligator bracelet and a 30mm watch with diamond indices.

Reputation of Bulgari

Bulgari is one of the most well-known jewellery designers and dealers in the world. High-quality materials, dependable movements, and an experienced workforce have earned the brand an excellent reputation around the world.

CEO Babin was the one who improved the women’s design presence in the company’s watch lines. He told Watch Time in an interview that the business strives for a balance between men’s and women’s watches, and that the designs have gotten “more macho.” Is Bulgari a Reputable Timepiece Manufacturer?

Is Bulgari a good watch brand?

Bulgari is a trustworthy and well-known watchmaker. Aside from its jewellery success (as well as accessories, luggage, and fragrances), the company assures that its Swiss watchmaking is of the same high quality.

One lesser-known detail about the company is that it has bought high-end watch brands such as Gerald Genta, which was founded by the great watch designer Gerald Genta, who designed iconic watches such as the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, Patek Philippe Nautilus, and IWC Ingenieur.

Genta had been working with the company prior to the acquisition, and the Bulgari Bulgari watch, which was inspired by an old Roman coin, is one of his most popular products.

Bulgari Watches: Where Can I Buy Them?

Bulgari’s website provides a Shop Locator page where you may type in your location, city, or zip code to find a Bulgari store or authorized retailer near you. The prices of the watches available on the brand’s website are included.

The site has a Contact page where you may give your contact information (such as your name, nationality, and region) and ask questions regarding the watch or other Bulgari products.


Bulgari offers a superb choice of men’s timepieces, from the classic BVLGARI collection to the ultra-modern Octo collection. Bulgari watches have become some of the most popular luxury watches on the market today thanks to their attractive designs and in-house mechanical movements.

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