How to Make Gold Watch Shine? 3 Easy Methods

How to Make Gold Watch Shine? 3 Easy Methods

The query may arise that do you have a gold watch that has lost much of its shine?

In the event that your response is affirmative, then it is extremely easy to bring back its shine.

As the one of the outstanding and costly watches, the gold wristwatch is considered among others.

However, the worth of a gold watch does not reduce.

In this way, on the off chance that you own one, you have already gone with the ideal choice.

Notwithstanding, dealing with your investments is a significant part of smart investing.

Subsequently, it is smart to keep your gold watch shiny and clean respectively.

Moreover, did you have any idea How to Make Gold Watch Shine?

You have to read this article to know the simple and successful method for cleaning and shining a gold watch.

Why the Gold Watch loses its shine?

Behind the Gold Watch, the one of the fundamental reasons to lose its shine is a dust and dirt.

Ordinarily, when a layer of dirt gathers on the gold, it loses its luster.

A lot of dust, sand, and, even oily substances gather on it, whenever you utilize your watch and move around outside.

However, a layer of dust is then put on the outer layer of your watch.

Subsequently, the shininess of the watch diminishes. In order to recover its shine, the cleaning the watch is one of the best way.

For this issue here we examine How to Make a Gold Watch Shine? step by step.

If you follow these guidelines then you will be effectively making your gold watch shine.

How to Make Gold Watch Shine? 3 Easy Methods

How to Make Gold Watch Shine

Three Effective Methods to Make Gold Watch Shine

The one of the significance of cleaning your wristwatch is that it can help in maintaining so that it remains functional and beautiful.

In order to make a gold watch shine, there could be no more brilliant way than cleaning.

There are several straightforward methods for the purpose to shine a gold watch.

Method # 01: Cleaning with Toothpaste

The easiest and successful technique to clean a gold wristwatch is applying the toothpaste.

It will function worthily against observable dirty stains or slurs as it is a delicate substance, and will make your watch clean and shiny by eliminating them.

With any paste that contains the non-gel formula, this should be possible.

In order to clean noticeable spots of your watch, this is the most effective way.

Step # 01

You have to apply a small amount of toothpaste to it by taking a soft and clean cloth.

Then at this moment rub the spot of the watch softly but firmly. As an alternative of a cloth, you can also utilize a cotton bud.

Step # 02

Then, you must begin with cleaning the inside of the gold watch, then the outside of the gold watch, and finally the main covering itself with care.

You also must not to touch the sensitive interior of the watch, the gold-plated segment as being additional carefulness.

Step # 03

With the help of a new cloth, wipe the paste after the whole watch has finished rubbing fine.

Then, you have to wet a soft cloth or cotton bud and wipe down the clock, confirm that all the paste is removed.

Step # 04

At last, rub the watch with a gold polishing fabric after the watch has dried, particularly in dull places.

You also have to know that the shine of your watch will increase again by rubbing with a polishing cloth.

Method # 02: Cleaning with Jewelry Cleaner

The one of the other extremely successful method in removing dust and spots from gold watches or gold-plated materials is the jewelry cleaner.

In this way, utilizing jewelry cleaner to make your wristwatch clean as well as shine is another most ideal technique.

Be that as it may, for this situation, extreme jewelry cleaner ought to be stayed away from.

Here is the detail present beneath for the method involved with cleaning the watch utilizing this fluid.

Step # 01

You need to remove dust from the surface of the watch in the start.

Then, wipe the watch to remove the dust and dirt by using a soft cloth or microfiber.

Step # 02

At this moment, you should take a new clean, soft cloth or microfiber and put on a small amount of jewelry cleaner on this cloth.

Step # 03

With the help of this cloth, now softly rub the casing and bracelet of your watch.

In order to clean the various small parts and edges of the watch, you can utilize a cotton bud.

Step # 04

Then, wipe fine with a dry cloth to eliminate soap residue after rubbing carefully.

At this time, put the watch on a dry clean cloth and permit it to dry totally.

Step # 05

You have to take a gold polishing cloth and rub the watch gently with it.

Then, you will see the difference very rapidly. Also, in order to get the better results, you can take the support of any expert.

Method # 03: Cleaning with Gentle Dish Soap

A delicate suspension that is extremely successful in removing all the dust and spots from any surface of material is the dish soap.

Therefore, you can utilize dish soap suspension to clean and make your watch shine.

You have to follow the guidance underneath in order to clean your watch with this suspension.

Step # 01

First of all, with the help of a dry cloth, wipe the watch clean. It is worthwhile to use a soft cloth in this case.

Step # 02

You have to combine three cups of warm water and half a teaspoon of gentle dish soap in a small bowl.

Then, mix the contents in order to incorporate the soap. Since it will scratch or degrade it therefore never utilize a rough cleaning.

Step # 03

Then, clean the gold watchband gently by taking a clean and soft toothbrush and dampen it with the soapy suspension.

You must focus on the gaps to eliminate any garbage, dust, or oils that have gathered there.

Step # 04

At this moment, wipe the watch by taking a soft cloth and dampen it with water.

You do not submerge it in water in the case that the wristwatch is not waterproof. Then, you should gently clean it by using a soft cloth.

Step # 05

By putting it on a handkerchief, permit the watch to air dry totally.

As soon as it is totally dry, keep the watch in a cool, dry place. In order to avoid scratches and harm, store the gold watch separately.

Guidelines to keep your Gold Watch Shining

Do you have an idea that Prevention is better than cure?

You can keep your watch from getting dirty and dull if you follow a few procedures.

For you, there are a few guidelines and instructions.

1. Keep Your Watch Clean

In order to keep your gold watch shining like new, the most effective way is to consistently clean it.

It gathers a lot of dust, dirt, and oily things, which can lessen its shine in a regular use.

The gold watch will keep shine by keeping this dust, dirt, and oily thing clean.

Therefore after everyday use, you ought to wipe the watch and clean the watch completely at least every two weeks in a month.

For this purpose, follow our guidelines above to clean the Gold Watch.

2. Do Not Get the Watch Wet

The one more best and successful method for keeping your wristwatch shining as well as charming is by avoiding it from becoming wet.

However, the water will lessen watches shine even though gold is an inert material and will not react with humidity.

Moreover, the water can likewise damage its effectiveness.

Thus, all things considered, you must try not to wear a wristwatch while you are Showering, Swimming, Walking in the rain, and so on.

3. Avoid Cosmetics

The products of cosmetics such as lotion, hairspray, makeup, and perfume all gunk up the arm band and movement of a gold wristwatch.

You should wait a few minutes after you have finished preparing prior to putting it on in order to keep your watch shining as well as functional.

Also, you must try not to apply perfume on the wrists while wearing a gold watch.

4. Covering to the Watch

A proficient strategy to keep it shining is by covering a gold watch arm band.

Normally, it is a thin, translucent fluid applied with a brush, like nail paint.

By doing this, it will safeguard the metal of your wristwatch from sweat and humidity, as well as help with keeping up with the gold color more bright.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I make my watch shiny again?

You should polish it about every three months in order to keep your watch looking shiny and new.

2. Can you polish scratches out of gold?

From the gold and platinum metal, only polishing will remove the scratches.

3. How do you make gold metal shine again?

You should do a routine polish of your gold, start by soaking it in a mixture of water, baking soda, and dish soap.

Scrub the gold with a soft-bristled toothbrush, and then rinse it off with warm water after a few minutes. Lastly, in order to dry the gold uses a soft cloth and a cloth of jeweler to finish up the polishing.


You must take care of your gold wristwatch as a costly stylish accessory.

Your watch also become dirty and lose its shine by absence of appropriate consideration and maintenance.

In this article, we discussed about How to make a gold watch shine?

You can regain the lost shine of your Gold Watch by carefully following our guidelines.

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