How To Remove Watch Links? Most Beneficial Guide for Watch Lover

How To Remove Watch Links? Most Beneficial Guide for Watch Lover

The main thing to consider quite possibly while wearing a wristwatch is the fit. It could hit household items more easily by wearing it excessively loose and it can press your veins by wearing it excessively tight.

It is essential to know how to eliminate watch links or even adjust your strap that being said. Fortunate for you, we made an aide so you can do it without anyone’s help.

Moreover, you will learn how to remove watch links by yourself before the finish of this article, with or without of a watch fix pack.

How To Remove Watch Links

What are the tools you need?

Luckily, in order to learn how to remove watch links, you do not require proficient equipment. Now, there are a portion of the things you really need to get the job done:

  • A pin pusher
  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer (optional)
  • Tray to place the parts (optional)

It is suggested that you utilize an uncluttered workbench or a smooth surface to make your work significantly more straightforward.

Recall that you are managing small parts here, which are not difficult to lose when you have such many things on your table.

A Step-by-step Guide on How to Remove Watch Links

  1. Measure how many Links you have to Remove

Firstly, ensure that you know the number of links to remove prior to removing anything. In order to do this, gather up the loose links by wearing the watch and count the quantity of extra ones.

Moreover, it is ideal to get rid of fewer links first in the event that you are as yet not certain the number of links to remove.

Keep in mind, it is more beneficial to remove one more link than to put one back in.

Further, you can also utilize a cloth measuring tape. First, place your watch out flat on the table. Then, measure your wrist utilizing the cloth measuring tape.

Now, place your watch in the middle of your measurement and plan to remove the links on one or the other side to guarantee an even strap.

  1. Remove the Links

There are two techniques you can utilize from here, the one is by utilizing a pin pusher and the other is by utilizing a watch repair unit.

The following are the means that you need to accomplish for every strategy.

Method 1: By using a pin pusher

  • On the table, place the watch with the push pins facing up.
  • Push the pin firmly after inserting the pin pusher into the hole.
  • It will pop out once you have pushed the pin enough. However, utilize pliers to remove it together with the link.
  • Until you have removed the number of desired links, repeat the steps.

Method 2: By using a watch repair kit

  • With a watch holder, watch repair kits ordinarily come. Place the strap or bracelet in one of the openings with this. Make sure that the holes of the push pins are facing up.
  • In the hole, place the pusher and gently tap it with the hammer included in the kit. A regular hammer will serve if your kit does not have one.
  • Utilize pliers to completely remove it once the pin pops out.
  • Until all desired links have been removed, repeat the procedure.
  1. Rejoin the watch

The last thing you need to do whenever you have removed the excess links is to re-join the other links to join the watch. Moreover, that being said, here is what you ought to do:

  • Firstly, line up the two ends of the watch links.
  • Then, get the pin and push it inside the pin slot.
  • However, you can use it to gently push the pin inside if you have a hammer.
  1. Enjoy your watch

Now, to take here there could be no further steps. Presently, you can wear it out as your watch fits like it was made for you.

Furthermore, other than to save your links and pins for future fittings, no further progresses required.

Congrats, now is the right time to enjoy it.


Since it has become so clear how to remove watch links, you can then set aside on watch services and immediately change your watch on your own if there should arise an occurrence of an emergency.

It is important to learn how to remove watch band links easily whether you are a watch collector or a beginner.

Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs

  • How do you take links out of a watch at home?

By collecting the right equipment, including a push-pin tool for cotter pins, a small ball-peen hammer, and a chain watch holder then begin your work.

However, you have a clear, well-lit workplace, and lay down a cloth to evade damaging the surface and confirm it. Then, count how many links you want to remove.

At that moment, find the small arrows that show where the pins come out, and place the watch in the holder with the arrows facing down.

In order to gently tap the pin and pull it out the other side, utilize the push-pin and hammer. By utilizing the same process, re-join the chain and putting the pins back the opposite way they came out.

Where can I get watch links removed?

However, you can leave it to the professionals if you are not assured about removing watch links yourself or do not have the right tools. For a small fee, watch repair shops, key cutting places, and jewelry stores deal this facility.

How do you know how many links to take out a watch?

To find how many links to remove, the top method is to position the watch on your wrist how you want and gather up the extra.

At that time, count how many spare links are present there. From each side of the watch just remember that you need to take an equal number of links, thus it does not sit uneven.

How should the watch fit?

When you move your wrist, a rule of thumb is that a watch must not slide more than one inch up or down.

Assuming that it is happening, it means it is too loose and you should remove watch links to modify the fit. In contrast, if it is uncomfortable and leaves a red mark on your wrist, it means it is excessively tight and that you must add the links.

What if I don’t have the proper tools?

If you do not have the proper tools, then no need to worry about it. With a few regular household items, you can still learn how to remove watch links.

There is an example, instead of the pin pusher; you can utilize any thin and pointy thing. Similarly, in place of the hammer, you can also substitute a block of wood.

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