Why is My Garmin Watch Not Charging? Easy Solutions

Why is My Garmin Watch Not Charging? Easy Solutions

You may think, “why is my Garmin watch not charging”. In the case that you may leave your Garmin watch on charging and observing it of 0% charge after an hour can also terrify you.

There are various causes are behind the issue, and luckily, we will talk about them in this article.

On the grounds that we will let you know the reasons for the problem and provide you with the best answers, therefore you quit freaking.

It is normal to have charging issues in gadgets. You are recommended to put your watch on charge every night and for 60 minutes.

However, in charging your Garmin watch, now that you are experiencing difficulty, let us walk you through the possible causes and explanations.

Why is My Garmin Watch Not Charging

Probable Reasons for why is my Garmin Watch not charging?

A great number of people think that something is incorrect happening with the batteries generally, when a gadget is not charging as expected.

Be that as it may, this is not accurate all the time.  According to Germin Support, You must know that the justification behind a gadget not charging can change contingent upon various circumstances.

I will explain to you those potential causes underneath. Now, it is the time, we jump into know the reasons.

Faulty Charging Cable

You or somebody in your family, some of the time accidentally, might add a defective charger cable.

You continue to attempt to charge your Garmin watch as you might have no knowledge about it. The wristwatch will not charge in such a case.

This is on the grounds that a defective cable does not allow the electricity to pass through it.

Thus, you really want to ensure that the cable connected to your charging port is the right one that works.

By causing power flows, a faulty cable can jeopardize you, and therefore, the interior parts of your watch get harmed as well.

In order to stay away from such circumstances, check assuming the cable is faulty by eliminating it and attaching another one.

You must keep in mind that it is at all times better to supplant charging cables before they make you to supplant your electronic gadgets.

Damaged Sockets

It is possible that a socket can get damaged at any time. The chance is it got burnt from the inside assuming that it is overused.

Once more it can likewise get broken. Yet, the truth of the matter is that it is defective however the justifications can be many.

Therefore, it might harm you as well assuming that you plug in the charger in spite of charging as a defective socket will not ever work.

Consequently, in the event that you discover out your watch is not charging, quickly check your socket condition.

Assuming you see that it is burnt or broken, change that cable immediately, get another one for your security, and acquire complete charging of your watch accurately.

Faulty Batteries

In the event that you utilize your Garmin watch for a long period of time, the batteries inside may now be defective.

Assuming that the gadget is overused and charged less or more than its requirements, the batteries can get pretentious.

If the battery is damaged, there is a sign through which you can obviously know about it.

You have to notice that how long your battery lives. It implies the batteries have gotten weaker and are not any more alright to utilize in the event that it begins reducing quicker, as in the time period of one hour or two.

In order to keep your wristwatch secure from additional harm, you really need to purchase new batteries.

Software Updates

It is the fact that our advanced and very good quality electronic gadgets like smartwatches need software updates regularly.

The watch will tell you about it, whenever a new update is available. Try not to overlook those notifications, instead, go for software updating.

If the watch is taking time to restart while updating itself then there is nothing to worry about.

For a software update, this is considered as an ordinary process. In some cases since you have not updated your gadget, it begins acting bizarre, as not getting charged, powering off frequently, etc.

Therefore, you must keep your Garmin watch updated in order to stay away from such problems.

Rusted Charging Clip

About our charging clip that is being corroded, some of the times, we do not notice that.

The charger clips of metal discolored rust steadily. However, a corroded clip cannot work to charge anything.

When the charger is not working, you have to check the charging clip for two times if it has corroded over it or not.

On the surface of charging clip if the rust is present, you should go to purchase another spic and span charging clip.

It is because of the reason that the rusted one will never again work to charge your Garmin wristwatch.

How to Fix the Issue of Garmin Watch Not Charging?

If you face such trouble whenever abruptly, you can do as we referenced beneath. I trust that the one of the tips will be useful.

Using Another Socket

If you do not attempt it, this can be the solution you will not know. Either the gadget or the charger has defects, for this we regularly mistake thinking.

Nonetheless, it might be the faulty socket that is preventing the current from flowing through the charger.

Cleaning Charging Accessory

For such as issue, the cause can be dirt present on your charging accessory. Therefore, you have to try cleaning it and attempt for charging once more.

You may utilize a pencil eraser, electric screen wipes, eyeglass cleaner, or rub alcohol for the purpose to remove the dirt.

Changing the Charging Cable

A charging cable can also get damaged in numerous ways as we have stated already.

In the case you notice that it is burned or torn up, then immediately change the cable.

Charging the Watch for an Hour

It might weaken and need a boost at the point when a Garmin watch is not properly charged.

Thus, you have to put the watch into charge and leave it with or without a turned-on display for 60 minutes, and it depends on you.

Using Another AC Adapter

We know that the several chargers have several parts in them. Additionally, this can cause the charger not adapting up to your adapter.

You should try to utilize another AC adapter in such a case.

Restarting the Watch

Due to overworking, it may be possible that your wristwatch is not responding to the charger. In such a case, it needs a restart.

Updating Software

For having the old version of the software, your Garmin watch might stop charging.

In order to remove such as issue, you must check for updates in the event that you find it is available, then press on the “update” option, and run it until the update is completed.

The issue might be resolved by doing this and reestablish the charging function.

Replacing the Battery

It indicates that your Garmin watch battery is no longer working and needs substitution assuming you have tried each one of the above mentioned tips.

In this case, you must purchase a new battery or charge your watch following the tips that are shared by us.

How to Charge a Garmin Watch Without a Charger?

Fine, as you have arrived here, it implies you are facing issues with charging your Garmin watch.

You may be considering charging your watch without the charger assuming that the issue is with its charger.

Without a charger, you can approach charging a Garmin wristwatch, for this purpose there are two different ways.

The first thing you can do is to find your private USB cable plugin with a PC and the place for inserting in the charging clip on the backside of the watch.

Then, you have to turn on the PC or Laptop, it will do the work, however it will consume a long period of time to charge completely.

The second thing you can do is to plug the USB cable into a wall USB point if you have that point at your home and you can charge from it.

In order to get your watch far away from unanticipated damages, make sure not to utilize a low-priced USB. 


If you have issues in charging your watch, then follow our instructions carefully and no need to worry about whatever Garmin model watch you are utilizing.

It may be a query present in the minds of many people, “why is my Garmin watch not charging?”

In order to resolve such a query, we approached the issue in a serious way, investigated the current realities, and came up with simple solutions.

You should attempt our tips or tricks of charging the Garmin watch without a charger devoid of hesitating if the old one is defective.

If you try our tips and tricks, we can guarantee you about the safety of your watch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know if my Garmin watch is charging?

In the top right corner of the screen, the battery icon will be displayed. It means that the device is currently receiving a charge in the case that there is no battery icon present, or if the battery icon contains a lightning bolt symbol. On the top bar once more, when you no longer see the battery flashed, it means the watch is completely charged.

Why has my Garmin watch stopped working?

At the point when your Garmin watch is frozen, it will not work. On the off chance that you face the issue, make sure to switch the watch off first and afterward turn it on.

 When should I charge my Garmin watch?

You must maintain a charging time to safeguard a healthy battery life of your Garmin wristwatch. For the time period of an hour or till the battery is 100% charged, it is best to charge your watch every night. While your watch is charging, never fall asleep. After receiving 100% charge if the charger is still connected then your battery of device will slowly become less strong.

What type of charger does a Garmin watch use?

For charging, commonly a Garmin watch requires a USB port or wall USB. If you use disliked branded wall USB or ports, Garmin watches will have more charging problems in the future, therefore try using an expensive USB port.

Why is my Garmin watch dying so fast?

For a various reasons, your Garmin watch is dying so fast. The extreme full brightness of the screen might be the reason for consuming the battery. Moreover, the running of unnecessary applications in the background after using them can also cause the battery to die faster.

How many years does a Garmin watch last?

The watch will remain functional for at least five years or more if you purchase a Garmin watch today.

How do I soft reset my Garmin?

The simplest way to soft reset or reboot your Garmin watch is to simply hold down the power button that is labeled Light, CRTL on many Garmin watches for 15 seconds to power off the watch. After doing this, you have to hold the same button for one second to power on again.

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