How to Turn on Smartwatch Without Power Button | Superior Solutions

by Emma Watson

How to Turn on Smartwatch Without Power Button | Superior Solutions

Many smartwatch lovers like to wear those watches which work smoothly. Have you ever faced the trouble that the power button does not work properly, sometimes? This problem happens when the watch is dead for a longer time.

When a watch is not being used for a longer time then it cannot work properly, and the power button also does not work smoothly.

In such circumstances, it might become difficult for you how to turn on a smartwatch. To cope with this problem, we have come to give you a specific solution to this problem.

The solution will save you from losing your watch. Smartwatch is such a handy device that keeps on updating you about the circumstances which are happening around you like workouts and the measurement of time.

By learning some basic features of the watches, you can handle all problems carefully. You need to read this article thoroughly so that you might get an idea about how to resolve this issue. We are going to provide you with detailed information about this process.

What are the Reasons That the Power Button Does Not Work?

Smart watches’ lovers like to have wonderful watches with amazing styles and functions. These watches vary from price to price and function to function.

The strengths and weaknesses of these watches depend on the models of these watches, and the same is the case with their prices. Their functions also vary according to their battery and display mode.

Here, we are going to give you three basic reasons that the power button does not work properly.

  1. Whenever you leave your watch for 4-5 days, then the watch does not turn on. The power button stops working due to its inner system. It is the problem owing to which the power button stops working properly. Many people think they have lost their watches.
  2. There are occasions on which the power button stops working. It is because the power button loses its strength and efficiency. This case is mainly with the low-budget watches, and it can also happen with some branded watches. When the button is pressed randomly, you might lose the button.
  3. You must care about the watch properly because any information incident can cause great damage to your watch. It happens because of not paying attention to the watch’s strengths and weaknesses.

What are the Solutions of How to Turn on Smartwatch Without Power Button?

Reasons the Power Button of a Smartwatch Is Not Working

Smartwatches come with power buttons, and to turn on the smartwatch you need to press the power button inward. You can explore your watch properly because it is open to you.

There are some severe issues with smartwatches, and you need to be very careful about these issues. Because of the small lifetime, the smartwatches can lose their power and so the power buttons stop working properly.

After the heavy use of the power buttons, smartwatches also tend to lose the efficiency to work properly.

Due to these problems, you might lose the power button. And you still need energy to power on the smartwatch.

In this article, we are going to tell you some basic principles through which you can turn on the smartwatch without the help of a power button. Let’s discuss the solutions which will help you in turning on the smartwatch without the help of a power button.

1) Checking the Guidance

There are different styles and varieties of watches in the market, and it is quite possible that you will find some suitable guidance with the watches.

All the brands give some guidelines regarding some issues, and these guidelines will be effective for the precise issues. The interesting thing is that these issues happen frequently to the watches, and their solutions will resolve the issue. You need to check the guideline properly.

The peculiar issue being discussed here is very critical and common. You people will find the solutions to these problems.

Due to the ubiquity of this solution, many brands have recognized this issue and they have also started giving manual guidelines regarding this issue. The guidelines will help you to turn on the smartwatch without the help of a power button.

2) Charging the Smartwatch

The safety of the smartwatch is also in the hands of the users. When a smartwatch is left dead without charging for many days, you will be able to find a watch without any energy to work.

Smartwatches are just like your smartphones, as these require the same level of care which is given to smartphones.

In this way, your watch will disturb you. On this occasion, you need to be put on charge. When it is fully charged then it can be used effectively. But you must bear in mind that the watch should be charged with a wireless charger, one which came along with the watch.

You will find that once it is fully charged, by pressing the power button you will turn the watch on within a very short period of time. It is a very less time-consuming procedure.

3) Go in Depth

This solution is a little bit intense. This happens when the watch is not being charged by the charger, and the power button is also not working properly at the same time.

When a layer of carbon is seen in the copper plate of the watch, then this issue happens. Thus, the connector of the charger is not getting connected with the pin. To resolve this issue, you need to follow some steps which are described below.

Step1) Collect the Material

First, you need to collect the whole material, if you want to carry out the procedure.

  • Water
  • A little jar
  • Toothpick
  • Cotton
  • Cotton bud
  • The charger of the smartwatch

A cotton bud can be used in the place of toothpicks. The other thing is that these materials are common and you will not face any trouble while finding this material.

Step1) Dip the cotton in the water

To start the next step, you need to pour a little water in the jar. After that you should dip the cotton bud in the jar.  If you do not have a cotton bud, then you need a toothpick and add some cotton to the stick. After that you need to dip it into the jar.

Step3) Rub the cotton plate

Now pull the cotton bud out of the jar, and start rubbing the charging pins of the connector. You need to rub it powerfully, and beware so that the screen does not get any effects of this rubbing.

Otherwise, you will affect your watch. After this, you have to rub the connector for some minutes. Using too much water, and rubbing harder can affect your watch. The process must be comfortable yet powerful and effective.

Step4) Make the plate dry

Now when the plate is rubbed effectively, you need to remove the space. To make the plate dry, you should:

  • Take dry pieces of cotton first.
  • Wipe the extra wet space of the copper plate properly.
  • Wait for some seconds.

After that, you will find that the copper plate is dried completely

Step5) Apply the same process with the charger

Before charging your phone, you need to do the same procedure with the pins of the charger. You need to rub the pins of the charger. After that use the wet cotton bud and rub the place effectively.

You must make sure that the pins of the charger are not damaged. To wipe the wet pins you need to use dry cotton. Because the pins of the charger also carry the carbon layer, so they also need the rubbing procedure. This is the most important part of the entire procedure.

Step6) Place the watch on the charger

After drying process, you need to place the watch on the charger. You need to do the job properly so that the connector of both the watches and charger are connected properly.

By doing the entire process effectively, your watch will connect to the charger and wait for a few seconds to see whether watch tuns on or not.

Why Do you Need to Use a Smartwatch?

A smartwatch is not just a regular watch. If you want to know its importance, you should know its features.

Smartwatch does not only tell you about the time but it also covers other areas like monitoring your blood pressure, pulse rate, and sleeping hours.

Smartwatch is almost like a smartphone. You will find its features amazing. You will use apps, listen to music and get an authentic result of the burnt calories through the use of the smartwatch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I charge my smartwatch?

You need to connect with the wireless charger. And you will be the charging status on the screen of the watch.

How do I restart my smartwatch?

First, you need to go top of the screen then tap the setting after swiping down. Then go to the system. Now scroll down and tap restart.

Can you overcharge a smartwatch?

Usually, there is a need of 2-3 hours for charging. If the watch is overcharged, then it might get problems. And the battery of the watch will also be finished.


In this world of technology, there is a need of much attention on the parts of the watch. There are several watches of different kinds and of different systems.

You need to do the same procedure if you want to turn on the watch. When a watch is fully charged, it will work properly. You just need to follow the manual guideline given along with the watch.

After applying several procedures, you will be able to turn on the watch. In this way, an alternative way will be used instead of power button for turning on the smartwatch.

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