Why Does My Fossil SmartWatch Battery Die So Fast? (Easy Methods)

In regards to your fossil smartwatch if you are facing the battery duration issues, then let us let you know that you are not alone in this case.

You must have to know that there are a many persons who are going through exactly the same circumstance.

However, there are present a couple of probable reasons that might cause the quick battery depleting issue in your fossil Smartwatch.

We have provided you thought to the issue and figured out the possible reasons for this problem.

Consequently, you may have a query that why does my fossil smartwatch battery die so fast, continue to read forward to know perfectly what are the issues and how to fix them.

Why Does My Fossil Smart Watch Battery Die So Fast?

However, there are a couple of reasons which might work behind your battery depleting quicker.

Thus let we acquaint you with the justifications for why a battery might die quicker.

  • Why your battery may die faster? The one of the most common reasons is the AOD mode being turned on. The mode of Always On Display causes more and more battery dying. In order to discover out if that is the reason why your battery is dying quicker you needs to go to the settings of your Fossil Smartwatch and then display to see if the AOD mode switched right or left. If it is right, then switch it to left.
  • If you turned off the auto brightness then it will cause more battery life loss since that concludes maximizing your brightness occasionally which is not a good thing for the battery life of your fossil Smartwatch.
  • The running of unnecessary apps or a particular app might cause faster battery dying. However, the several apps contain viruses as well.
  • The one of the reason that will lead your watch to be turned on more frequently is all of the notifications being turned on. Besides, it needs no explanation that this incidence will cause quicker battery dying. In the case if AOD mode of your watch is turned on along with then that would cause even more battery dying.
  • Since they use a lot more battery than the regular watch faces ever do, the special watch features such as animation, interactive activities, and attractive displays can also be the cause for quicker battery dying of your watch.

How Can I Make My Fossil Smart Watch Battery Last Longer?

How Can I Make My Fossil Smart Watch Battery Last Longer

In order to make your fossil smartwatches go long, this is the dream that you always wish, has not it?

All things considered, that dream will not stay deficient any longer since we have you covered.

You really need to go through certain ways to increase the battery duration of your Smartwatch.

Now it is the time to dive in and go through the ways.

1. Lower the screen brightness

The extra battery will be died if you set the screen brightness brighter.

In order to save up battery life you need to reduce the brightness level of your watch.

2. Needless notifications

The needless notifications you do not want to get therefore turn off them.

The reason is that the needless notifications will turn on the screen more frequently and ultimately lead you to more battery dying.

3. Turn off Always on-screen mode

You must have to set the watch in a setting that would turn the screen off while not utilizing it rather than always showing the time.

  • Swiping down from the top of the screen in order to start with
  • Go to the Settings>Display
  • Tap the Always-on screen to turn it ON or OFF at the bottom of the screen.

4. Watch Faces

You know that different watches include different watch faces, and some accompany animations or intuitive capacities.

The watches alongside those faces end up spending more battery duration than ordinary watches.

Consequently, this might be a legitimate cause behind why your fossil Smartwatch is utilizing such a lot of battery.

If the extraordinary ones are not excessively significant then attempt ordinary watch faces.

Tips To Improve Battery Performance On Your Fossil Watch

You truly need to work at the battery duration saving thing in order to get the best use out of your Fossil Smartwatch.

If you want to increase the battery duration of your Smartwatch then you should need to follow a few guidelines.

To improve your battery performance coordinated, we know that it is difficult to get every one of the tips.

However, here we are again to assist you with the entire arrangement. Continue to read to get every one of the tips.

  • You should have to turn the AOD mode off, and this is the first tip from us. The feature always on display makes your battery die actual fast which is never good. Thus go to settings from your fossil Smartwatch and then display. Scroll down and you will find the AOD mode switched right. Switch that to the left side and you will be done.
  • You should know that increasing the brightness level will lead you to a fossil Smartwatch battery which will not last long. Therefore, do not forget to turn ON the auto-brightness mode, and by doing this then there would be no inappropriate use of brightness.
  • You should be evading needless apps and notifications and this is another tip for you. The apps you do not need then you must have to uninstall them. The one particularly which you think causes more battery life dying.
  • You should consider turning OFF the needless messages as well. The needless messages cause a lot of battery dying which is not significant.

Can You Replace The Battery In A Fossil Smart Watch?

A fossil Smartwatch application is incorporated by each one of the fossil Smartwatch.

Each time your battery is running low, that application will notify you.

Presently the query is that what you are going to do when you get informed.

All things considered, unfortunately, there could be no alternate way other than changing the battery.

However happily there is a trustworthy approach of getting an improved battery that will affect the performance of your watch.

With a new coin cell lithium battery or a CR2430 battery, you can either go.

On the internet, you can search and figure out which one will be adequate for you.

Thus, let us let you know that both work totally great to make your watch run long.

But in the mean time you need to utilize the watch appropriately following the methods of making the fossil Smartwatch battery last longer.

Supplanting or changing the fossil Smartwatch battery is really more straightforward than you supposed.

By watching the YouTube videos, you can do that at home efficiently.

Nevertheless, in the event that you are feeling untrustworthy, then it is commonly suitable to go to an expert.

For this purpose, you can likewise go to the nearby Fossil customer care service.


With the help of this article, we trust that you have got the solution to your query that why my fossil Smart watch battery die so fast.

For this issue as said above, there can be a lot of justifications. It does not matter what is causing the drainage, you can always make an answer for the issue as we have shared a several of those previously.

You must have to try following our tips if you have any desire to make the battery last longer than it generally does.

By lessening the background utilization of needless applications and even uninstalling those can help you a great deal to get the ideal battery duration out of the watch.

Summarizing, if you remain a little bit aware, your experience will be lovely without any doubt.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Should I turn off my Smartwatch at night?

Affirmative, if you turn off the watch then it will save a lot of your battery life. It will always run some processes in background continuously to operate as the Android wear is an OS same as Android to mobiles, which in turn takes battery power though the Wi-Fi in the case if the Bluetooth is switched off.

2. Why is the battery on my Fossil watch dying so fast?

The AOD mode being turned ON is the one of the most common causes why your battery may die faster. This mode that is Always On Display causes more and more battery dying.

3. How to improve the battery life of my fossil Smartwatch?

To keep the display turned off while not using it is the first step to improve the battery life of your fossil Smartwatch. If you keep the brightness low most of the time, uninstalling needless apps, and by turning off needless notifications then you can also save the battery of your Smartwatch.

4. What is the ideal lifespan of a fossil Smartwatch’s battery?

About five months to twelve months is the ideal lifespan of a fossil Smartwatch. However, from watch to watch, this period may differ due to the quality and brand distinction. Your watch is most likely to last a little bit longer than the others, if you get a high-quality fossil Smartwatch for yourself.

5. Is it OKAY to replace the battery of a fossil Smartwatch?

Sure, it is OKAY to replace the battery of a fossil Smartwatch as far as the substituted battery is a coin cell lithium one. To keep the watch safe and sound, you need to replace the battery in one year or two. As you would get the notification of your battery running slow, then in this way you will know when to change the battery.

6. How to avoid wasting power in a fossil Smartwatch?

You need to turn off the connection alert option and other power-consuming features in your watch to avoid power dying faster. When you are not utilizing the watch then turn the display off. You must try keeping your device unpaired after every usage if this still keeps going on.

7. What to do if the watch doesn’t get charged properly?

If the watch is not getting charged appropriately then it can be caused by the charger, or by dust. At first, check out the charger and make sure that the space between the charger and the device is not blocked by anything. You must have to try cleaning the charging place of the device carefully. Moreover, you must try changing the power source if it still does not get charged properly.

8. How can I make my Smartwatch battery last longer?

By checking the following tips, you will find the secrets of saving battery life of your Android Smartwatch.

  • Turn OFF needless notification.
  • Adjust the brightness level.
  • Turn OFF Wi-Fi syncing.
  • Disable wrist gestures.
  • Utilize the theater mode.
  • Utilize the sleep.
  • Monitor your battery.
  • Wrap up.

9. What kind of battery does a Fossil watch take?

As you know that the size of battery for a Fossil watch differs by model. According to Tmoot, some models utilize a 371 battery. Note the number on the old battery in order to determine the battery type.

For battery replacement at a price of roughly $17, the Fossil also recommends sending the watch back to them, in the case if you are not able to do it by yourself.

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