Fitbit Symbols Meaning – What Are The Meanings of Fitbit symbols?

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Today health & Fitness is very important for everyone in this world. If you take care of your health you are active, strong, and energetic.

For this purpose Fitbit giving you an amazing feature product that helps you to manage your metrics related to health & fitness.

Fitbit is a brand that offers fitness products, Apps, and activity trackers just like smartwatches.

Smartwatch is of different styles, and you use them for different functions but Fitbit gives you the function to check your daily fitness activities and maintain your health.

While using their application you must read all of their guidance and symbols that are used in-app, That will help you to easily measure your metrics.

If you’re still searching What are the meanings or purpose of Fitbit symbols. So keep reading this article to know about fitness app symbols.

Now, This article is going to be amazing for your information.

What is Fitbit And its Application?

Fitbit develops different fitness products related to health and fitness. They introduce an application named “Fitbit”.

You can easily install it from Google Playstore, and iOS. This application was developed by Fitbit Inc.

There are 50+ million users who are now using this app for the betterment of their health. Fitbit has 914K reviews with an average of 4.2 ratings and it’s for everyone, everybody can download this app and get an advantage from this.

In their best performance, they won several awards and achieved their goals by introducing new features and technology.

Fitbit app contains different categories, you can measure your Sleep rate, Health rate, and Weight measurements, Discover new things from the blog, and Add challenges and adventures. They offer guided programs and food plans, and diet plans.

What do the Symbols on Fitbit mean?

This part is most interesting for you. If you’re new to Fitbit and using it for the first time. Before use, you must read this article and get information about Fitbit symbols.

Following are the symbols and their meanings:

  • Feet Symbols

It measures your Steps walked (the Old version but updated now).

  • Flame Symbol

These symbols measure your burned calories

  • Heart Symbol

Measure your heart rate at any time.

  • Lightning 

How much do you time active measure from these symbols.

  • Man Running

While you’re running this symbol is ON measure your running and check very active minutes.

  • Man Standing

While in your standing position, it measures your standing time and gives you a reminder to move.

  • Man Swing Arms

If you swing your arms it measures your hourly activity.

  • Map Locator

It measures your distance to be walked.

  • Moon Symbol

This symbol means, How much do you sleep? (Old version but updated now).

  • Moon Symbol with “Z”

This is also used to check your hours slept.

  • Shoe Symbol

It counts the steps walked.

  • Stairs Symbol with Arrow

Check how many times you climb in a day.(Old version but updated now).

  • Stairs Symbol

Also, check your climb time.

  • Stairs Symbol with 3 Steps

Also, check your floor climbed time with 3 steps stairs

  • Zone Symbol

Its counts your active zone minutes.

Fitbit App is safe to use, they save their data and never share it with others. Because data is encrypted in transit and on your request they delete your data permanently.

This application collected your data from different sources like Location, personal information (Name, Email Address, User IDs. Phone Number), Financial information(Your Purchase History), Health and Fitness measurements, Messages, Photos and videos, and contacts. All of these are included in collecting your data and stored in a safe way.

What’s New in Fitbit?

Bug fixes, performance and speed improvements, and a new on-wrist call setup screens for Android are updated this year.


Hope you’ve got all information and meanings of all symbols discussed above. For more updates and information stay tuned. We’ll share more interesting facts and meaningful content that will help to improve your knowledge.

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