Caravelle Watch Reviews | Are They Good Quality Watches?

Caravelle Watch Reviews | Are They Good Quality Watches?

This brand is often called by the name: Caravelle NY and Caravelle by Bulova. These names are due to the best product line of this brand. So, this name surely states that these are the best watches. Most famous Watches can be expected from this brand.

In this article, we will tell you Caravelle Watch Reviews and history So that you do not have any difficulty in choosing it. Bulova is the parent company of this brand which produces watches uneducated the name the Bulova brand. There are some other names of this brand. It was the best company in the market when it came to the market. But nowadays its significance is not like before.

It’s is sure that it might not a powerhouse today but it is recognized as the best brand in the world as well as in the market. In New York, this is the most famous brand. These watches are very excellent and enhance the personality of the person wearing this watch. You will not be worried after purchasing the watch of this brand.

History of Caravelle Brand

Bulova’s history originated in 1875 when it came in the market. It had the qualities of selling watches with American and Swiss components and movements. When this brand came into the market then it got popular. We can say, in short, this brand is one of the famous brands and is the best brand in the world.

Caravelle has its history since 1962 when it originated after making its first piece of the watch. This brand produced durable and stylish watches in history. This brand always produced watches that were practical and functional.

There is no doubt that with the changes in the styles every brand changes its style. But this brand has the qualities of the past and current style influences. Their best slogan is, To wear with style, to wear for life.

Caravelle Watch Reviews 

Caravelle New York – Women’s

This is one of the best collections. Its one look will amaze you so much that you will be surprised after watching it clearly. There are various watches and models. You can choose from them according to your taste and choice. There are different styles and fashions. Each watch has its own face, model, some have numbers, and others have Roman numerals. So you can choose according to the taste.

You can choose a watch with 60 crystals on the bezel and these will surely enhance the look of the watch. You don’t need to worry after buying this watch. These are quite affordable which can be bought by every layman also.

There are also some models with AB crystal face that shines and speak through its look to every person. There is a pure Stainless Steel used in the case of these brands. Most of the watches are two-toned which adds something additional to the look of the watch.

Caravelle New York – Men’s

Caravelle New York – Men’s

It follows the same range as the range of women’s styles and fashions. These are also available in different colours, materials, and features. There some watches with chronograph and some are not available with that feature.

This watch is an icon of the New York watches. This watch is great and famous with Stainless Steel and with different other qualities like a leather band or a NATO band. The leather band creates an amazing and elegant look.

There also some other qualities like the range of markers(Arabic numbers simple bars). The metal bands are available in single-tone, two-tone, chrome, gold, silver, and more. There is one feature that is very common in every watch that is the Japanese quartz movement.

Some qualities which make this watch more attractive include: date function with a display at 3,4 Or 5’O clock. So you will be surprised when you will look at this watch. This watch will surely a surprise for you. You will be amazed and astonished.

Caravelle New York with Chronographs

Caravelle New York with Chronographs

We have already discussed that the Caravelle New York line is available with chronographs. Stainless Steel is used in the cases. There is a Swarovski jewel around the bezel which makes the watch more attractive. We can say that the watches look amazing and are available at an affordable price.

The Japanese quartz movement is very astonishing quality in the watches. The chronograph makes the watch more attractive and last for a long time. Some are available in different colours and tones.

The reputation of Caravelle Brand 

There are a lot of colours that set this brand different from the other brands. There are gold-toned models in this brand which makes this brand elegant. You will not find any gold or diamonds in the product line. Some models are also available with skeleton faces that allow you to see the parts of the movement.

The display is Analog and there are some chronograph models with Analog/digital displays. These watches are very affordable and can be worn in different occasions like in business activities and casual activities.

Is Caravelle A Good Watch Brand?

These watches have not the best quality but from the low-price perspective, these are available for laypeople too. There are some cases with ceramic and Stainless Steel.  The faces of many watches are shielded with mineral crystal material and sapphire crystal.

The water resistance is up to 30 meters. These watches will last long if you care for them very well. The parent company, Bulova, uses the Swiss movement. The movements are from China or Japan. The quartz electronic movement is also used in these watches. Some watches are also available in automatic mech movements.

Caravelle Watch Brand Review – FAQs

Are Caravelle watches good quality?

Caravelle is a good, reliable, affordable and durable watch brand. As quality-wise, this brand is not perfect for you, but considering the low price point, Caravelle watches are good quality.

Who makes Caravelle watch?

In 2008, Citizen bought the Bulova Watch Company for $250 million. At this time, the Bulova designed and manufacturing different brands including “Bulova” and “Caravelle”.

Are Caravelle watches waterproof?

Yes, Caravelle watches waterproof. Many models are waterproof such as Men’s Caravelle by Bulova Water-Resistant Watches.

Where is Caravelle?

After 1960, The Caravelle Resort has established itself as a landmark of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

What is a Caravelle watch?

Caravelle watch is best known as a Caravelle NY. These watches made by Bulova. These watches are of very good quality and useful.

Is Caravelle a luxury watch brand

After the inception of 1960, Bulova became one of the biggest luxury watch brands. Similarly, in 1962 the Caravelle was founded. It is an American brand that offers many good quality watches with stylish and durable designs.


We have described in a detail about these watches. The quality depends on the buyer. Every person has his own choice. So all the different styles and fashion are available in this brand. The low price point makes this watch available to every person. The water-resistance quality is up-to 30meters which can be used properly.

So, if you use this watch carefully then you will be able to use this watch for a long time. You need to identify the features which you want and then buy.

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