Are Nordgreen Watches Good?

Are Nordgreen Watches Good?

Are you find out that Are Nordgreen Watches Good? Yes, Nordgreen is a watch company based in Denmark that emphasizes quality, compassion, and social responsibility. These timepieces have both a Scandinavian aesthetic and a Scandinavian value system.

Each watch model is detailed in the image of Denmark by award-winning Bang & Olufsen designer Jakob Wagner, and they come in a variety of styles.

The watches also apply the Scandinavian value of assisting others, which is a result of the Danish inspiration. The brand’s charitable giving initiative assures that you look nice while also contributing to global sustainability.

Continue reading to learn more about how Scandinavian design is timeless, and how helping others is always in style.

History of Nordgreen Watches

History of Nordgreen Watches

The watches also incorporate the Danish-inspired Scandinavian value of helping others. You’ll look good while also helping to global sustainability thanks to the brand’s charity giving initiative.

Continue reading to find out why Scandinavian design is timeless, and why helping others is always fashionable.

A strong connection to nature and its ability to withstand the test of time exists throughout the Nordgreen watches are good. To improve the quality of life for everyone, there is an inherent duty to social and environmental causes.

Sustainability is a way of life in the Nordic region, with people developing practical and long-lasting solutions because it is the right thing to do.

Through its ‘Giving Back Program,’ Nord-green connects its CSR initiatives with Nordic principles, assisting our worldwide community with health, educational, and environmental concerns.

Our brand embodies a collection that values its straightforward purpose and aesthetic appeal, as well as a profound commitment to giving back.

Are Nordgreen Watches a Good Investment?

The timepieces made by Nord-green are excellent. Nord-green watches are an ideal everyday wear watch because of their style, durability, and origins. These watches are likewise of excellent quality and come at a reasonable cost.

It’s possible that Nord-green is a newer brand. They have, nevertheless, established a reputation. Their success is a result of their wristwatches, not a fluke.

Native to the Nord-green

Native to the Nord-green

The Native for men is a terrific everyday watch that could also be worn to a more premium event, combining modern sophistication with utilitarian utility.


  • Its slim contour makes it appropriate for both informal and formal settings.
  • Interchangeable straps come in a variety of colors and patterns.
  • Personalize to suit your taste or mood.
  • Materials of excellent quality watch at an affordable price.


  • With no sapphire coating on the crystal, scratch resistance is reduced.
  • At only 3 ATMs, it’s not especially water-resistant, but it’s still splash- and rain-resistant.


  • If you prefer something a little more sturdy, Nord-green’s Pioneer watch is a great choice.
  • It has a dial with two sunken sub-dials and a date window, as well as a water-resistant rating of 5 ATM.
  • More luxury watch ideas can be found in our luxury watch guide.

Benefits and practical experience

Because of its thin design, the Native feels comfortable on the wrist and isn’t overly noticeable. It is wonderfully tactile because to the sweeping curves and lack of screws.

It looks well with a work casual outfit, popping out from behind a tailored shirt, or a relaxed weekend outfit.


The Native is all about keeping things simple. It’s slim and minimalist, with a rounded case, pared-back dial, narrow profile, and smooth contours. The absence of clutter immediately imparts an appearance of refinement.

In fact, one buyer comments in another Nord-green watch review that he enjoys just looking at the Native on his table or on his wrist, quietly ticking away. We concur. It’ll be difficult to take your gaze away from this timepiece.

The style of Nord-green is all about finding the exact balance between too much and too little. As a result, the Native is crisp, modern, and, of course, Scandinavian. Native is, in reality, a nod to the company’s Copenhagen beginnings.

Silver, rose gold, gunmetal, and gold are the colors available for the Native. Each one has a distinct tone and atmosphere. For a classic style, we choose silver and gold, while gunmetal has a rough edge.

Material and workmanship quality

When it comes to men’s watches, the Native’s casing is on the thinner side, but that’s a good thing because it allows for everyday wear without being flashy or extravagant.

If you’re used to larger watches, we recommend the 40 mm Nord-green after a month of wearing the 36 mm Nord-green. However, if you have a smaller wrist or want to wear a classic dress watch, the 36 mm is ideal. Women will benefit from the 32mm variant.

For corrosion resistance and lustre the Native is constructed of 316L stainless steel. The case back is snap-off, so it’s not very water-resistant, but it’ll hold up to the odd splash or shower. Furthermore, the absence of screws contributes to the streamlined appearance.

The watch comes with a variety of straps in various colours, thicknesses, and lengths, including leather, nylon, rubber, and mesh.

When you choose a ‘bundle,’ you can choose from up to three different straps, all of which are easily replaceable so you can change them up based on your outfit and mood. Moreover, because to the built-in quick-release, you won’t require a tool to do so.

Movement and dial

The dial on the Native is ultra-simple and devoid of complexities. You can choose from black, navy, or white, so you can go for a bold style with a different case color or go for a more subtle look with a white dial and silver case.

A subtle Nord-green logo, minute and hourly repeaters, and delicately pointed hands may all be seen on the dial. A Japanese quartz movement, the Miyota GL20, powers the Native.

Quartz is less prestigious than an in-house automated movement, but it delivers more precision and a more convenient timekeeping experience. It also contributes to the Nord-green watch’s $200 price tag.

Features of Nordgreen Watches

Features of Nordgreen Watches

There are numerous well-designed watches only redeeming feature is their aesthetic appeal. They aren’t like Nord-green Watches.

The promise of the Sustainability and Giving Back Program

Nord-green’s business structure corresponds to its social responsibility. As a Danish corporation, they monitor these issues from the core of their operations to the big picture. With actual efforts, the Nord-green team in Copenhagen wants to be carbon neutral.

Employees ride their bikes to work, use 100% recycled paper, use renewable energy, and even buy environmentally friendly products. They’ve also helped to reduce carbon emissions by planting trees in Latin American rainforests.

In addition, the company collaborates with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and manufacturers to bring their sustainable objectives to life in their manufacturing division.

Customers may also notice this through the use of recyclable packaging. Furthermore, the user experience on their website is comparable to purchasing in person, reducing the carbon footprint associated with online shopping. Nord-green also collaborates with non-profits all over the world.


The buyer has numerous customization possibilities when purchasing a watch from Nord-green. In fact, they support the concept of a better-fitting, user-specific option.

This also aids the buyer in their purchasing journey, as it is anchored by their social responsibility. A customer has several options from which to choose.

The hue of the dial

Customers can choose any dial color from the site’s selection. Although there isn’t a lot of color diversity, it’s important because it complements the timepieces’ simple design approach. Choose from dial colors like as “navy,” “black,” and “silver” for most models.

Fabric for Straps

Interchangeable straps are available for Nord-green watches. Its design allows it to be easily swapped out for another. Customers can select from leather, vegan leather, stainless steel mesh, nylon, or rubber materials as part of their customizing options.

Of course, this is dependent on your personal preferences and requirements. This feature alone increases the versatility of their timepieces for any user.

Color of the Case

The presence of stainless steel casings does not necessarily imply that they are grey in color. The brand also offers a variety of case colors. Gold, rose gold, silver, or gunmetal grey are the options for customers.

 Bundles with Customizability

This can be the ideal option for you if you enjoy personalizing your timepieces. Any online shopper may make their shopping experience as if they were in a physical store with Nord-green. Philosopher, Native, Infinity, and Pioneer are the brand’s four primary models. The buyer chooses a case diameter after selecting a watch head.

There are four sizes available in total: 32mm, 36mm, 40mm, and 42mm. The user can next choose their preferred casing and dial colors. Finally, the consumer has the option of selecting one watch strap as well as up to two more replaceable options. You save more money if you choose more straps.

What Is the Life Expectancy of Nord-green Timepieces?

The tradition of wearing a clock is likely to last as long as time itself. As a result, you want to get a wristwatch that is of high quality and will last a long time. Wristwatches can be passed down through the generations, increasing in value as an antique over time.

Resilience to Water

The timepieces from Nord-green have a 3 ATM rating, which indicates they are not suitable for swimming. If you want your timepiece to endure as long as possible, keep it away from water.

Only a small amount of splashing and rain can be protected by the given resistance. Any more than that could result in your watch being damaged.

Final thought – Are Nordgreen Watches Good?

The simple brand Nord-green watches is fantastic. Their charitable giving initiative and use of environmentally friendly materials set them apart from the competition.

Their interchangeable straps at an inexpensive price let you to make a statement every day. This watch, however, cannot be used to swim because it only has 3ATM.

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